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Week 5 Review ~ Episodes 9-10: The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)

bscap1341Aye, The Girl Who Sees Scents with the last two episodes has become more affectionate when it comes to our lovely Cho Rim & Moo Gak couple and more intriguing when we take into consideration the suspense factor and the questions of how it will flow when the 11th episode starts playing before our very eyes. At the same time it keeps preserving its humorous vibes and the captivating air it exhales for us to inhale and get charmed by its balanced flow and progressing harmony, both in a fast-paced tone but without lacking in all things necessary to maintain the expectations at immense heights! Before i started watching The Girl Who Sees Scents it used to be a personal outsider, the more i dive into its world the more it feels like an ongoing and ever-expanding grower!

Note: 99% of the screen-caps are from the 10th episode, it wouldn’t bother me much to do the same on the 9th one as well, after all i am Bruce Printscreen, but i didn’t like the idea of each and every screen-cap having all the election references at the bottom of each picture, so forgive me just this once, it was forced “violence” against our aesthetic.


bscap0147Cho Rim brings back home the seaweed soup with sea urchin chef Kwon had prepared at the show and she’s dining along with Moo Gak. The moment she tastes the soup she breaks apart unable to hold back the tears, she can’t remember anything, but the taste of her mother’s recipe dwells in her subconscious world. Moo Gak stands by her side and they take a walk for Cho Rim to ease the unknown emotional tension within. She doesn’t recall anything except for the loving face of a woman; “everything disappears once I forget”. At the same time, chef Kwon holds in his hand Choi Eun Seol’s name identifier from her school uniform and tries to recall her face, but it’s not an easy task since prosopagnosia made its appearance during his encounter with Eun Seol after he had anesthetized her parents.


bscap1275It’s time for Cho Rim and Moo Gak to part ways, or not? It’s more than apparent that they don’t want to do so and Moo Gak’s worried whether she’ll be able to sleep at ease after her emotional charge! Cho Rim will sleep inside her warm room and Moo Gak at the living room inside her father’s winter tent! Sleeping has a new meaning since nobody’s sleeping that night. Instead of lying inside Morpheus’ more than welcome arms they’re messaging each other whether they have fallen asleep or not! Throughout the night you can witness their longing for each other’s messages until the morning arrives and both of them are exhausted! They’re heading towards the profiler room and Cho Rim’s description on the face she saw will help Moo Gak to form a face resembling the one she saw last night, but Moo Gak’s attempt through the police sketch software isn’t helpful this time.

bscap1231The police force is trying to unearth more information concerning the barcode serial killer. The number of trucks that can carry cars like doctor Chun’s or Joo Ma Ri’s are hundreds of thousands, but the investigation team is aware that the killer knows them even if they don’t know his identity. Moo Gak has an idea, if they can’t reach the murderer they will make him come to them by setting a trap. Moo Gak had already informed the hospital at Jeju island and the doctor cooperates according to plan as soon as a man searching for Eun Seol’s hospitalization records appears. Yeon Mi and Moo Gak believe that Eun Seol is still alive and the fact that the murderer thinks the same way will help them catch him. Chef Kwon receives the message that Eun Seol was transferred to another hospital in Seoul while the detectives are working on the trap through the fake information on Eun Seol’s residence in order to lure the murderer in. Elena Vashilivnashivanova has a shortcut nickname this time, Shivanova, and detective Kang singing and dancing to EXID’s Up & Down was a hilarious moment even though i always dream of Hani or Solji for utter love and adoration reasons you shouldn’t worry about!

bscap1228The undercover mission has already started and everyone has positioned himself according to plan! A police patrol that passes by due to an arson incident almost ruins the mission and proves once again how useless most of South Korean drama officers are! The fake Eun Seol appears and a man follows her calling out her name, the detectives arrest him on the spot, but Moo Gak notices another figure with the same pitch black clothing nearby and starts chasing after him! The man the detectives caught was approached from behind and he was given some money to work according to plan, so he can’t offer any information on the murderer’s characteristics. While Moo Gak was chasing after the man in black he was hit by a car, but pain is not an option and he feels just fine, but he recalls that the man he was chasing after was hurt while jumping out of the window.

bscap1147The DNA has been taken to the police laboratory for further investigation. Chef Kwon was close to doctor Chun and Joo Mari and he’s the major suspect in the barcode serial killer case despite his ironclad alibi. They try to find ways to get his DNA and see if it matches the sample they found on the spot during the undercover mission. Yeon Mi meets chef Kwon as a part of an informal investigation asking him questions about his background when it comes to his adoption, his real parents and the time he came back to South Korea from abroad. Chef Kwon’s attitude is contentious, but Yeon Mi doesn’t intend to surrender and asks him to take off his jacket. She finds out that he’s wounded on the same spot the man in black was hurt while Moo Gak was chasing after him, but according to Chef Kwon it was an accident in the kitchen. The warrant has been granted and Moo Gak is the one to get the DNA sample from chef Kwon who’s irritated and contentious once again, but he can’t do otherwise but cooperate with the police. The sample has been handed over to the forensics team and everyone’s waiting for the outcome while the detectives will be keeping a close eye on chef Kwon for the time being.

bscap1336Cho Rim informs the troupe chief about the position chef Kwon had proposed her when it comes to the cooking show and everyone’s in awe or jealousy at the sudden turn of events! The outcome of the DNA test arrives and everyone’s devastated with the fact that chef Kwon’s DNA doesn’t match the blood they had found on the spot. Moo Gak will be the one to apologize to chef Kwon and he accepts his apology. Chef Kwon uses the excuse that he can’t find his phone and uses Moo Gak’s cell phone while at the same time he installs a spying application in the detective’s device as he tries to earn time for the installation to be complete. And indeed, chef Kwon was there, but he was the third man around that had witnessed the incident with the second person running way and getting hurt so he harmed himself on the same spot to ridicule the police force and keep them away from him for the time being after his intention had been complete.

bscap1211Cho Rim wants to buy some new clothes for the cooking show and Moo Gak accompanies her! She’s trying one dress right after the other and since she can’t decide which one to buy detective Choi buys for her all the dresses she liked! However, Moo Gak would like her to stay away from the show and chef Kwon for the time being, he’s still suspicious of him and he wants to protect Cho Rim, but he can neither give any proper explanation nor infuse immense words of love into his thoughts to convince Cho Rim and our beloved couple’s first civilized quarrel has turned to reality! Cho Rim finds Yeon Mi and while dining and drinking she informs her on the face of the woman she had recalled after referring to everything that troubles her when it comes to Moo Gak’s attitude! Yeon Mi helps her with the police sketch software, but she’s not helpful this time. The spying application works just fine and Moo Gak’s phone calls and messages are being transferred over to chef Kwon’s device, now he can be one step ahead and closer to the investigation team’s moves!


bscap1252Chef Kwon offers a dress to Cho Rim as a present, but she decides to wear the yellow one which was one of those Moo Gak had bought for her. Chef Kwon becomes aware of Cho Rim and Moo Gak’s special relationship and things have just started becoming more interesting. Cho Rim’s first appearance on the cooking show has been accomplished and the next morning Moo Gak wants to see her. In fact, the communication between our lovely couple was established through Ae Ri’s auto-call plan and she worked as a deus ex machina serving her purpose well! Cho Rim tries to act hard to get in one hand, on the other hand she wants to see him and eventually they meet at the park nearby. Moo Gak explodes through silence and declares in a more palpable way that he sees Cho Rim as his girlfriend and tries to figure out how Cho Rim would like him to refer to her the way couples do! Cho Rim’s being overrun by rivers of emotion and all this sentimental grandeur devours her gently! She would like to go back home and get pretty, but she’s pretty enough to his eyes!

bscap1241In the meantime, Yeon Mi kept working on the police sketch software and the face she formed reminded her of someone who was no other than the woman from the fisherman couple in the barcode serial killer case! Moo Gak and Cho Rim arrive at the police station and Yeon Mi separates them so as to work on her own plan. She masterfully manages to acquire Cho Rim’s identity information and they start working anew on the sketch to conceal all suspicion. Yeon Mi’s attempts weren’t helpful to Cho Rim and the couple leaves. Yeon Mi through Cho Rim’s identity information finds out that her father is Oh Jae Pyo! Steadily everything starts making perfect sense to her eyes!

bscap1357 bscap1148bscap1149

bscap1157Cho Rim wants to use the resting room, but she comes across a pervert; what a satyr figure! Her scent-seeing ability notices that his left foot reeks of smoke and she starts searching around with Moo Gak! They part ways to broaden the searching area, but there he is again jumping off a tree! Cho Rim starts chasing after him and he escapes, but Cho Rim finds herself face to face with a truck threatening her life. Moo Gak saves her and once again tears starts flowing as vicious memories bloom inside her mind while witnessing the moment of her car accident the day she lost her memory and entered a coma.


bscap1177She doesn’t recall yet the reason why she was running and she’s not aware of the murderer’s presence. Cho Rim and Moo Gak spend another night at her house and the overall ambiance around them gets cuter and cuter as time passes by through playful kisses and interactions! This time we witness Moo Gak receiving slight sensing signals, it’s probably due to the mutual feelings he shares with Cho Rim that steadily awaken his comatose senses.

bscap1180bscap1178 bscap1184bscap1183bscap1192 bscap1188bscap1190

bscap1194Cho Rim arrives earlier at chef Kwon’s restaurant to see the chefs’ preparation for the day. Chef Kwon intends to get closer to Cho Rim for his own reasons and he wants her to show him how performers choose the ingredients that complete their comical sketches! Using various products to make people laugh is essential and this time a watermelon pip sticks around in various parts of her face causing chef Kwon to burst into laughter! Cho Rim evades successfully chef Kwon’s compliments and keeps working!

bscap1196 bscap1198bscap1199bscap1202bscap1201 bscap1203bscap1204

bscap1205Yeon Mi and Moo Gak try to reach Oh Jae Pyo, but he’s nowhere to be found. Moo Gak still doesn’t know that Yeon Mi has found the one and only witness and she meets Cho Rim to unearth more information about her past and her mother in case she recalled anything. Knowing that her current father is Oh Jae Pyo, the information Yeon Mi receives is more than precious. The pervert gets caught under Cho Rim insightful instructions and the world of women is less creepy! The detectives are having launch, but as soon as the chief of the police force arrives and treats all of them they root for the best dishes!

bscap1206 bscap1208bscap1209bscap1213

bscap1216The chief forgot his wallet and Moo Gak goes after him to hand it over, but a huge surprise awaits him. Oh Jae Pyo’s meeting with the chief and Moo Gak follows both of them. Jae Pyo wants all the investigation documents on the barcode serial killer case and the chief intends to cooperate since he wouldn’t like Jae Pyo to open up his mouth. Jae Pyo writes down his address and right after they leave Moo Gak with the use of a pencil uncovers everything Jae Pyo wrote down and informs Yeon Mi, but she’s not the only one getting informed. The spying application delivers the news to Chef Kwon as well and an expedition begins. Doctor Chun’s letter makes its appearance inside a book after all this time, but it goes unnoticed for now.

bscap1217 bscap1218bscap1219 bscap1224bscap1223

bscap1225The person Moo Gak was chasing after the night of the undercover mission was the arsonist and not chef Kwon. The investigation team’s thoughts point towards the chef’s direction and they start believing that he injured himself on purpose to mislead them. Moo Gak visits doctor Chun’s storage in search of answers and he finds out that two books are missing from the whole series. Chef Kwon arrives at the address he eavesdropped through the spying application and stages an accident to get closer to Jae Pyo. He’s being taken to the hospital seconds after Yeon Mi arrived and she didn’t have the chance to meet him. The restaurant personnel isn’t helpful either, even though the waitress betrayed Jae Pyo’s position in the first place when chef Kwon asked her. Chef Kwon is fine and Jae Pyo’s treating him while Cho Rim informs Moo Gak that her plans have changed since chef Kwon will be delayed for two hours. Moo Gak now has the time to investigate chef Kwon’s house while chef Kwon takes into consideration the time limit that restrains him.

 bscap1232bscap1230bscap1241 bscap1243bscap1242bscap1244bscap1245 bscap1250

bscap1255Moo Gak finds two screens behind chef Kwon’s jackets, but time isn’t on his side and he has to hide by the time chef Kwon and Cho Rim enter the house. Cho Rim notices Moo Gak’s scent and creates a diversion in order to help him escape and succeeds in it. Later on he meets with Cho Rim who doesn’t consider chef Kwon guilty of the serial killer murder case, but Moo Gak doesn’t intend to step back until he finds the figure behind his precious sister’s unjust death and chef Kwon is the number one suspect.

bscap1262bscap1261 bscap1267bscap1266

bscap1268The emotionally fortified atmosphere gets soothed as soon as Cho Rim holds his hand and a conversation takes place when it comes to Eun Seol’s charms and character making the overall ambiance quite playful and relieving! Later on, they watch together Cho Rim’s first cooking show appearance and they are over-enjoying themselves as they laugh their lungs out; gulp gulp! It’s the moment everyone recalls Cho Rim’s very existence and they start congratulating her one after the other!

bscap1271bscap1270bscap1277bscap1278 bscap1283bscap1282bscap1285bscap1286

bscap1292Τhrough reality, daydreaming or simply dreaming from both sides, Cho Rim and Moo Gak get closer together and both of them crave each other’s company! Cho Rim’s having a conversation about one another’s daily and nighttime routines and once again a romantic scene blossoms! Boom! It was nothing else than Cho Rim’s imagination! Steadily, she tries to repeat the scene she imagined, but she forgets that the floor is slippery and she falls down unconscious! It’s Moo Gak’s turn to dwell in the world of dreams and by the time Cho Rim wakes him up he realizes it was just a dream while hugging tightly the pillow! Eventually, their mutual hug-fantasizing turns to life and the cute conversation about their preferences goes on with Moo Gak completing Cho Rim!

bscap1291bscap1290bscap1293bscap1295 bscap1298 bscap1302bscap1301bscap1303bscap1304bscap1306  bscap1311bscap1310 bscap1313bscap1317bscap1316

bscap1322Yeon Mi has to take a tough decision, she doesn’t want Moo Gak to get involved with the case since the matter will get even more personal once he finds out that Cho Rim is the witness. She uses the fact that he broke into chef Kwon’s house to send him back to his prior position and she’s not willing to listen to anything he has to say. Things are going to get tougher for the hopeless detectives in Moo Gak’s absence since their responsibilities will grow!

bscap1325bscap1321 bscap1327bscap1326 bscap1328bscap1329

bscap1330Inside chef Kwon’s house everyone’s getting ready for the next cooking show shooting, but a girl from the crew recognizes Eun Seol in Cho Rim’s face since they were classmates back in high school. Chef Kwon is sharp like a fox and notices the conversation between them. Shortly after he sends Cho Rim at his library to get a cooking book. She’s trying to reach it from the shelf, but many books fall down and one of them is the one hiding doctor Chun’s letter. By the time she finishes reading it and as anxiety and fear start to rise deep inside chef Kwon appears and catches her on the spot!

 bscap1332bscap1331 bscap1335 bscap1338bscap1346 bscap1347 bscap1355bscap1353

Thoughts: As episodes pass by chef Kwon appears even more methodical. He’s always one step ahead of the investigation team and he manages to use others according to plan without revealing anything that would point towards his direction. Even under imponderable parameters, he manages to use sudden circumstances to his own convenience by confusing and ridiculing the police force while keeping up with his own legacy at the same time. Having applied the spying application to Moo Gak’s cell phone is a huge plus for him, he can program each and every step in a way more careful way while keeping track of the investigation team’s steps and why not, find out information that could be helpful anytime anyplace, like Oh Jae Pyo’s hideout. Chef Kwon is colder than ice and emotionless as a person, his public figure has trained him to present any possible emotion under any circumstance and he was even faking his laughter in front of Cho Rim’s watermelon mini-sketch. It’s not an attempt to get to know her more he has either started suspecting her or he wants to play with Moo Gak’s nerve-system and know more about him at the same time.


Chef Kwon and the police force have a common goal now, both of them want to find the witness behind the fisherman couple case and while Yeon Mi has pushed away the clouds from the horizon, chef Kwon is right before the grand revelation. It’s in Cho Rim’s own hands in how she will deal with the overall subject under immense stress, fear and the veil of the growing shock due to the sudden information overload. The end of the 10th episode was a powerful cliffhanger after which pretty much anything could happen for better or for worse when it comes to Cho Rim’s safety; internal and external.


We’ve witnessed the lovely couple getting close together with mutual longing and affection and both of them dream of each other beyond the veil of sleep or while daydreaming. Moo Gak’s caring attitude was apparent, but he wasn’t dwelling into emotion, it was there, but he couldn’t express it as often as Cho Rim would want him to. At the moment of their quarrel when Moo Gak wanted her to step back from the cooking show Cho Rim gives us the impression that she was willing to do so had Moo Gak expressed himself differently. She wanted confirmation of his feelings, he is concerned about her safety but she would like to see his internal world coming to the surface. It’s a bubble Moo Gak gradually cracks and becomes more expressive towards her and the more expressive he becomes the more his senses start to awaken. Slightly for now, but the more he feels all these beautiful emotions the more his nerve system starts responding to environment’s stimuli.


Under sudden events, like the seaweed soup in the way her mother used to cook it and finding herself in front of an avoidable car accident due to Moo Gak’s help, Cho Rim’s memory starts awakening step by step and doctor Chun’s letter will make her question more her amnesiac state, but it will also put her life in danger even more. It’s not only Cho Rim’s memory that gradually wakes up, it’s also Moo Gak’s body memory that starts to feel anew after the arch shock and going through the utmost level of pain through his sister’s loss. The fact that he was breathing was just a characteristic of an animate organism, he was living ipso facto and not through cherishing the joys of life. There’s a vast difference between existing and living and Moo Gak was existing, through his interactions with Cho Rim he started living after all these years and it’s apparent on his body which starts reacting positively to the surrounding environment.


Yeon Mi taking Moo Gak off the investigation team might had seemed like noble idiocy, but he’s a police officer and he shouldn’t have been involved in the case in the first place since it’s about his sister who was murdered by the barcode serial killer. His immense help under Cho Rim’s scent-seeing ability prevented her from leaving him out of the investigation. Now it feels inevitable since Cho Rim has become a part of the case as the one and only witness. It’s going to become a whole lot more personal for Moo Gak once he finds out and it’s something that would put in danger the whole investigation. Before something like that happens she chooses to dispatch him to his prior department. It’s not only due to the overall investigation, it’s also to keep him safe from harm in the process until they finally get to catch chef Kwon with palpable proof.


Both Cho Rim and Moo Gak are gradually awakening from slumber everything that had remained underneath the surface. Apparently, it’s more traumatic when it comes to Cho Rim due to her background story. Once she recalls everything she will have to go through the mourning process of her long lost parents and eventually she will find herself in danger under chef Kwon’s malicious legacy. On the contrary, Moo Gak’s awakening is beneficial for him as love’s utter bliss brings to the surface his long lost senses, step by step.


Finding out that Cho Rim is the witness they were searching for will probably be an immense step backwards and will be another traumatic event in his life, not only because it will make his sister’s remembrance more intense, but because another person he loves under the same name, Choi Eun Seol, will be in danger. This time it will be more crucial since he will have to put his life on the line in order to save her and not go through the same utmost burden anew. If he couldn’t save his own sister who was mistaken for Cho Rim, he will have to save Cho Rim at all costs so that his sister’s “sacrifice” wouldn’t had been in vain and his own feelings will keep blossoming alongside Cho Rim; for him, for her, for both of them. Cho Rim and Moo Gak are driving two parallel yet interdependent lives at the present, connected through the past while staring at the future in the sphere of the unknown that starts taking shape.


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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

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  1. May 4, 2015 at 8:43 pm — Reply

    […] Episode 09 & 10 Episode 07 & 08   Episode 05 & 06   Episode 03 & 04  Episode 01 & 02  […]

  2. May 5, 2015 at 1:28 pm — Reply

    I like your thoughts on these two episodes. I agree with them. I knew I saw MG’s senses awakening in the last episode. Cho Rim really is adorable and lovable. Shin Se Kyung is a great ‘crier’. She’s somehow able to get one tear spill from her eye. It’s like an art. lol.

    I had a feeling Moo Gak would be removed from the case. Now i’m really scared for Cho Rim because of that shocking letter. Too bad Chef came in, I’d run with that to the police. I’m on pins and needles waiting for the big reveal of her identity. Even though in my mind it’s fairly obvious and the police in this drama are kind of dumb. Did you catch that annoying QUESTION MARK over Cho Rim’s picture at the briefing? That was so annoying and obvious. Since they are on the case, why wouldn’t the police be allowed to see her picture? I’m surprised Moo Gak hasn’t seen it already. I hope it comes to light soon.

    I’m worried about Cho Rim’s detective dad. I almost thought the chef would kill him. The scenes of him being followed and then having tea w/the chef seemed anti-climatic. Unless he plans on making him the next barcode victim. I’d feel terrible for Cho Rim if that were the case. She’d really lose it, plus with her memories coming back.

    I’d really appreciate a flashback scene with the Chef and her parents. How does he choose his victims? They all seem random. But i was clued in when the Chef complained about the quality of the shrimp. Was Cho Rim’s father a fisherman? Perhaps he sold him the best quality seafood and they made acquaintances. I could be wrong, I just got that feeling.

    • May 5, 2015 at 7:58 pm — Reply

      Ye, you had mentioned it ,i think in the previous week’s review!! 🙂 Totally agree, one tear = an art while other cry oceans or can’t cry XD A single tear of hers should be kept in a drama-museum lol
      Such a cliffhanger ending! It’s almost tormenting, i seriously want to find out what will happen within the first minute! They probably can’t see their picture due to Oh Jae Pyo and the chief of the police, i guess, otherwise WTH! XD Moo Gak doesn’t have a full access to everything, if Cho Rim is being considered some sort of a hidden protected witness then he probably wouldn’t be able to see it.
      I thought Jae Pyo would die, but it’s never too late to die in another episode 😀 But losing her new father and gaining her memory back would be indeed way too burdensome!
      I’m eager to find out how he chooses his victims too, the doctor was just unlucky at that time. The others? Except for being unlucky there were a part of his yearly legacy, but their characteristics and backgrounds are different, there must be something that connects them, somehow! But ye, Cho Rim’s parents were fishermen and it could be related to his chef aspect. I also want to find out what happened in his past with his parents, they may be the book number 0, the first murder.

      • hariaharia
        May 5, 2015 at 10:32 pm — Reply

        I’m with you on this! How DOES he choose his victimes in the first place? Has the old publishing company something to do with it? Had the victims been involved in his adoption somehow? Or have they looked like some people from his past? And WHAT really happened to his parents? Not only his adoptive ones.Good Lord, I have so many question and have thought so many possible scenarios that I got hyperventilation…XD.

        • May 5, 2015 at 10:43 pm — Reply

          Our brains will turn into balloons from hyperventilation XD Dramas are going to kill us one day! Too many questions, he’s one good hell of a serial killer, totally sickening and methodical! And everything he does has a meaning o.O But what’s that effing meaning?! We have adoptive and real parents indeed, what happened? What does prosopagnosia have to do with it? Why did he kill in the first? Why did he continue to kill and under this symbolism? Why this publishing company’s numbers and not another ones? Why these people and not others? How are all of them connected? Why does he pick them especially instead of others? I will hit my head on a rock if he picks them randomly just because XD He’s got a lot of potential to be a really “sophisticated” serial killer, please writer-nim, let his background be as sickening as he is and explaining everything behind his actions :E

  3. hariaharia
    May 5, 2015 at 3:55 pm — Reply

    Even though it’s one of the few dramas I religiously watch every week, I must say-since we’re halfway already-that the OTP is not exactly above average. With the exception of very few scenes where PYC reminded me his movie self, the rest is so easy that I can imagine at least ten young actors for the role. My thoughts on the actress are still haunted by the FK and the other drama( to this day I don’t want to recall the words “man” and “love” combined in one sentence!) but I have to admit that she has improved, especially after “Iron Man”. The only thing that makes me super-duper happy is my beloved Namgoong Min…finally he got himself a meaty role. He used to be “sentenced” to crappy roles in stupid (or less stupid sometimes) dramas and variery shows the last few years. I always knew how talented he is…he was in movies like “Dirty Carnival” for crying out loud! I guess he needed an exorcism or something to remove the jinx. I’m glad that his superb acting is getting noticed…finally!

    • May 5, 2015 at 6:37 pm — Reply

      So true about NGM’s talent. Absolutely undeniable!

    • May 5, 2015 at 8:02 pm — Reply

      “Religiously”, owned! I have watched Iron Man halfway through and i remember i enjoyed her acting up to that point, but i’ve read many negative opinions about her in general, but here i definitely enjoy her! ” I don’t want to recall the words “man” and “love” combined in one sentence” in drama-land, it would had been one of the traumatic experiences that create serial killers XD Namgoong plays really well! He managed to fool us in the beginning and he keeps up the good work after we found out he’s the barcode killer! He’s got a sinister stare and even when he fakes kindness it’s the forced friendly face of a TV persona! Well done, barcode dude1

      • hariaharia
        May 6, 2015 at 6:29 am — Reply

        Well, if you would ever dare to endure the endless torture of Fashion King, I would love to read your review and your thoughts on this…drama (this is a slight euphemism for sure!). Apart from the excellent YAI, this is where I felt for LJH and his impeccable acting. But I know that’s a heck of a job for anyone’s sanity

        • May 6, 2015 at 12:24 pm — Reply

          Will i become a saint after i watch it? XD Recently watched Sky and Ocean and YAI was pretty good, needless to say that Jang Na Ra was divine :3 A review will probably appear soon XD And LJH was stellar on My Paparotti!

  4. May 5, 2015 at 6:35 pm — Reply

    Your last sentence was so philosophical, you and A-philo impress me! 😀

    I wonder how MooGak will deal with the feeling that she should have died instead of his sister. As much as he loves Cho Rim, this is not blood and they’ve only known each other for a few months, so this feeling would be “legitimate” even for a few minutes.

    Also something bugs about episode 10. Does Chef Kwon already know that Cho Rim is Eun Seol? First of all, how could he not have seen this letter, well there are chances, but they are so low. And second, when Cho Rim classmate recognized her when they were getting ready for the show, she called her by her real name several times, he never once reacted. Hard for me to believe he didn’t “hear” anything. It’s all two weird.

    Nam Goong-Min’s character is a real psycho, this is my first time truly disliking him which is a good thing. One – I feel normal (I’ve read several times girls stating that yes he’s a killer but “he’s too cute”, this is sick!!!!) and Two – that proves his acting is on point. I’m actually impressed.

    • May 5, 2015 at 8:10 pm — Reply

      *hides at the corner* Gomawoyo bluechingu ^-^ A-philo owns me anytime though XD
      Yep, it’s going to be a disastrous moment for him finding out that the woman he loves was the woman that should have died in her sister’s place! I hope logic through emotion will find its way, i ship this crazy couple, they are not ordinary but SO adorable XD
      Ah, you might have skipped it for a second, while Cho Rim was talking to the girl that was calling her Eun Seol, a few seconds before someone told chef Kwon that they need a book he was staring at Cho Rim with the barcode stare XD
      Disliking serial killers in dramas is always a good thing! You either laugh at them (50/50 success) or you hate them because they are really psychos and the actor plays well! This is the case here! Truth be told, I find such reactions too sick as well, he’s too cute even though he’s a major deadly ass, i can’t accept it XD But fangirldom is odd sometimes >.<

  5. May 5, 2015 at 11:17 pm — Reply

    Hahahah kapchaggya!!! Thanks chingu ^^

    • May 5, 2015 at 11:18 pm — Reply

      And i just noticed the makeup artist’s nails, omg XD You’re always welcome chingu ^-^

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