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Week 2 Review ~ Episodes 3-4: The Girl Who Sees Smells (2015)

bscap1512The Girl Who Sees Scents’ second airing week was representative of my personal expectations that were seduced out of the blue with the drama’s first two episodes. It’s an intriguing drama so far, paving the way for great things to happen in the forthcoming episodes as the characters steadily develop themselves in front of our very eyes and the more the storyline progresses the more their interactions appear more structured. Nothing feels rushed, the drama progresses one step at a time and delivers a relaxing vibe that doesn’t overburden the audience in one hand, on the other hand it keeps the intriguing vibes pretty much alive and kicking through the relaxed, intense and humorous at the same time air it breathes. I would like to thank my curiosity that made me start The Girl Who Sees Scents in the first place and bid farewell my arch denial that was restraining my desires to become a part of its lovely audience. I’m already seeing scents, how about you? And what about synesthesia?


bscap0360The investigation at the mountain ends since Moo Gak with the precious help of Cho Rim managed to find the exact location of Joo Ma Ri inside the river. It’s an accomplishment that earned him a position in the murder investigation unit under Yeon Mi’s command since detective Kang Hyeok and his useless police officer minions would never acknowledge Moo Gak’s achievements! They are a few more South Korean useless drama cops who are a waste of money and space in the police force, but their quirky figures are priceless and leave their own impact in the drama! Only Moo Gak and Yeon Mi are representative of their investigations/assumptions and the help of Cho Rim is always more than welcome, even though Yeon Mi still doesn’t know about it.

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bscap0366The relationship between Cho Rim and her adoptive father is an affectionate one, Oh Jae Pyo ahjussi is always caring towards her and wants her to be careful, especially under the new circumstances since the killer of her real parents is still roaming around. And that’s the reason Yeon Mi finds him, even though he’s not a part of the police force anymore and works as building security. Yeon Mi wants to find the one and only witness, Choi Eun Seol, but he reassures her that she never woke up from the coma and eventually passed away, something she doesn’t believe.

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bscap0370Moo Gak suspects doctor Chun and pays a visit to chef Kwon to find out that the doctor was there as well and while questions started popping up one after the other the chef reassured Moo Gak that everything’s fine since the doctor was a friend of him and Ma Ri. However, Moo Gak’s restless detective spirit won’t give it a rest and he won’t cease suspecting the doctor. And he’s right, because later on at the troupe Chun Baek Gyeong was there too, keeping an eye on Cho Rim who would have probably been kidnapped by him had Moo Gak not appeared right away!

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bscap0383Yoo Chun’s expressionless eating face is priceless and he’s utterly representative as Moo Gak who can’t taste since he’s lost many of his senses and just eats mechanically until his stomach feels full. He gives you the impression as if he really can’t taste anything and just eats as if there will be no tomorrow! Moo Gak is thankful towards Cho Rim for being so helpful and playing her own part in him becoming part of the murder investigation unit and one way to express it was buying her another pair of glasses, original ones, not fake like the ones she had all this time! By the time an accident occurs and Cho Rim loses her lens a child starts calling her monster just because her eye is different.



bscap0387It’s time for her to leave the restaurant and Moo Gak doesn’t let her go and offers a heartfelt confession about the fact that he’s a “monster” too and Cho Rim finds out about his background and traumatic past. Losing his precious sister was the utmost pain he could feel, a pain that wasn’t surrendering and the more the police couldn’t find the perpetrator the more he couldn’t sleep, all he could do is feel pain and be frustrated. Until one day he collapsed inside the tank. That was the first time Moo Gak and Cho Rim crossed paths directly even though both of them were unconscious, but indirectly the first time they “met” was when the killer mistook Moo Gak’s sister for Cho Rim whose name was Cho Eun Seol too.

bscap0388bscap0389 bscap0390bscap0391 bscap0392bscap0393 bscap0395bscap0396bscap0394

bscap0398After a mutual and heartfelt confession about how they embraced the world of “monsters” the time had arrived for skit practice! It’s an overly hilarious scene with all these wigs and huge ears and who can forget Yoo Chun’s “cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh”?! I don’t even know how many times i went the scene backwards just to listen to it in a row! Jokes and skit practice aside, Moo Gak has to help Cho Rim because this is her last chance to prove her worth and become a proper member of the troupe. One of the most hilarious scenes in the drama so far is Moo Gak practicing his skit part inside the investigation room unaware of the fact that Yeon Mi was watching him behind the glass laughing her lungs out after not knowing what to do!

bscap0397bscap0399 bscap0401bscap0400 bscap0404bscap0402 bscap1507bscap0403bscap0405 bscap0411bscap0409 bscap0412bscap0410

bscap0406The couple that had hit Ma Ri’s car appears and they give more information about the exact time and date of the accident and that’s why her body wasn’t found on the right day according to the serial killer’s calendar. Kwon Jae Hee appears devastated in front of Ma Ri’s lifeless body, but he still doesn’t convince me that he’s utterly innocent, my personal assumptions point towards the direction that he was acting to conceal any possible future suspicion towards his face. As the investigation goes on they found a key inside Ma Ri’s stomach which belonged to her and was opening the box where her diaries were being kept, but they’re nowhere to be found. Another mystery has to be how her car appeared there since there’s no record of her car appearing on cameras even though both possible routes and directions that were leading towards that spot were being monitored.

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bscap0416Cho Rim can’t find Moo Gak anywhere since his investigations go on and the skit presentation begins. Unable to present it with her partner, she tries on her own, but the troupe’s commanding figure prevents her from proceeding. Everyone’s celebrating except for Cho Rim who drinks and drinks and drinks and if this wasn’t enough, since she’s no longer a member of the troupe, the boss doesn’t let her follow the rest of the team on their next drinking destination. She’s left all alone drinking and eventually passes out by the time Moo Gak appears and piggybacks his brokenhearted partner in crime back home since one moment you see her inside the taxi, the next one she’s sitting down the street! Her direction information isn’t that informative and he takes her at the police station to rest where Yeon Mi notices her resemblance to Choi Eun Seol, the one and only witness. Moo Gak reassures her that she’s his drunk friend, Oh Cho Rim, and Yeon Mi skips the resemblance part for the time being. Moo Gak doesn’t believe Baek Gyeong’s alibi and he could have easily traveled back from Jeju island and then return after taking care of Ma Ri’s body.

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bscap0431The next morning Cho Rim wakes up at the police station while everyone’s staring at her! She rushes out and Moo Gak follows her and now that she remembers everything and she’s sober she can explode her feelings in front of Moo Gak for betraying her trust and ruining her last chance to become a proper member of the troupe. Punching him would cause pain only to her own fist since Moo Gak doesn’t feel physical pain. “My heart is in so much pain right now, but i’m the only one hurting”, a metaphorically and literally perfect line under these circumstances depicting Cho Rim’s shattered dreams. “My life has gone down the drain because of you.” Moo Gak’s left all alone with his thoughts on the police station’s rooftop and detective Tak will deal on his own when it comes to some further investigation concerning doctor Chun.

  bscap0434 bscap0436bscap0437bscap0438   bscap0441bscap0440bscap0442bscap0443

bscap0447Moo Gak’s guilty thoughts won’t let him at ease and he visits the troupe’s chief. If he makes him laugh he will give another chance to Cho Rim to prove her worth by officer Choi’s side! Nobody believes he will make it, but all of a sudden immense laughter echoes inside the building! Goo Mak emerges victorious and later on Cho Rim appears at the police station to apologize for earlier to each and every officer! The moment arrives for the most sincere part of her apology to come to the surface, an apology forced by Moo Gak who acts tough but in his own way befriends Cho Rim anew and reflects his thoughts about practicing while he was leaving! Later that night Cho Rim decides to treat him and once again Moo Gak eats like a dinosaur and the restaurant’s owner isn’t satisfied since it’s one of those restaurants you pay a specific price and eat as much as you want! Cho Rim tries to play a prank on Moo Gak who’s talking on the phone and makes his tuna extra spicy, she didn’t know that he was watching her from the mirror and by the time he sits next to her he reverses the role of the victim and the culprit and Cho Rim falls inside her own trap with her whole mouth burning!

 bscap0445bscap0444 bscap0446bscap0449 bscap0450bscap1511bscap0451 bscap0453bscap0452  bscap0455bscap0454bscap0456bscap0457 bscap0458

bscap0459A new victim has been found and it seemingly belongs to the barcode serial killer, but it doesn’t follow the philosophy around the whole ritual surrounding the killer’s legacy. The only thing that connects the man’s body is the barcode sign on his wrist. Yeon Mi and Moo Gak realize that something’s fishy here, but detective Kang Hyeok and his minions insist that their assumptions aren’t helpful and push back the investigation. Cho Rim has noticed that the victim’s upper and lower body have different scents and Moo Gak visits the gym the victim was going to, but there’s not much information since he hadn’t appeared for a long time because he owed money to many people.


bscap1512And… Moongchi appears! He’s chef Kwon’s little dog who had ran away and he was chasing after him, until he literally fell on Cho Rim throwing her down. I’m still concerned about this very figure, did he run into her by mistake or he was waiting for her to appear? Oh well, he takes her to doctor Chun’s lair, ahem, office i mean, where he examines her and takes full x-rays, not because he wants to make sure she’s fine, but to make sure she’s really Choi Eun Seol. And her x-rays and background story are a perfect match to Choi Eun Seol from that night. Shortly after, Cho Rim follows Moongchi’s scent traces and finds him! Chef Kwon invited her at his place alongside doctor Chun for dinner to thank her for finding his dog, but Moongchi doesn’t stay still. There’s something that attracts him to the cellar’s door. When chef Kwon went to take him in his arms his stare at Cho Rim felt quite threatening. There’s something odd going on between doctor Chun and chef Kwon, to my eyes they are the two sides of the same coin.

bscap0461bscap0463bscap0464 bscap0478bscap0477 bscap0476bscap0473

bscap0470The police force sets an operation to find the possible perpetrator after they set a gym trap with fake information, but nobody appeared at the park throughout the night. During that night two hilarious things happened, the first one was Elena Vashilivnashivanova’s (wrote it by heart without checking if it’s correct or not, hope it is!) call and detective Tak and Moo Gak’s interaction concerning the detective’s niece whom Moo Gak mistook for a boy and his tries to reverse the negative climate didn’t blossom! Early in the morning detective Tak “found” a pen belonging to doctor Chun and everything points towards his direction. Yeon Mi considers the whole scenario wrong, but the chief of the police wants to close the case as soon as possible and Yeon Mi suddenly finds herself out of the investigation team. Detective Kang Hyeok’s in charge now and he thinks he caught the barcode serial killer, but Moo Gak doesn’t stand still since Cho Rim delivers more information straight from the gym.

bscap0471bscap0472 bscap0474bscap1519

bscap0481Cho Rim senses familiar scents connecting detective Tak to the personal trainer Andy, they had the same medicine and infant scent. And indeed, by the time Moo Gak arrives we find out that Andy is detective Tak’s brother and unveils the story before his very eyes. There was a fight between the two men and everything went wrong. In order to cover his brother’s traces detective Tak appeared and changed one of the victim’s clothing and made everything look like the next chapter of the barcode killer’s legacy. Placing inside the bush the pen he got from doctor Chun when he visited him earlier on his own was to make him look like the perpetrator. You can hide from the blindfold of justice, but you can’t hide from Cho Rim’s scent-seeing eye!

bscap0483bscap0484 bscap0485

bscap0487Cho Rim’s friend who has already noticed that she likes Moo Gak even though she denies it informs her that Moo Gak is at the cafe she’s working! She immediately leaves behind her troupe “friend” with a cheap death excuse even though she tries to make herself look cuter! By the time she arrives at the cafe she finds Moo Gak and Yeon Mi in a sweet tête-à-tête and the 4th episode leaves Cho Rim in a huge misunderstanding of the circumstances while Yeon Mi was more than thankful towards Moo Gak for solving the case of the fake barcode victim, rewarding him with access to essential police information!

bscap0488bscap0489 bscap0490

Thoughts: Alright, time to put my thoughts into action, right? Watching The Girl Who Sees Scents feels like a palpable romance after the first era has passed, it’s a relaxed yet passionate and humorous experience and intriguing still in its very own way. The more time passes by the more interesting and captivating it gets without pushing you to the edge of the cliff yet without preventing you from cherishing a beautiful view from a dangerous spot either! It has its own sense of mystery and throws in scenes that make you even more curious and thoughtful about what will happen eventually. The cinematography remains highly representative on the overall approach of the drama with warm vibes, closeups and angles that depict pretty well the characters’ internal world every time it gets painted on the canvas of their faces.


The storyline takes its time to unfold and it doesn’t rush anything and everything flows naturally, it’s something more than welcome dare i say! Cho Rim’s scent-seeing attribute’s visualization remains elegant without disturbing the visual harmony of the drama and i’m glad for that, it can only get even better from now on since this factor started off well. As for the chemistry between the main couple, it already shines. You have to love Se Kyung’s quirky and playful figure alongside Yoo Chun’s senseless yet utterly hilarious character, they are a strong match figure-wise as they complete one another in their daily lives with Cho Rim helping officer Choi and officer Choi completing Cho Rim’s skit duo!


The barcode serial killer has put me in a lot of thought. There’s a scenario lurking in my mind, that chef Kwon and doctor Chun are the two sides of the same coin. I may be wrong of course, but for the time being i consider them co-serial killers with chef Kwon finding the potential victims or something and doctor Chun completing the “artistic” part of their legacy. Their stare and sickening eye contact betrays a deeper secret, both when Moo Gak visited chef Kwon and found out that doctor Chun was there as well but at chef Kwon’s house too when he got Moongchi away from the cellar door and stared at Cho Rim while doctor Chun had already examined her and had found out her real identity. There’s something lurking behind that cellar door and it could be the place where the crimes reach completion before the bodies are left in the open to be found. As a doctor, Baek Gyeong deals with the practical aspect of the legacy and both of them travel a lot, even though while Baek Gyeong was supposed to be in Jeju he was stalking Cho Rim. Baek Gyeong has a more sinister stare whereas Jae Hee appears more normal on the outside world due to his publicity as a renowned chef. They could be the perfect murder duo moving in the shadows. Of course, it’s only an assumption.


I’m looking forward to the progress of Cho Rim and Moo Gak’s interactions since their chemistry already shines and i like the drama’s approach on one’s dissimilarity to common people. Because if you’re different it’s always tough and Cho Rim’s different eye doesn’t appeal on people’s eyes, that’s why she’s forced to hide it under lenses and that’s why she’s afraid to be herself openly. Because if you’re not one of the many, you’re potentially a “monster”, a modern Frankenstein facing exile from the community. I like the fact that two “monsters” crossed each other’s path completing one another in their daily lives while forging a stronger bond. It’s a connection that began a few years ago with Moo Gak losing his sister so violently when she was mistaken for Cho Rim and they were there inside the hospital in different directions. I’m looking forward to their further interactions in the future, especially when the truth will start revealing itself before their very eyes and how they’ll be able to deal with it solely but together as well. Blaming Cho Rim for his sister’s death and his own condition would be the easy way out, working things out together and healing the traumas lurking within in an ongoing process towards redemption will be the tough corridor they’ll have to walk upon and i can’t wait to treasure each and every step they’ll be making, together and solely at the same time.

He already has his own scent in front of her very eyes.


Am i the only one who’s in love with that fake eye?


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Kwon Sang Seung

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