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Episode 22 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap1548Have you realized it already? We are just 10 episodes before Heard It Through the Grapevine reaches an end, i hadn’t thought about it until today. It feels kind of sad because this drama has grown to become a part of me with every episode, but it feels kind of relieving because i can’t wait to see how the ending will be! During Tuesday’s episode Heard It Through the Grapevine managed to reclaim the first place with 10.9%, leaving behind Hwajung with 10.3%! If i am glad about something except for the drama’s 1st place is the fact that School 2015 managed to achieve better ratings (5.9%), it deserves it after all since it started pretty well, at least to my eyes! Back off, madame Choi and attorney Han, here come the fantastic four!

bscap1360Baek Dae Hyeon’s having a problem, an article based on a weird mixture of truth and rumors is putting at risk his reputation. Attorney Han doesn’t want him to feel overburdened since it’s based on groundless rumors even though it holds some portions of truth that frighten Dae Hyeon. Je Hoon and attorney Yoo are having an insightful conversation, people who held high positions always want to work at Hansong at the sunset of their career, it pretty much proves why Hansong is a puppeteer of authority.  Even though the information Je Hoon has on Cheol Shik’s case is powerful, it’s not powerful enough to bring Hansong down, but he intends to do his best.


bscap1363Teacher Park has arrived at the almighty household anew and In Sang alongside Seo Bom are eager to find out what’s going on. Seo Bom is patient whereas In Sang isn’t, but he has to pace with the flow for the time being. Madame Choi had already discussed with attorney Han the frightening fact that the more Seo Bom learns the more powerful she becomes in terms of knowledge and she asks indirectly the teacher if their expectations were wrong in the first place. However, the jeet kune do teacher puts her back in her place and states that it’s still too early to talk about predictions, a test is just a test and it hasn’t even turned to reality yet. Secretary Yang starts showing her real face since she can foresee what will happen, but secretary Lee has her own weapons in this spurious friendship. She knows the name of Han Trust’s owner and his last name is the same as secretary Yang’s, it’s something she can’t overlook as it shakes her internal and profitability world. Je Hoon notices that something’s not right, but she evades his observant concern and starts talking with secretary Min about Cheol Shik ahjussi’s case and Je Hoon’s take on it.

bscap1364 bscap1366bscap1367 bscap1368bscap1369 bscap1370

bscap1372At this point, secretary Yang can’t help but let teacher Park loose, secretary Lee’s information is too powerful. She informs the house personnel on the latest updates concerning secretary Yang without investing in spicy details. Yi Ji returns back home and she’s not happy to see her mother, she refers to her as a violent mom because that’s what she is! Yi Ji’s happy to see teacher Park back home and she asks him how could she receive her inheritance and leave the almighty household, but it’s too early for that and it reaches the boundaries of daydreaming as an option. The teacher intends to support the house personnel, it’s going to be a part of Seo Bom and In Sang’s studying process so they’ll have to pay attention in the near future. Of course, the young puppy couple concurs!

bscap1373 bscap1374bscap1376 bscap1380bscap1378

If you don’t ship them already, you don’t know what you’re missing.


bscap1381Ji Young Ra continues with the rumor she heard, but she doesn’t present its real aspects, she punches madame Choi indirectly with words and she’s not straight forward. Instead of referring to madame Choi slapping Yi Ji, she says that Seo Bom was the one to hit In Sang’s sister, but madame Choi pretends that things like that never happen in the almighty household which is a familial court of justice! President Song just arrived and he’s having a short conversation with secretary Lee, he overhears the conversation from the luxurious living room and he’s eager to find out who was hit and why! President Song’s health isn’t at its finest, but not at its worst either, as for the complaints of the house personnel, madame Choi wonders how could there be any complaints, but secretary Lee’s facial expressions are utterly representative!


bscap1385Teacher Park informs the young couple that he will write a contract that is less humiliating and more of a contract dare i say! Hyeon Soo contacts In Sang to ask him whether he told anyone else except for Seo Bom everything she entrusted him, the fact that she’s Hyeon Soo makes In Sang ask to put her on the speaker phone for Seo Bom to bear witness of the conversation and why not, participate! The teacher’s presence is not really a problem since he’s the young couple’s honorable mentor and Hyeon Soo agrees.

bscap1386bscap1387 bscap1390bscap1388 bscap1391bscap1389

bscap1392Seo Bom tries to compliment Hyeon Soo in her own restraining way since she’s aware of Hyeon Soo’s feelings and it’s pretty much apparent that awkwardness reigns supreme in Hyeon Soo’s camp, after all she’s all alone “against” In Sang, Seo Bom and teacher Park! Hyeon Soo would like to go out with Seo Bom at some point, but the circumstances prevents her from going out of the almighty household, it’s a civilized house arrest. Ji Young Ra appears and Hyeon Soo has to end the phone call, as for Seo Bom, jealousy knocks gently her door and she can’t hide it! The teacher leaves them alone to solve their puppy love’s giggling irritations while at the same time Ji Young Ra tries to get close to Hyeon Soo in order to unearth more information, something she doesn’t achieve even though she plays a “dirty” caring game of inheritance due to the forthcoming divorce.

bscap1394bscap1396bscap1397bscap1398 bscap1399bscap1400 bscap1401bscap1402bscap1405bscap1408bscap1403

bscap1409The house personnel has homework to do, they will have to take notes of their claims and the teacher will take care of the rest. Attorney Han returns back home and everyone greets him, except for Yi Ji who’s standing at the stairs and can’t accept this megalomaniac fake happiness and interferes with her thoughts, but Seo Bom urges her to hide for the time being. Attorney Han wants the teacher to take care of the children and their first interaction after all this time is quite minimal. Yi Ji wants to keep her retaliation flowing, but the young couple indicates that they should behave for now until the teacher demonstrates the house personnel’s demands, but Yi Ji insists! In Sang is quite thoughtful this time and he wants to focus, but Yi Ji isn’t that helpful, Seo Bom’s warm smile probably made her feel at ease!

bscap1410bscap1413 bscap1412bscap1414 bscap1416bscap1415 bscap1417bscap1418

bscap1419Butler Park writes down the couple’s demands and the housemaid recites most of their proposals! She would like to go back to  her old clothes, standing by the table during their meal time should be stopped, all these numerous formal greetings during the whole day and night should be reduced, as for one more zero at the end of their severance pay, they will either have to work hard for the Hans or try to achieve it by the law. There are also holiday and overtime working bonuses and for all that they will rely upon teacher Park’s shoulders whom they trust, hoping he won’t favor only secretary Lee, but the whole house personnel. The teacher has received the demands and he’s started writing the new contract while Seo Bom and In Sang wait in silence!

bscap1420bscap1421 bscap1422bscap1423

bscap1424Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma are quarreling since their opinions seem to differ on what’s best for Seo Bom. Hyeong Shik ahjussi would prefer the whole family to have been more careful for Seo Bom’s sake whereas Jin Ae ahjumma who’s insightful enough points out that something must change in there for Seo Bom’s well-being and Seo Bom becoming a prototype daughter-in-law is not an option. If someone or something has to change then it must be either the Hans or the ambiance inside the almighty household. She pretty much understands that Seo Bom’s having a tough time in there despite all the love and caring from In Sang. Je Hoon’s talking to Noo Ri on the phone and she makes a confession openly for the first time. She’s scared to lose what she’s barely holding on to while using her own sister. Je Hoon tries to support her by telling her that this description is not the real Noo Ri and that it’s just a phase she’s going through.


bscap1429The teacher has handed over the contract to attorney Han and everyone’s waiting for the aftermath of the general’s reading process. The nanny tells Seo Bom and In Sang that she has her own complaints too, it’s the first time she sees a baby being force to greet its grandparents that early in the morning, aye! Attorney Han doesn’t read in silence, he recites pretty much everything written in the contract and there’s always extra payment for everything that feels disturbing, tiring or violating of their working rights. He doesn’t seem pleased at all as time passes by and madame Choi is in a like-minded mood, she can’t believe that secretary Lee who stands by her side participated in this and she leaves the living room first. Attorney Han follows shortly after pointing out that he will unveil his thoughts later on.

bscap1430bscap1431 bscap1432

bscap1437Attorney Han even though he’s not laughing at all he indicates that he will just laugh and let it go. He points out that madame Choi should preserve a fake respecting mask towards them for the time being, but she feels saddened and angered under the sudden turn of events. You can witness their faces depicting perfectly well a sense of emotional indigestion! Teacher Park talks to the house personnel, they are happy yet anxious still, but the teacher tries to calm them down, he has enclosed pretty much everything in the contract, all they have to do is wait. Teacher Park enters the studying room where Seo Bom, Yi Ji and In Sang are stationed, if attorney Han won’t pace with the contract’s flow the house personnel will go on strike and everyone concurs, except for Seo Bom who intends to remain silent because she knows the burden will fall upon her shoulders if anything goes wrong.

bscap1436bscap1438 bscap1439

bscap1440In Sang and Yi Ji are leaving and he states that he will have a meeting after college, Seo Bom would like to go out as well, but it’s out of her boundaries. Yi Ji is enraged, the only reason why she doesn’t explode even more is because of the house personnel and Seo Bom! In Sang leaves after a heartfelt hug towards Seo Bom whose face gets brightened by Yi Ji and In Sang’s encouraging attitude! Once she enters the almighty household she witnesses madame Choi’s presence nearby, she was probably eavesdropping the young couple and Yi Ji’s interactions. Teacher Park indicates that he’s afraid to give Seo Bom a trial exam this time, it will take place the next time so that the Hans won’t be able to say anything about her score and she complies accompanied by her beautiful smile!

bscap1441bscap1442bscap1444 bscap1445bscap1443 bscap1446

bscap1449In Sang is at president Song’s luxurious living room and he’s eating as if there’s no tomorrow! President Song tries to infuse some sense of logic in In Sang’s mind, but In Sang holds his position and points out that attorney Han has neither friends nor hobbies, he’s an empty vessel and as an empty vessel the problems with madame Choi keep lurking underneath the surface. President Song tells him that even though he wouldn’t like to be like that, he should still hold back in order to acquire his inheritance. If In Sang wants to inherit one thing, then it has to be what his father couldn’t have. Changing the world, or at least trying, is something In Sang can’t set aside. Hyeon Soo arrives and gives president Song some medicine for his arthritis, but it’s In Sang’s time to leave if he doesn’t want to have any further problems with Seo Bom! He pats Hyeon Soo on the shoulder and she actually likes it, it was electrifying! President Song bursts her bubble by telling her that she should start seeing him as a friend from this moment and on.

bscap1448bscap1447 bscap1450bscap1451 bscap1454bscap1455

“I wasn’t normal.”


bscap1457Yi Ji, In Sang and Seo Bom are inside the studying room and everything points towards the fact that the house personnel will go on strike, Seo Bom’s stare depicts the ominous signs she can see on the horizon. The Hans appear on the main corridor, but they witness the house personnel passing by one after the other, the strike has began! Attorney Han got the message and he says they can take a day off! As for the breakfast, Seo Bom’s the one in charge now! The shock must had been immense, one retaliation right after the other, the ministry of (in)justice can’t do anything and the flames become stronger. In Sang helps Seo Bom to prepare the breakfast. She looks as if she just came out of the Versailles whereas In Sang looks like a kitchen musketeer, both of them are priceless, but it’s not as easy as it seems since the kitchen ladies prepared pretty much everything the previous evening!

bscap1458bscap1456 bscap1459bscap1463bscap1464bscap1465 bscap1466bscap1467

bscap1468The only people to bid farewell madame Choi and attorney Han are Yi Ji, In Sang and Seo Bom, he must have had a secret heart-attack when he witnessed the young couple in the kitchen uniforms, madame Choi didn’t even bother to look back, she had her own traumas, brr! Madame Choi visits president Song’s luxurious living room and all she needs a glass of cold water! She clearly states this is the first time seeing how scary people can be, even though it’s not a violent and loud circumstance! Being calm and gentle, they frighten her even more, having been enthroned as a noble doesn’t mean that you’re a noble person, madame Choi. Her pride is hurt, everything she preserves is hurt and she can neither accept nor comprehend how all this could happen.

bscap1469bscap1470bscap1349bscap1350 bscap1471

bscap1472In attorney Han’s personnel outside of Hansong are 130 people and 120 of them are contract workers from Han Trust. However, secretary Yang was the one to interview and choose them in the first place, once again he can’t see the forest for the trees and secretary Yang becomes the scapegoat for his own wrongdoings. He simply wants her to talk to teacher Park in order to take care of everything. Secretary Yang’s greatest crisis in the chronicles is here, as for Je Hoon he should be careful from now on, attorney Han could offer him a special work anytime in order to lure him; he’s a professional eater after all!


bscap1477Secretary Min informs Cheol Shik ahjussi on the house personnel’s strike and he’s happy about it, but what excites him even more is that the young couple and Yi Ji support their righteous cause amidst all this injustice! He informs Seo Bom’s parents and Noo Ri. Nobody’s happy, except for the uncle and Jin Ae ahjumma who considers essential Seo Bom’s own feelings and opinion. Noo Ri’s worried that Seo Bom might be the one to end up getting all the blame and Hyeong Shik ahjussi totally agrees, Seo Bom should have never supported them. The humble house is divided in two factions just like attorney Han’s divide and conquer campaign would want to, but this time he didn’t even participate! Before taking decisions about Seo Bom without Seo Bom Jin Ae ahjumma considers Seo Bom’s opinion the most important of all! Noo Ri and Hyeong Shik ahjussi point out that talking to Jin Ae ahjumma and Cheol Shik ahjussi feels like talking to a steel wall, look who’s talking!

 bscap1478bscap1476  bscap1480bscap1479bscap1481bscap1483 bscap1484

bscap1485Attorney Han tells secretary Kim to inform everyone that they should take a few more days off and madame Choi adds that they should never come back if they choose to do so! Everyone leaves and Yi Ji’s taking care of Jin Young while In Sang and Seo Bom continue their studies. All the imprisoned hate resonates through madame Choi and attorney Han’s stares, they’re sick in their hearts and souls! Everyone has gathered at secretary Lee’s place, including secretary Yang and Kim. Teacher Park urges them to be very careful in their actions for the time being, if they go back running the strike won’t have the desired outcome. Butler Park and the housemaid’s lives are so related to the almighty household that it’s not easy not being there at this very moment, after all it was like home for them. Secretary Kim leaves to buy more soju and secretary Yang points out that he might be leaving Hansong very soon. As for his presence at secretary Lee’s house, it could had been one of his last spying activities.

bscap1486bscap1488 bscap1487bscap1489bscap1490bscap1491 bscap1495bscap1492bscap1493bscap1494 bscap1497bscap1496

bscap1498Secretary Kim informs someone that secretary Lee has something on secretary Yang, but she appears right away and secretary Kim tries to hide everything he’s been doing. Secretary Yang’s observant stare can’t go unnoticed while secretary Kim pretends as if nothing happened and she strikes back the right moment referring to the fact that his parents think he’s a lawyer at Hansong while he’s simply an errand boy; everyone has skeletons in his/her closet over there! In Sang and Seo Bom are struggling inside the kitchen and soon enough things will get tougher once the kitchen ladies’ supplies reach the end! They run around like crazy in order to prepare a proper breakfast, but Jin Young just pooped and the harmony of the kitchen is in danger! In Sang will be the one to deal with this matter since Yi Ji can’t proceed!

bscap1500bscap1499 bscap1501bscap1502bscap1348

bscap1503The table’s ready, but a phone call appears from Jin Ae Ahjumma, she wants her to remain strong even if the Hans put all the blame on her! The Noo Ri & Hyeong Shik ahjussi faction can’t step back and they take the phone one after the other urging Seo Bom to step back from the whole strike operation! Seo Bom’s approach remains minimal and she will contact them back once things get calmer, but the tension inside the humble house remains as tough moments the family had to go through come back to the surface to support the ongoing battle of opinions. Seo Bom’s family is divided and the climate isn’t the warm and positive despite all the struggles one we were used to.

bscap1504 bscap1505bscap1506

bscap1508Madame Choi and attorney Han enjoy their breakfast in silence, but Yi Ji informs them that Jin Young had pooped and In Sang washed him at the kitchen sink! The renowned music comes to the foreground and the almighty couple has to perform their puking activities! Yesterday while i was returning back home from the university i saw a writing on a wall accompanied by a heart, it was going like this, “we are more than just two really good friends, we are two little vomits”. I didn’t know what the “poet” wanted to convey, but after i watched that scene it made perfect sense, everything happens for a reason, right?! Attorney Han, even when he pukes, has something heroic in the tone of his voice! Both of them can’t believe what had just happened and their time inside the almighty household is over. Madame Choi rushes towards president Song’s luxurious living room and she’s bathing in her own tears! He will have to prepare the presidential suite for the the almighty couple to find some peace of mind!

bscap1507 bscap1509bscap1510 bscap1511bscap1512

bscap1513Ji Young Ra and Eom So Jeong appear and their opinions aren’t helpful towards our beloved puppy couple. So Jeong is slightly more restrained but eventually she agrees with Young Ra who doesn’t hold back and proposes methods she considers essential for a direct outcome. It’s not because of her kind heart, she wants to see more trouble emerging inside the almighty household while madame Choi will be collapsing even more! The house personnel one way or another will return back, but the children working with them is the major problem. Young Ra proposes that madame Choi should force Seo Bom and In Sang get a divorce, she can’t wait for that moment to arrive! Her hate towards Seo Bom is immense and comes back to the surface and tears are not enough to wash away the plague within her malevolent soul.

bscap1514bscap1515 bscap1516bscap1517 bscap1518

bscap1519The new house personnel arrives at the almighty household, but In Sang and Seo Bom don’t quite need them and they send them back like a parcel to secretary Yang who arranged everything. The dehumidifier broke and they need important information from butler Park, they receive it and a mission at the basement begins, it must be the first time going down there and they are like great adventurers in search of a hidden land! They don’t know exactly what to do, but they do know how to make the almighty couple’s room feel like a sauna and both of them are so excited! Attorney Han and madame Choi return back home and their good old selves as well, but Yi Ji talks back and secretary Kim urges the almighty couple to enter their room!

bscap1520 bscap1521bscap1522

Truth be told, i would never call them to do the plumbing work.

bscap1523bscap1524 bscap1525bscap1527 bscap1528bscap1529

But the fact that they enjoy it so badly makes me reconsider. Even if the house gets blown to smithereens. Wait, what?!

bscap1530bscap1531 bscap1532bscap1533 bscap1534bscap1535 bscap1536bscap1537 bscap1538bscap1539

One of the drama’s cutest moments! No wonder i got so many screen-caps.


bscap1543They do so and something feels strange, indeed, it’s feels like a sauna and the heroic “Han In Sang!” lamentation echoes once again! They demand explanations right away and the young couple along with Yi Ji try to find an easy solution since there are many rooms inside the almighty household. Madame Choi can’t hold back this time, she doesn’t want to be seeing Seo Bom around, she wants her to leave immediately. They want to solve the whole problem like a “family” without “intruders”, it’s only between them and their children, as for Seo Bom, she will have to go to her parents, alone. If Seo Bom has to leave, she won’t leave alone, whatever this may mean and Jin Young agrees! Fighting!

bscap1544bscap1546 bscap1547bscap1545bscap1548

Thoughts: It pains me that subtitles don’t come out in a separate file just a few hours after the episode has aired like they used to. Of course, the fact that i am able to watch Heard It Through the Grapevine’s episodes with subtitles 1, 2, 3 or more days later is something i am deeply thankful, it just takes my reviews/recaps a few steps backwards. Personal notes aside, the 22nd episode progressed the storyline even more and its ending was a major cliffhanger that left us wondering how the storyline will progress. Many masks have fallen, but not all of them have embraced the ground yet. However, taking into consideration that there are only 10 episodes left (already?!) the drama is supposed to fasten its pace and start constructing its own grandiose highway towards the end. In one hand the end gradually approaches and both the figures and the audience are getting ready for the battle of battles. On the other hand, the drama can always remain unpredictable and intriguing without losing in quality and it proves it during each and every episode!

“In Sang is mine, you peach.”


Hansong takes care of the state’s high officials’ cases that may occur and gets paid generously, knowing their background and information that could ruin them any time gives attorney Han the power to use them according to plan for his own well-being when it comes to wealth and power in the shadows. The almighty household is in an uproar and he appears to have neglected Hansong for the time being and it’s more than apparent that Hansong is not attorney Han, it’s the people working for him underneath his own master plan. He’s hideously alone and if there are people around him it’s because he pays them generously. He needs them to preserve his own visions, they only stay nearby due to his money, otherwise they could work just anywhere. He’s the one in need, not his employees. On the contrary, while the Hansong employees are being treated pretty well, the house personnel suffers and they don’t cherish the same privileges, not at all. They work overtime and they do just anything required whenever they get ordered to do so. It’s not a world that preserves his ideals and beliefs like the Hansong employees, they are secondary figures that manage pretty much anything inside his household and they are not irreplaceable.

“I wasn’t normal.”


Neither attorney Han nor madame Choi expected yet another retaliation. At first it was In Sang, then Yi Ji, now it is the house personnel in unity; alongside In Sang, Yi Ji and Seo Bom. The teacher protects both of them from the Hans’ wrath and he’s the communicative administrator between both sides without forgetting which side he has chosen. He’s an enlightened and righteous person that was blinded for a while by attorney Han’s fake radiance, but he finally saw the light which pours from the souls of people around him. However, i am slightly curious because he won’t let Seo Bom sit for an exam for the time being, it was attorney Han and madame Choi’s thought as well, so i can’t say for sure whether they had a secret conversation or not. It could also be his protective side towards Seo Bom because if she wants to be unerring to her in-laws’ eyes, at least when it comes to the studying and success factor, she will have to achieve the highest score and silence their foul mouths.


The humble house is in turmoil, it has been divided in two factions, the one consisting of Jin Ae ahjumma and Cheol Shik ahjussi and the other one of Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Noo Ri. The first faction is the most retaliating and logically thinking one, if Seo Bom wants to remain safe inside the almighty household she neither has to obey anything the Hans order her to do nor she can’t participate in something as righteous as the house personnel’s strike. Seo Bom’s own opinion is what matters the most and she knows much better than anyone else what she’s going through, so she has to be responsible for her own actions, regardless of her family’s thoughts. The second faction follows two roads, the one of utter surrender to the Hans’ decisions and it’s being supported by Hyeong Shik ahjussi to the fullest. The second road is the one of Noo Ri, she agrees with her father, but she’s also having her own moments of clarity. She has finally realized that what she was embracing all this time is a fake heaven that is not her own. The divide and conquer campaign has been accomplished in attorney Han’s absence, he let the recent events do the talking for him and he succeeded without even knowing it, at least in this parameter.


Secretary Kim is not as simple-minded and rash as we might had thought, he’s got a side-plan going on and he’s probably the one informing Ji Young Ra for whom he might as well start working directly as soon as possible. Behind secretary Yang’s fake smile and the slush fund there’s another shady thing going on when it comes to Han Trust, it’s under the name of someone who has the same last name as hers! We’ve got two double-spies, secretary Kim was spying around for the Hans and for Ji Young Ra (at least i think so) at the same time whereas secretary Yang is attorney Han’s major spy while at the same time she pretends to be the house personnel and secretary Lee’s friend. As you may have noticed, teacher Park was keeping a close eye on both of them at secretary Lee’s place! President Song and Eom So Jeong eventually support Ji Young Ra’s straight forward methods. Madame Choi looks helpless now, but after sharp tactics she will be able to restore her grandeur, a grandeur that is needed in the investment club if it wants to keep flourishing.

This face graciously trespasses my sanity.


We finally witness madame Choi’s real face once again, she still sees Seo Bom as an anarchist peasant who’s behind everything and she always puts the blame on her. Clearly, madame Choi hates Seo Bom, she’s the exact opposite of her, even though on the surface she was appearing to be getting along with her, no matter how much Seo Bom stood by her side in difficult times. She would like to see In Sang and Seo Bom divorced as soon as possible and for the time being it would be best if Seo Bom returned back to her family’s house. “People shouldn’t be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people.” That’s exactly what happened to madame Choi, she started becoming afraid of the people working for her under all these exhaustive conditions. Of course it’s the fact that they protested and even went on strike, but it’s the way they did it, in an utterly tranquil and civilized manner. One episode ago she wouldn’t even consider such a retaliation. If attorney Han is the ruler of Hansong which is about to collapse, madame Choi is the governor of the almighty household and such an act was beyond any possible imagination for her, but we all know that her imagination is very limited!

“Will we survive after i pull this?”


In Sang and Yi Ji grew up in such a way because they had the chance to receive love when they were little kids. It’s thanks to butler Park and the housemaid who managed to keep the humane side of the children alive and burning for Seo Bom to enlighten it even more. Yi Ji remains the most retaliating member of the revolution, but she steps back for Seo Bom and the house personnel’s sake. She always manages to strike in full force and in an undercover tone and she made perfect use of the biological weapon named Jin Young! In Sang and Seo Bom’s relationship matures even more as time passes by, we witness In Sang becoming more responsible and Seo Bom more thoughtful without setting aside her playful and loving side. In the house personnel’s absence they had the chance to cherish a glimpse of how it would feel to live inside their own house as a family. Seo Bom pretty much knew that sooner or later she would become the target of the Hans so as to be used as an example and silence the retaliating spirits within the household. It was apparent throughout the episode and it started on the 21st one, she was always more careful to everything she was saying and her words were very specific without neglecting her observant stare.

“If Seo Bom leaves, i will use the swan lake technique!”


Seo Bom sees the real side of the Hans once again. She had witnessed it when attorney Han was hitting In Sang and when madame Choi hit Yi Ji, she had seen how hard everyone was working inside the household and she and her family had felt pretty much a lot hurt through the Hans’ words and/or actions. Just because the storm had passed it doesn’t mean it would never come back. Seo Bom seems to be finding herself in the calm before and after the storm, but when the storm arrives it’s there for “good”. This time they clearly want her out of the house, but she won’t leave the doorstep alone. And i don’t think she’s referring to Jin Young only, there are Yi Ji and In Sang by her side and i am pretty certain they will follow her footsteps. Jin Young’s cry in the end was the most affirmative sign the 3 young figures and the audience could receive!

The 3 Musketeers and Jin Young as d’Artagnan.


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    Then the “Ninja/Ballet” picture In Sang prepared to execute the “Swan Lake Technique”!
    I watched the full Youtube video in that link (Thank You). Impressive imagery, indeed, with the handsome prince in black (like In Sang).
    I had to make a side trip to Swan Lake via Wikipedia. The tragic faithful Princess, cursed to live as a swan until she is loved faithfully by the Prince—- this being the only way to break the spell freeing her and all the others cursed to live as swans!
    I only hope our young couple can “break the spell” in the drama without such tragic results! Love the imagery you create with your words!

    • May 9, 2015 at 11:55 pm — Reply

      I can only be deeply thankful for your words and sharing your thoughts and truly glad you enjoy my recaps! 🙂 Hopefully enough, they will break the spell and the tragic faithful princess Seo Bom who already has the prince In Sang’s love will be set free alongside the others who are cursed under the Hans’ empire and all of them will find redemption in the end!

  3. July 10, 2015 at 5:53 pm — Reply

    “If you don’t ship them already, you don’t know what you’re missing” I ship and when I ship, I ship hard. And I agree with everything.

    • July 12, 2015 at 12:01 am — Reply

      Your ship is as dangerous as a pirate ship! 😀

      • July 12, 2015 at 10:52 pm — Reply

        as someone who, 9 times out of 10, doesn’t ship the couple Show wants me to ship, you can imagine how happy i am when I ship who I am supposed to ship and I get all these OTF feels given to me. I don’t have to read or imagine fanfictions for that xD (ugh! i’m still going through my katsuyama/lala feels withdrawal right now. it’s horrible)

        • July 13, 2015 at 4:48 pm — Reply

          You are a non-compromising ship captain! I am glad this time you didn’t enter in adventurous torrents and progressed with the presented ship! I am not aware of Katsuyama/Lala ship though xP

          • July 14, 2015 at 11:32 pm

            if you allow me https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPX7j1_KCqE and https://youtu.be/xw4Y3FjEJKQ?t=36m32s katsuyama had too much of a small role for the ship to even exist, but that ship sails for me… * hugs self *

          • July 14, 2015 at 11:36 pm

            Why did the comment want approval? O.o Watched only the first one, she’s got such a finesse and female badassness <3 Won't watch the second one because it's in my drama plans x)

          • July 15, 2015 at 8:38 am

            b/c of my youtube links probably? and… I understand xD if you had fun with the Eundongaaaaah, you will have fun with that one too. * whistle * remember that quiet lala/katsuyama ship, though. it deserves to be loved.

          • July 15, 2015 at 11:24 am

            So these youtube links were the reason, but i don’t want to approve your comments because they are always welcome! XD Guess there’s something in there someone shouts with passion as his larynχ explodes XD Will take that quiet ship into consideration,but lala.. she is heart-stealing!

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