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Episode 26 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

UntitledI was pretty certain Heard It Through the Grapevine’s 26th episode would bring it back to its throne since every time it surrendered to Hwajung on Mondays it was always managing to capture the 1st place on Tuesdays. It didn’t happen this time, but it doesn’t bother me that much since it was a great episode in pretty much everything. Just for the history, Hwajung achieved a powerful 11.4% leaving behind Heard It Through the Grapevine with a more than welcome 10.8% while School 2015 was raising its shares in the stock market of ratings with 6.7%. Can you believe it? Only two weeks remain before Heard It Through the Grapevine reaches the end and even though it’s been a lengthy ride so far i never regretted starting watching it and writing about it in the first place, although i have to admit that it’s an exhausting yet pleasing task! As for the drama reaching completion, even though i really want to find out that will happen eventually, i am not yet ready to embrace the falling curtains!


bscap0009Attorney Han is immensely enraged because of Seo Bom’s behavior since she managed to handle pretty well his not so innocent visit. Once again, secretary Yang becomes the scapegoat for his nerve-shaking system. He never takes responsibility for anything, it’s always someone else’s fault. She becomes specific once again, over the years he has managed to show his persuasion and victorious skills over an enemy, but this matter needs a different approach, it’s neither politics nor law-oriented. He was encountering people he could control easily all this time, but Seo Bom is much different from him and the people he deals business with. He can’t see what secretary Yang wants to convey, he keeps rambling nonsense because he refuses to see the truth saying that even though Seo Bom is smart she was unnecessarily exposed to unrefined knowledge and information.

Sometimes i spit saliva instead of lava!


bscap0011By the time he mentions that she was one with loose morals secretary Yang can’t hold back and points out that such vulgar comments are unacceptable nowadays! What a retard, he dragged Yi Ji to a psychiatrist because she was reading racy comics, she even wrote in her diary that she would kill herself as human rights were not applying to her! He pretends to not recall, but he should be more considerate since she’s pretty much like Seo Bom, something attorney Han can’t accept. If he keeps making comments like these and the wrong ears listen to it he may end up losing the right to raise his grandson. Nowadays there are many judges who value human and women’s rights and not all of them love Hansong and they don’t fear him either. What she’s doing now is a part of what his late parents had asked her to do, but this is it for now, he doesn’t intend to listen to her anymore. He can’t even understand what she means by saying that things are different now, this modern Joseon scholar is way too blinded by his own greed and ego!

Times have changed? Is this even possible?

bscap0012 bscap0014bscap0013 bscap0015

bscap0020Madame Choi thinks that if she had taught Seo Bom well then the next generation would had been as expected, she even thought of letting her be in charge instead of her in the future. Because of the way she treated Seo Bom she eventually made her forget that she was her daughter-in-law. Not everything can be taught and madame Choi learned it in the first place. Ji Young Ra is always negative towards Seo Bom and her marriage to In Sang, but president Song urges her to lessen her hateful words since she played her own part in trying to ruin madame Choi’s household, but she points out that she apologized and everything’s fine by now, is it? Eom So Jeong’s worried about the way the divorce will progress since it will pretty much affect all of them, but except for Seo Bom’s right to raise her own baby there won’t be any other problem. Madame Choi’s not that worried anyway, she considers Seo Bom unable to make a living on her own. Ji Young Ra considers essential that In Sang must find a new girlfriend as soon as possible, even though he’s a divorcee he’s way too young to be affected by this seemingly negative characteristic and madame Choi seems to agree pointing out she doesn’t like girls with no manners and big egos. Eom So Jeong points out that a girl who can love her son is the best and Ji Young Ra agrees, meaning Hyeon Soo, slightly enraging madame Choi! Yeah, right, like Seo Bom never loved him.


bscap0023Cheol Shik ahjussi points out that if he steps back Seo Bom’s situation will get better and her father agrees. She strictly disagrees since her uncle’s case has nothing to do with her and In Sang, stepping back now while still begging for attorney Han’s “generosity” would alienate a part of their humane side and very existence. She wants her uncle to keep fighting legally and the fact that they don’t support her in everything she wants preserve even though it may eventually turn against them and you can’t help but feel for her and the way she expresses herself through her cracking and wavy voice while breaking second by second as she seems powerless to convince them. Cheol Shik ahjussi shouts at Seo Bom and goes overboard by saying that she’s being a college dropout and a single mother, a daughter in-law without respect and unaware of the importance of money. His brother tries to restrain him from proceeding this way, but Seo Bom considers his words not that wrong, not because she agrees with him, but because he sounds like attorney Han. He used phrases that could easily come out of attorney Han’s mouth, something that broke Seo Bom even more and had to leave in tears. Hyeong Shik ahjussi just became a poor attorney Han! Instead of being harsh he should have just listened to everything she has to say by setting aside his blinders.


There’s a new supervillain in town!

bscap0026 bscap0027bscap0028

bscap0032Seo Bom’s crying all alone as she recalls various moments when attorney Han’s humiliating words echoed loudly in front of her very eyes. In Sang returns back home and he’s not in the mood to talk to teacher Park or secretary Lee, all he cares about is to talk to his mother who’s not there. He’s calling her on the phone to tell her that his father is ignoring his calls and shouts at her since they were supposed to leave the whole matter up to him instead of attorney Han going over to her house. Teacher Park assumes by now that the Hans won’t get out of this situation that easily. Attorney Han already knew that In Sang was in a rage mode and secretary Yang tells him that if he can’t look at this matter from a strictly legal point of view he should let a professional handle it. He seems to have underestimated his son’s passion and retaliating spirit and if he erupts and gets out of control things are going to get tough for everyone. Attorney Han as expected doesn’t want to listen to her any further. Secretary Yang points out the problem to secretary Min, we have two different sources of power, In Sang’s retaliating rage and attorney Han’s strictly traditional rage, two opposing forces that the more they grow stronger the more the problems will be more apparent.


bscap0159Secretary Lee contacts secretary Yang via message and wants to know what she wanted to tell her and she becomes aware that many issues have blended together in a not so welcome way and the signs point towards a generic and major explosion. Han Trust’s overseas investment can create a problem, if the house personnel proceeds in a way that resembles secretary Yang’s methods they might end up like her and she urges them to stop having their hopes up. They have to remain quiet for the time being and watch the flow of events since they don’t have access to the same confidential information as secretary Yang. Secretary Lee doesn’t agree with teacher Park, they have Hyeon Soo’s information about the overseas account and the illegal money. Teacher Park has an idea and everyone’s eager to listen to it!


bscap0033Madame Choi tells In Sang that his father did this for the procedures to move on in a faster pace, but attorney Han’s hypocritical side tells her that she shouldn’t scold him too much, after all it’s natural to feel bad for Seo Bom’s family. In Sang states that they broke their promise and the first indirect threat came to the surface! Attorney Han wants to know the amount of money Seo Bom would possibly want, but In Sang points out that she doesn’t want any money. Attorney Han wants In Sang to not get fooled by her innocent face, there must be an ulterior motive. In Sang knows her way better than his parents do and they shouldn’t have proceeded with anything without consulting him first. In Sang didn’t even have a fight with Seo Bom’s family, why should attorney Han go there and hurt their feelings? Attorney Han remains silent while boiling on the inside as madame Choi considers In Sang’s flow of thoughts nonsensical. In Sang leaves them and madame Choi starts having a bad feeling about this, but attorney Han remains firm to his views, if they get intimidated by their kids the whole country will subside to chaos, wow!


bscap0046In Sang looks as if he’s barely living and even though he ignores Yi Ji at first he needs someone to talk to. In Sang knows how he used to be, but he considers Seo Bom more foolish, she won’t gain anything if she goes against people like attorney Han and madame Choi. Yi Ji considers the freedom of expression more important. Back at the humble house, Jin Young’s hungry and Seo Bom along with Jin Ae ahjumma prepare his food! Seo Bom’s thoughts echo inside Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s head at the dim-lighted workshop, his desperation is painted all over his face. Seo Bom has prepared food for her father and acknowledges that what she told him earlier that day wasn’t the nicest flow of thoughts that could have come out of her mouth. Apparently, Seo Bom didn’t say anything to her mother about the incident with her father, otherwise she would have kicked him out of the house! Jin Young is the only source of light inside the humble house for the time being and Seo Bom gets overflown by emotions as she witnesses her parents eating without tension between them.

bscap0049 bscap0053bscap0052bscap0054 bscap0055bscap0056 bscap0057

bscap0058Hyeon Soo and Yi Ji are talking via messages about the latest events and Ji Young Ra appears and she wants to know about In Sang, but not many things can be said since In Sang didn’t really talk to them about everything bothering him, instead, he looked just like a younger version of an old man resembling his own father. Ji Young Ra wants Hyeon Soo to comfort In Sang in his hour of need, but Hyeon Soo asks her mother if their company is in some sort of collaboration with In Sang’s company and wonders if she’s trying to bring them together. Ji Young Ra points out that it’s both for her and their assets. No matter how hard she tries Hyeon Soo doesn’t stand still and lets her know that she’s not that interested in In Sang the way she used to be, the more Ji Young Ra talks about In Sang the less interested she becomes!

bscap0059 bscap0061bscap0060

bscap0062In Sang keeps sleeping on the sofa while Seo Bom’s thoughts won’t make her sleep easier on her bed either. The next morning Noo Ri wants to get ready for work, but Jin Young had already pooped and Seo Bom’s inside the bathroom with him making Noo Ri pissed off! Jin young and Seo Bom’s return to the humble house has made everyone’s daily lives a bit more compressed! Je Hoon has submitted his resignation letter and attorney Han finds it hard to believe! On behalf of Cheol Shik ahjussi he’s trying to file a lawsuit against the representatives of Supernova and various investors. Suddenly the theme changes, shouldn’t Je Hoon be worried about his father? He could lose his job anytime, but Je Hoon said his father understood when he spoke to him. Even though he doesn’t have a chance of winning, Je Hoon’s goal is to make noise first! Challenge accepted and while Je Hoon will be on this case the networking in the building will be blocked. Attorney Yoo urges Je Hoon to leave before he runs into anybody and things get loud and as soon as her studio gets vacant he can move in. He’ll meet secretary Min at Cheol Shik ahjussi’s place later on and he will keep her informed on everything going on. Suddenly, secretary Yang’s words echo anew in attorney Han’s mind. Attorney Yoo delivers Je Hoon’s goodbye to everyone due to his resignation.

bscap0063bscap0064  bscap0066 bscap0070bscap0072

Attorney Han would definitely want to be wearing an electroshock glove!


bscap0075Secretary Yang considers the sudden turn of events the right moment for attorney Han to re-think things out with insightful judgement. Once again, he doesn’t pay attention to everything she has to convey and refuses to see the truth and the fact that things have actually changed. Attorney Yoo will prepare the divorce papers of In Sang and he wants to talk to secretary Min. What a major flattered and a hypocrite he is! He’s always grateful and proud of her for performing the job nobody else wants to do when it’s hard enough to remain in good terms with informants! He asks her if she’s using the ones indebted to her brother, but she points out it’s helping one another and the help is always financial by giving them the investigation fee she gets from Hansong. Secretary Min’s next mission could be the last one, it will always depend on how she will deal with it. She has to take care of the information Je Hoon gathered while working for Hansong and with whom he shared it. She doesn’t consider herself the most appropriate person for this task since she’s working with him on the case against Daesan Group. Attorney Han points out there’s going to be a pay adjustment soon so this one will be the ultimate test for secretary Min. She intends to resign, but it sounds so immature to attorney Han’s ears. It doesn’t really matter in the end, secretary Min has already gotten what she needed from Hansong. Why don’t you keep smiling, attorney Han?

 bscap0074bscap0073 bscap0077 bscap0079bscap0080 bscap0081bscap0085bscap0086

bscap0161Secretary Yang points out that she will stay at Hansong for as long as she lives and she wonders whether she should share a part of her money with secretary Min, but she finds it more comfortable to make money legally. Secretary Yang thinks she won’t make much money by simply teaching self defense, they should start thinking of a way to help each other from now on, but secretary Min points out that secretary Yang’s already too perfect to receive any kind of help from her. Secretary Kim tries to unearth some information on everything going on and masterfully fails at it, secretary Min’s always a closed shell.


bscap0087Secretary Yang informs secretary Yoo that attorney Han wants her to deal with the divorce papers, but she points out that the only upper hand he has over Seo Bom is his wealth. Secretary Yang points out that she should focus on attorney Han’s social and cultural status. Attorney Yoo will write down the papers in attorney Han’s favor, but this might be her last time. She’s not a fool to not notice that it’s yet another test to get fired, but if she wants to find more answers she will have to talk to him directly. Later on, Secretary Kim informs secretary Lee and teacher Park that secretary Yang is quite busy these days and so the whole office is in chaos because of attorney Han’s family matter and lets them know that Je Hoon, who’s working with secretary Min, resigned as he intends to officially go against attorney Han. Teacher Park’s having a conversation with In Sang and lets him know that Je Hoon who was aware of the overseas account resigned. In Sang understands Je Hoon’s plan to go against Hansong, it’s something positive for Cheol Shik ahjussi who intended to drop the lawsuit because Seo Bom had left the almighty household, but that’s not the case anymore. Teacher Park is concerned about In Sang and Seo Bom, but In Sang points out he will recall her as a beautiful memory. Teacher Park points out he wouldn’t be allowed to live his own life the way he wanted to in the first place due to his parents’ restrictions.

bscap0089 bscap0090bscap0091 bscap0093bscap0094

bscap0096Je Hoon lets president Song know he resigned and he would like him to let him stay there for a while. President Song isn’t that positive about it since he’s already on the Hans’ side, but Je Hoon is aware that he’s testing him to see if he could withstand switching sides. It wouldn’t be easy for Je Hoon to protect him? President Song could take Je Hoon’s side if there is some kind of a guarantee and Je Hoon lets him know that Hansong will start cutting off people soon and that his investment club could get charged with financial crimes. President Song doesn’t quite believe him since madame Choi is the prime member and Je Hoon indicates that she will soon get out, something he can’t conceive for now. Ji Young Ra has called over the shaman and gives her brief information about everything going on. The main subject becomes In Sang’s forthcoming divorce and she would like the shaman to force gently and without any suspicion Hyeon Soo’s way into the almighty household’s life.

 bscap0098bscap0097bscap0099bscap0100 bscap0101

bscap0102Jin Young has fallen asleep and Seo Bom wants her mother to be less loud. His food is the most expensive aspect and Seo Bom intends to switch it, but Jin Ae ahjumma points out it will be hard changing the formula in the middle. Trying to reduce the baby’s expenses points towards one direction, Seo Bom must find a job and Jin Ae ahjumma has something in mind nearby for 6 hours and she’ll work as well at night for 4 hours. Seo Bom would prefer to work at a convenience store at night and she’s already found something since the payment is better. As for her studies, Seo Bom hasn’t decided yet if she will continue them or not and at the same time she doesn’t want to take any money from her in-laws for all the reasons in the world, starting from the way they treated her. Jin Ae ahjumma can’t really understand the way she feels since Seo Bom was the one to go through all this mistreatment, but she can understand she’s got her own reasons and has endless faith in her.

 bscap0105bscap0104 bscap0106

bscap0110The shaman visitsmadame Choi and points towards Hyeon Soo’s direction indirectly, the shaman will be the one to make the destination more specific. Madame Choi would expect In Sang to be present too, but he left before getting asked to appear at the living room. Eom So Jeong and Ji Young Ra have arrived at president Song’s luxurious living room and brought their kids along with them. Both Min Jae and Hyeon Soo went there for different reasons but the real cause of their presence is madame Choi’s arrival to talk to her. Before her arrival president Song informed them and when she appeared both of them left and took Je Hoon along with them!


Peaches, i’m fabulous! The modern Joseon version of X-Men’s Storm?

bscap0115 bscap0116bscap0117

bscap0120Seo Bom returned back home and it’s not only Jin Young waiting for her, there’s In Sang sleeping inside her room and by the time he wakes up he’s so pleasantly surprised to find Seo Bom at the room’s door! He can’t hold back, one of his renowned human pliers hug takes place as Seo Bom turns it into a love-wrestling experience trying to pull him off while she really doesn’t want to and she eventually surrenders to one of the most heartfelt hugs of the drama and a deeply passionate kiss that was highly representative of their internal craving that found its way to the surface takes place. In Sang wants her to follow him, instead, Seo Bom would like him to come at the humble house. In Sang’s heart and soul are in emotional turmoil as he leaves.

bscap0118bscap0119bscap0686bscap0802 bscap0121bscap0710bscap0123 bscap0124bscap0125

bscap0127Attorney Han returns back home and In Sang is inside the studying room with teacher Park. Yi Ji doesn’t give her father a proper greeting, she’s too sicked and tired of all this loneliness inside such a vast household and she’s willing to study abroad along with secretary Min by her side, it’s something that doesn’t please her parents. Attorney Han’s not satisfied with everything going on at Hansong, everyone’s either too full or too stupid. Madame Choi wants him to wrap up In Sang’s matter as soon as possible since there are respectable female candidates waiting for him. In Sang refers to Seo Bom as a gangster in front of teacher Park! He can’t get away from her because he doesn’t want to get away from her, but he can’t imagine them living in poverty. It’s not necessarily poverty that scares him, it’s the unawareness of the whole situation if he decides that both of them would live under not so profitable circumstances. In Sang wants teacher Park to come up with a plan.

 bscap0129bscap0130bscap0132 bscap0131bscap0134

bscap0135The house personnel is discussing the subject with teacher Park and secretary Kim’s there as well. If they have to start a new life, divorce feels essential and In Sang gained all the courage required after confirming Seo Bom’s feelings. Everyone’s proud of him, even though there’s still the unawareness of how his parents will react. Secretary Kim informs them that attorney Han is already working on the divorce papers through attorney Yoo. If they move on with the lawsuit they will bring Jin Young back at the almighty household, In Sang’s decision to let them work things out on their own doesn’t really matter to attorney Han and madame Choi. Secretary Kim doesn’t want them to let In Sang know that he was the one who brought this information and they point out that he should be responsible for his words. Referring to the fact that women here, at the almighty household, and there, at Hansong, are scaring him makes everyone suspicious of his own motives. Had he been innocent he wouldn’t feel scared over such trivial matters!


bscap0138It’s time for teacher Park to inform In Sang. Secretary Lee is not scared of secretary Yang at this point and all that matters is In Sang and Seo Bom to stay strong together. Secretary Min’s practicing kendo and Yi Ji went to visit her. After they recall memories from the recent past Yi Ji reveals her real intentions, she wants to go study abroad. Secretary Min tells her to go to a local college and then become an exchange student, it’s the family’s tradition after all. If she managed to get her parents’ approval, she would like secretary Min to come with her.

bscap0139 bscap0143bscap0142 bscap0140

bscap0144There’s a powerful gathering taking place at the workshop, Je Hoon, Noo Ri, Seo Bom, secretary Min and Cheol Shik ahjussi are there. Je Hoon points out that he resigned from Hansong and he can help both Cheol Shik ahjussi and Seo Bom. Seo Bom has faith in In Sang and they will proceed with their own plan dealing with the overall matter on their own. The only way out is with a lawsuit, In Sang is to be trusted for sure, but his parents? Seo Bom wants to know how Noo Ri’s relationship with Je Hoon is flowing, but Noo Ri wants him to focus on Seo Bom’s case, her face is not that bright though. Hyeong Shik ahjussi doesn’t want to go to the workshop and he finally realized that In Sang and Seo Bom might had been a lot wiser all this time and Jin Ae ahjumma approves. They recall all these carefree and beautiful days, until IMF stroke them; coming from Greece makes me well aware of what a soulless yet soul-devastating thing IMF is. Je Hoon and secretary Min warn Seo Bom that she should be careful from now on, if anyone follows her she should let them know, they may try to make her look like an unfit mother and Cheol Shik ahjussi intends to accompany her to her workplace. Noo Ri watching both Je Hoon and secretary Min looking so worried makes her worried as well and considers herself a coward. Je Hoon points out that Noo Ri is afraid of attorney Han not because she’s a coward, but because she doesn’t know him quite well.

bscap0145bscap0146 bscap0147bscap0148bscap0149bscap0150

bscap0152Attorney Yoo visits attorney Han at the luxurious Hansong lounge and she has prepared the divorce papers as attorney Han thinks this is going to be the first case in family court chronicles! Seo Bom doesn’t want to receive alimony whereas In Sang wants to offer it and attorney Yoo finds it surprising he respects his son’s opinion or rather amusing since she knows it’s a lie. Attorney Han points out she could have worked on an even greater offer and attorney Yoo already starts doubting his seemingly pure intentions that hide behind an ulterior motive, but he points out that if the mother wants to raise the child he should respect it! He’s both relieved and worried Je Hoon resigned from Hansong and attorney Yoo points out that Je Hoon could represent Seo Bom, but attorney Han is aware of the fact that he could make a connection of both cases questioning the morality of his family. The decision to raise the baby is based on financial capabilities and attorney Yoo hopes it changes with a new case based on the view of child rearing, something that doesn’t please attorney Han. Attorney Yoo wants Seo Bom to raise the baby, she’s not pleased with everything going on since her name is on the list of pay reduction and she can’t afford to hire the nanny he stole from her in the first place. Attorney Han urges her to resign before the pay reduction, but she has to remember the specific steps she will have to follow after her resignation, something she intends to do, but she can’t guarantee information that has already leaked. Once the month ends, she will have already resigned; attorney Han looks pleased, but he’s not pleased at all.


Thoughts: Just like the divorce papers he crumpled with his own hands, attorney Han’s world if bound to collapse due to his overpowered ego and inability to pace with the present since he’s being held willingly captive in the past. He considers the past his safe heaven, but it’s no other than his own demise inside his crystal castle that keeps him separated from the real world. Even though the signals become more powerful and rather insightful before his very eyes he still refuses to receive them and filter them under a new perspective without necessarily setting aside all of his own beliefs. Je Hoon has already left the sinking ship, secretary Min is willing to do the same, attorney Yoo balances between her vows to the Cheol Shik ahjussi coalition and attorney Han’s last proposal, secretary Yang stays with him because it’s the only way to avoid getting into trouble due to her slush fund, secretary Kim works with Ji Young Ra behind his back and the whole house personnel doesn’t approve of anything he does. The wolves he was sheltering for years have managed to find a way out and his skeletons inside his wardrobe are shaking in fear.


After an insightful conversation with red butterflies a bit more color had been added to attorney Han’s canvas. Every time he is in Hansong’s luxurious lounge and talks about business the face we witness is the face of the major flatterer that appears in the spotlight, it’s the face attorney Han wants his discussant to see while at the same time the reflected image is the face working in the background. Hansong’s luxurious lounge is probably one of the dirtiest places in South Korea in the world of Heard It Through the Grapevine, it’s where the most important debates take place between a seemingly friendly vibe and a vibe working in shadows, hence the reflection of attorney Han’s face. He always manages to flatter people because he’s got a way with words and amidst all this flattery he embeds a part of what he wants to convey and most of the times it passes unnoticed in the subconscious world.


During the end of the 26th episode we witnessed a change, at first both his face and the reflection were more than apparent, at the very ending scene of the episode the reflection started surrendering in the shadows leaving behind a shattered aspect of reality that had already started taking flesh and bone. He only has madame Choi by his side, but she’s too lost in her own bubbles that everything will flow well and instead of grabbing the chances that appeared in front of her and make things right she got caught like a fly in Ji Young Ra’s web thinking of another marriage based on the shaman’s fake insight even though she’s not fond of Ji Young Ra at all. Just remember, madame Choi, In Sang is bound to achieve all of his goals.


Jin Ae ahjumma never betrayed her faith in her own daughter, she could always sense Seo Bom’s immense pain and struggles she had to go through. She can’t feel her internal world to the fullest since it’s Seo Bom’s burden and she knows it better than anyone else, but she can hold it within the palm of her maternal hands and witness its deafening silence’s pulse. Hyeong Shik ahjussi simply went too far as he was blinded by his own inferiority complex and submissive approach on the almighty household’s grandeur. He wasn’t willing to listen to everything Seo Bom had to say and once he finally let her signals enter his mind and his heart the damage was already done and harsh words were already exchanged. But it wasn’t too late since the humble house always manages to survive under any possible hardship. Jin Young’s always the light at the end of the tunnel and every tunnel.


The chasm in between was covered by tremendous amounts of love. Me and many other people for many episodes now were craving for a passionate kiss, well, the writer rewarded us with a deeply moving and highly emotional scene implementing all the powerful grooves a kiss like this should evoke. Lee Joon and Ah Sung’s acting chemistry skyrocketed the kiss scene with Seo Bom feeling willingly paralyzed to In Sang’s impassioned soulful testimony, losing themselves in each other’s embrace which started as a love-wrestling contest that was only the cracks of the wall between them that was already falling to pieces. The emotional charge of the moment was unparalleled, making all awkwardness and struggling dissonance surrender to the vibes of their genuine pounding hearts.


In Sang received the confirmation he was craving for and Seo Bom felt reassured of In Sang’s intentions that were not pacing with attorney Han’s flow. The everlasting tide can dream anew as it has already started drowning the old world inside the waters of oblivion. If attorney Han had one chance of winning this game on this violent chessboard, he threw it away by simply interfering in his son’s life by disobeying his last wish, to let them settle things down on their own. It was a grave mistake playing around with In Sang’s retaliating intelligence and boiling spirit and the 26th episode was the beginning of the end, Hansong’s end. If Seo Bom is a gangster, In Sang is the finger that pulls the trigger and the bullet is the life they never had the chance to live, but they intend to so; in advance.


Now that i woke up prepare for pain, father.


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  1. mdj101
    May 24, 2015 at 2:36 am — Reply

    Excellent summation of the many, many forces generated and now taking flight in this episode! What more can I say? Waiting for the cracks to enlarge, weakening the foundation and destroying the entire world, the traditional Joseon-like society, that the senior Han couple and their peers believed would endure forever.
    and their peers believed would endure forever.

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:01 pm — Reply

      Late answer is late, but i promised to myself to reply to all the comments of the last week! Thanks a lot once again, as we’re heading towards the very end the cracks lie wide open for the last explosion! I hope those who deserve punishment will eventually receive it and those who deserve a better and brighter flow in their lives will find themselves in the (spot)light!

  2. bmore
    May 24, 2015 at 3:24 am — Reply

    Thanks again. Our time with them grows shorter too quickly. I am still, frankly, at sea at how quickly this divorce is happening and how easily In Sang and Seo Bom have bowed to the inevitability of it. It’s the MO of this show that events go forward with seemingly omniscient knowledge of the future. It is one of the more difficult aspects of this show for me. I am used to being led around by the nose on my dramas. So much goes on in subtext and everyone on this show seems to be ‘in the know’ about everything and I am the only one playing catch up and trying to figure out how things got this way. But it is also what I love about it.

    btw. off topic. Have you seen the pics of Yu Jun Sang for his new movie Angry Painter. Hard to believe it’s the same person.

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:02 pm — Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, it was a tough week and when i wasn’t dealing with uni i was focusing on the articles! But i was always thankful for the comments! 🙂 It’s truly hard to believe that attorney Han and the figure in Angry Painter are the same person, they are the yin and the yang separated at birth! XD

  3. May 24, 2015 at 7:31 pm — Reply

    Attorney Han’s world is already on a rapid downward descent and he just cannot see it. I can actually see him ending the final episodes in a mental facility somewhere,his loss of control on all aspects of life at one go will unhinge him. As for his silly wife well maybe she will move in with Ji Young Ra and her daughter 🙂 . Seriously, all the rich people featured in this show are devastatingly awful except for In Sang and his sister.

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:07 pm — Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, it was a tough week blending uni and articles! Definitely, all the rich people in HITTG are definitely devastatingly awful and during the last episodes we witnessed that they are left all alone by themselves and quite helpless now that the past has come to haunt them!

      • May 30, 2015 at 8:52 pm — Reply

        I sure hope your workload will be lighter this new week. All the best as we hit as we get into the final stretch of HITTG

        • May 30, 2015 at 10:07 pm — Reply

          It can only get worse as weeks pass by since the exams in the middle of June are approaching, the next week will be my last vanguard and its the only reason i’m glad HITTG is ending in 30 episodes instead of 32, i will probably be able to write about it on time XD BUT, i would still like it to be 32 eps!

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  5. May 25, 2015 at 1:57 pm — Reply

    Oh, I’m so conflicted. I want to know what happens–but I don’t want it to end!

    • May 30, 2015 at 5:08 pm — Reply

      Sorry for the late reply, it was a tough week! I am in the same position, but the ultimate position like this was with Kill Me, Heal Me, i still haven’t watched the 20th episode because i can’t say goodbye!!!!

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