My Unfortunate Boyfriend ~ episodes 9 -10 review

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I haven’t written anything for my ” Unfortunate boyfriend ” since the first episodes review. The timing couldn’t be better, I found some free time to watch and write about what I consider the most interesting episodes of this drama. 

Everything is getting clear, to where Mr. Unfortunate comes from. Although I didn’t actually get the relationship between manager Hee Chul and  Mr. Unfortunate’s uncle. A war for the CEO place is coming and Kang Hee Chul has the best weapon.

Before I continue with the review. I want to say that, what I like about this drama is that it’s not typical. It doesn’t follow the cliche way of kdramas ( not that I don’t like cliches ), but my “Unfortunate Boyfriend” is a nice change. Plus the random funny scenes that come out of nowhere like the African Greeting scene or the stupid employes scenes give me tears of laughter.

Mr. Unfortunate is definitely not the classical main lead and even though he is a Chaebol, he is a secret one. These episodes made us realise his uncle wantst to make him the CEO and wants to make sure he takes care of his personal life and career. He wants to make it soon, since his illness is developing. Another thing we learned from these episodes is that Ji Na’s parents was the family the company harmed. It’s not clear how the chairman though got involved in Tae Woon’s parents accident and why does he feel so guilty?

The only way to make Tae Woon interested in the company, since he was all this stress around people because of his cruel past, is Yoo Ji Na.

Is that why Hee Chul goes after her or does he actually like Ji Na? Hee Chul is one of the most mysterious characters you don’t know what’s he is going to do next or why he does it. One thing is sure he wants the CEO position. Maybe he likes Ji Na, but the thought of taking her away from Tae Woon and hurting him is what he likes the most. He obviously kissed Hye Mi  so he can have her on his side and by having her on his side, that means her father too. I was so frustrated with that two timing ughhhhh I don’t want to use bad language.

No that Ji Na is better as soon as I started liking her, she goes ans ruins everything. Not only she betrays poor Mr. Unfortunate that waited for her with those confetti for like a day, She also betrayed Hye Mi who was the nice one on these episode and tried to get close with her. Will Hye Mi become the evil girl of kdramas after she founds out about their date? I don’t blame her. Both Hee Chul and Ji Na lied to her.

I wish ” My Unfortunate Boyfriend ” would be the first drama to have the biggest plot twist and have Hye Mi and Tae Woon end up together. Although I ship Ji Na and Tae Woon and Hye Mi with Heechul.

In the next episode I wish Hye Mi put Hee Chul in his place and shout at him like Yuka to Mitsu in “Saikou No Rikon”.

Anyway the one I’m most worried about is Tae Woon, aside from his chairman uncle who is suffering from the illness there is no one else in the company to support him. Ji Na must come back to her senses soon and stop going around being a two timer and kissing two timers.

We just have to wait for the next episodes
What do you think of these episodes?

screencaps credits to ry-ra on tumblr, I didn’t have time to make my own so I’m really thankful^^

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