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I’m a bit late for “Ho Goo’s love” review but for me this drama is one of the best of this year, I ought to write about it. I won’t be writing unnecessary things, I’ll just point out what made me think this drama is a “must watch”.

“Ho Goo’s love” is a story about two classmates meeting after a long time. Famous swimmer and gold metal winner Do do hee ( Uee ) and webtoon designer Kang Ho Goo ( Choi Woo Sik ). Things get complicated when Do do hee reveals she is pregnant but wants nobody to know except Kang Ho Goo. Kang Ho Goo is a naive man who haven’t dated before with warm feelings. He wants to help Do do hee since he used to be in love with her when they were at school. Their other classmate Byun Gang Chul ( Im Seul Ong ) and is now a lawyer and involved with Do Do hee, Kang Ho  Goo twin sister Kang Ho Gyeong ( Lee Soo Kyung ) is involved with Byun Kang Chool, A series of misunderstandings start for the four of them.

contains spoilers

I usually don’t like misunderstandings in dramas it reminds me of soap operas and I get angry but this drama is the only exception, it’s based on this technique and makes it in a wonderful way. In the beginning I hated that the truth wasn’t revealed for many episodes but it was on purpose and explained many things, so in the end I was happy they kept everything fo the right time.

The first misunderstanding starts when Ho Goo thinks Do do hee’s baby is Byun Kang Chul’s, the scenes are well developed and makes us think he is the father. The nice thing is that in every misunderstanding that happens in the drama the writers base an issue or a character. In the beginning when we thing Byun Kang Chool is the father we think of him as the cold lawyer who only things of his career and has no feelings. Do do hee has to face getting through pregnancy alone but Kang Ho Goo who represents the only kindness through the drama helps when she gives birth. Kang Ho Goo is very kind but he knows when he has to be more aggressive. When he goes to tell Byun Kang Chul to be responsible is the only person who defends Do do hee.

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The second huge misunderstanding the story of the drama is based to is between Byun Kang Chul, Kang Ho Goo and Kang Ho Kyeong. Kang Ho Kyeong in her school years wearing Ho Goo’s coat with his name tag and a mask covering her face meets Byun Kang Chul through some events they end up spending the day together. Is the first time the amazing student Byun Kang Chul skips school and spend the day drinking, his first rebellion with Kang Ho Kyeong who he thinks is Kang Ho Goo. Kang Ho Kyeong who is in love with him gives him a goodnight kiss and Byun Kang Chul for the first time feels his heart going deugun deugun. From that day one he is scared he might be gay that’s why he never talks to Ho Goo again only when they meet again because of Do Do Hee after many years. I have to admit I loved the main couple but this story was my favourite one. Kang Ho Kyeong being a short tempered girl not realising Byun Kang Chul doeasn’t know she was the one who kissed him that day she stays loyal to her first love even when she thinks he is gay. The bigger issue this misunderstanding brings forward is homophobia. His coworkers avoid him, his parents act like he had a big accident or something and all these because Byun Kang Chul might be gay. Byun Kang Chul doesn’t like this reality either because he is confused. The perfect son and lawyer who had everything under control even his emotions doesn’t know how he feels about men or woman. I so expected that the scene of his kiss with Kang Ho Kyeong would repeated and this time it would make him she the truth. I was waiting for this scene that finally came to the last episode and I must say it was done wonderfully. Kang Ho Kyeong is the only person who is right for not easy going Byun Kang Chul, only of course when she sawed the real self, after pretending to be someone else in the past and after she met him again as a plastic surgery wife candidate.

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We get to know about the real father during the last episodes. Do do Hee was raped and the reason we thought Byun Kang Chul was the father is because she went to find him as lawyer. In the name of fame and money Do do Hee’s agency is willing to bury her child and rape from her famous co athlete No Gyeong Woo. The top of the agency finds out about Do do hee’s child, that she has tried to hide from the media so well. Do do hee know that if they found out she is a single mother it’s the end of her career, a story we have seen in other dramas. The injustice has no end, when everything is revealed Do do hee looses the case a person who went through so much has to face people’s unfair comments and assumptions, she is a woman so she can’t e totally innocent about the rape case. But Do do hee doesn’t care she has Ho Goo by her side.

I have to admit there were many times I didn’t like Do Do hee’s actions but every time through the reveals the writers made, they would make me feel bad about my judgment. Her worries about hating her child some times because it came out of rape it’s totally understandable. Do Do hee is one of the few characters that I would allow them to cry day and night but she was so strong only some times she would break down and I would be “Yes poor baby cry you have to let it all out”.

In the last episode we see that meeting Kang Ho Goo after so many years was planned from Do Do hee when she found out she was pregnant. Through the flashbacks we get throughout the show from their school time, which I also found very entertaining cause we got to know about the characters, we realise Do Do hee’s first love was Ho Goo. She could understand his beautiful soul that’s why when she was at the worst position she tried to reach him.

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The message I think this drama sends is, that you might fight for justice but don’t get it the world can be very cruel to you but if there are people around you who love you and you depend on, you will get through it. Even when the whole world is against you, even if there is one person that can hear you sincerely then it’s fine, I think that’s the story of Do Do Hee and Kang Ho Goo.

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A happy ending is the only ending I could afford for this drama. Happy for sure but adventurous. Do do hee gets her baby back and the people that have to stay with each other, they do, only one little detail, they get chased by No Gyeong Woon’s fans, it’s Do Do Hee’s and Ho Goo’s wedding so RUN

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I had seen Choi Woo Sik in “Fated to love you” and I wondered how was this actor going to play a main lead, I guess if you are a good actor you are a good actor, he was a future ahead of him but I think he was both great in “Fated to love you” and as Ho Goo. I’m a fan of Uee and I liked her performance as Do Do Hee but somehow I felt something was lacking, still I can’t find what that was. I had never seen Im Seul Ong’s dramas, but there was nothing wrong about him as Byun Kang Chul. I first found out about Lee Soo Kyung, because of her scandal in “Ho Goo’s love” press conference and I didn’t have the best impression but her acting as a rookie actress was let me use a Korean word daebak.

This was going to be a short review but these are only half of the things I want to say about “Ho Goo’s love”

If you haven’t watched “Ho Goo’s love” you have to, if you have watched it, what’s your opinion? I give it a 8,5 / 10 with love

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    I just finished watching this drama. You wrote a great review and i agree this drama should be put on the list of drama that must be watched. I really enjoy this drama. This drama includes lots of laughter, joy, and also tears when it comes to baby Geum Dong adoption. I’m also a fan of Uee and I was watching some old of her drama that I’ve not watched yet.

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