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Episode 8 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

bscap0793Eighth episode for Heard It Through the Grapevine, but it didn’t manage to raise its stocks and eventually remain in double digits at the market of ratings. However, earning your second highest rating (9.3%) right after the first one (10.1%) is an accomplishment itself for sure and in my books it can be only positive. After all, the drama has a long way ahead and the overall combo marches on as strong as it should, capturing more drama fans as audience hostages under its captivating veil. Heard It Through the Grapevine’s fourth week was successful and the eighth episode was of high importance for the pace of the drama.

bscap0759It’s an episode dedicated to both families and, to be more precise, especially the elders of both sides respectively. All figures mature and take their personalities one step ahead through interactions that withstand a deeper meaning. We witness In Sang’s and Seo Bom’s parents’ change of heart from both sides of the fence. Attorney Han and madame Choi appear less imposing and more affable as the episode goes on, everything may be a profound communicative trick that enforces gently their domain, but there’s definitely even a slight sense of sincerity in their words and/or actions. Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma from a raging yet righteous mode become more understanding and suddenly indebted to the almighty household’s generosity due to the circumstances.

bscap0860But it’s not only about the elders and the family events, the eighth episode is also an ode to Seo Bom whose value is being recognized due to her crystal clear character and mind dynamics. She’s a secret rising force effectively shaking the foundations of attorney Han and madame Choi’s household, one step at a time. The couple surpasses the clouds of their first quarrel which possessed its own educational value for everything they share. As for In Sang, the more the episode flows the more enamored he grows by Seo Bom’s accomplishments with the outcome being apparent in their bright smiles and more playful vibes. Seo Bom is In Sang’s flame that sets alight his character, In Sang is Seo Bom’s wind that strengthens her wings and together, as they burn with love, they can set on fire and eventually enlighten the household every time darkness grows thicker.

bscap0678Madame Choi caught In Sang sleeping on the sofa, something that erupted her maternal instincts to the outskirts of heaven with her screaming voice working as the most vicious alarm clock to In Sang and Seo Bom’s ears. Madame Choi wants Seo Bom out of the house and for the first time she expresses it so openly. By the time attorney Han wakes up and enters the young couple’s room it’s more than apparent that he didn’t sleep well! He rushes downstairs and calls Ji Young Ra to find out the reason for madame Choi’s extraordinary nerve system! She’s not quite helpful, but she gives him some hints and tips that he became the victim for all this period since Seo Bom entered their household, along with the recent remembrance of their adolescent years.

bscap0679bscap0681 bscap0680   bscap0683bscap0684

bscap0685Madame Choi continues her out-of-the-house anti Seo Bom campaign and rushes things over so that she would leave immediately. Forcing the prince of the house to sleep on the sofa was unacceptable and a good excuse to unleash her rivers of tantrum thickening her heart arteries! Once In Sang supports Seo Bom the moment arrives for madame Choi to raise her hand against In Sang, something that ends with a wrist-grab on In Sang’s behalf and the heroic return of attorney Han to the foreground! Seo Bom’s sincerity doesn’t ease the tension and a triple wrist-grab emerges as soon as attorney Han gets closer, he calms down the spirits and puts an end to this awkward moment.

bscap0686bscap0687 bscap0688bscap0689 bscap0690bscap0691 bscap0692bscap0693

bscap0694Secretary Lee made a huge mistake telling madame Choi that she witnessed In Sang on the sofa or even worse, she betrayed the young couple’s company at the house personnel’s humble party. She should have kept it to herself, after all what they’re doing in their bedroom is their own business, even if they walk on the ceiling with hyper glue shoes. Yi Ji’s worried, she doesn’t like the current ambiance inside the household with both couples fighting as couples and in crossfire as well. As for the rest of the house personnel, only secretary Kim understands the pains of having to report back everything since both secretaries Lee and Kim are the right hand of madame Choi and attorney Han respectively. It’s time for attorney Han to keep up the pace by shouting at the young couple for troubling madame Choi’s… fragile world and presents himself as a bright example that never caused harm to his own parents! The rambling goes on, but the ever-hungry young master Jin Young saves the situation with the nanny being the messenger. Seo Bom leaves to feed Jin Young and In Sang would never miss this chance to run away instead of standing there in front of his father and listening to all this ongoing nerve-breaking speech!


bscap0699General Han’s left behind, as soon as he returns back to the conscious world a meeting with madame Choi is a must-happen attempt to calm her down. And he uses his strongest card at the moment, he listens to everything she has to say about the past, his mother and Ji Young Ra and then he declares his credentials of trust, respect and love towards madame Choi’s face! Her crescendo reaches a soothing climax with tears of relief and restrained satisfaction as attorney Han on his knees enthrones her once again as his queen! The danger has passed and the house personnel announce silently one another the end of the war with hand signals! Peace has arrived once again at the majestic kingdom! Rejoice!

bscap0700bscap0701 bscap0702bscap0703 bscap0704bscap0705 bscap0706

bscap0707Seo Bom’s breastfeeding Jin Young while In Sang’s taking pictures of them, he considers essential that they shouldn’t be fighting because it could be used against them at the court of high class political correctness! Seo Bom has a different opinion since the tension between attorney Han and madame Choi was unleashed upon them and it eventually reached an end, with the elders finding peace once again in their wounded bond for the time being. The nanny thinks Seo Bom is smart; Seo Bom concurs, of course! The pictures arrive at Jin Ae ahjumma’s phone and the humble family becomes happy once again, little Jin Young is a precious ray of light for them. Although  the family still doesn’t believe Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s intention to demonstrate in front of Hansong! His picket is ready; steady, go!


bscap0710Madame Choi’s still fragile and opens up the faucets of her eyes in General Han’s embrace whose every day’s each minute is a battle for him. A new day dawns for his and her majesty and everyone at the household bids farewell the almighty general. Everyone gathering up to see attorney Han off every morning is a brand new reality even to the photographic memory teacher! He’s overwhelmed at the sense of duty inside the camp, the household i mean. Attorney Han arrives at the doctor’s office to find out what’s going on with his hair loss! About the hair that were violently pulled off, it’s not quit certain whether they will grow back or not. However, pain is a major factor in attorney Han’s life and he doesn’t want to face it. A new threnody paints its canvas at the office, attorney Han’s between despair and self-conflict. As for secretaries Kim, Yang and Min, they offer an insightful dialogue when it comes to attorney Han’s past. He was raised this way so that pain never affected his body! This family keeps learning new things, at first it was how it feels to hold a baby, pain, i guess, will be the next chapter of unwelcome knowledge!

bscap0711bscap0712bscap0713bscap0714 bscap0715bscap0716 bscap0717bscap0718bscap0719

bscap0720Inside his office, attorney Han opens up his wounded chest for secretary Yang to examine his blackberry-shaped aching heart. She steadily knits a paean throughout the years ever since she met attorney Han and praises his character and accomplishments pointing out his strong points in order to help his ego come out of its hideout once again. Step by step, attorney Han’s morale comes back to normal and starts participating in secretary Yang’s comical monologue that eventually turns into an even more hilarious dialogue! Secretary Yang leaves his office successful and relieves the stress of secretaries Min & Kim. As for attorney Han, he keeps his plans flowing when it comes to chairman Jang’s and Ji Young Ra’s family’s case, always in a divide and conquer tone, dealing with each matter separately. As for the rally outside of the building? No response is the best response; bold silence! It’s one of these moments when poetry and reality suffer from lyrical hair loss.

bscap0721bscap0722 bscap0723bscap0724bscap0726bscap0727 bscap0728bscap0729

bscap0730It’s not only attorney Han who needed comfort and words of praise, it’s also madame Choi who needs to cherish the same verbal pleasures and secretary Lee’s there to praise her infinite and ageless beauty. Ever since Seo Bom entered the household she feels so old and seconds suddenly have a new meaning, a heavier one. However, secretary Lee manages to mention how much Seo Bom praised madame Choi’s beauty the first time she met madame Choi’s inner circle of hyenas! And she feels enlightened in a blink of an eye! It’s true that Seo Bom cannot lie, she’s a person raised with sincerity and integrity and madame Choi thinks of rewarding her as an act of peacemaking. A necklace pacing with her young age is the most appropriate gift for the time being and Seo Bom suddenly becomes an honest tiny savior that did justice to her overwhelming beauty! Seo Bom’s touched by this turn of events and she can’t prevent herself from smiling like a little child in front of madame Choi’s softer tone! Go Ah Sung was so cute during that scene as she was highly representative of the inner world of Seo Bom moving upwards from surprise to relief and from appreciation to restrained yet ever-expanding euphoria! Sharing her happiness with In Sang was something essential and childlike in the background!

bscap0731bscap0732 bscap0736bscap0738 bscap0739

bscap0740Attorney Han’s arranging the last parameters of one of his plans, it will be two million ₩ and Hyeong Shik ahjussi will find out the meaning of this in the near future! The demonstrators have already started gathering, but that’s not something that bothers attorney Han. Hyeong Shik ahjussi appears, but it doesn’t feel right to participate at the demonstration and eventually leaves. Attorney Han and secretary Kim notice him leaving from the CCTV, the omnipresent surgery for the hair loss comes to mind anew! Hyeong Shik ahjussi returns back home and tries to hide the truth from his wife referring to imaginary events that happened in front of the Hansong building. Instead of just passing by and eventually leaving he presents himself as a considerate lion that appeared, roared, scared the enemy, cleaned the past and returned back to its den! His face though betrays his lies and Jin Ae ahjumma is not stupid to fall for his lies, even though she pretends to dive deep inside this heroic fairytale.

bscap0741bscap0742 bscap0743 bscap0744bscap0745 bscap0746bscap0747 bscap0748bscap0749

bscap0750Things seem to flow even better for Seo Bom since attorney Han discusses with the photographic memory teacher about her college entrance exam! Jin Young’s eating like a young master should, endlessly, something that causes pain to Seo Bom! In Sang’s reaction was immediate asking from Jin Young to treat his mother better; boomerang! Seo Bom takes her son’s side asking from In Sang to talk nicely to Jin Young! Attorney Han and madame Choi ask for the photographic memory teacher’s insight to dwell deeper in the world of Seo Bom’s character! Their introduction moves spherically around the matter without looking straight in the eye of the storm, they neither praise nor undermine her. The teacher is sharp as a knife and understands what’s the real question behind the “philosophical” narrations, whether Seo Bom has the potential to become the desired daughter-in-law they want her to be or not. The teacher’s thoughts are far better than expected!

bscap0613bscap0614 bscap0615 bscap0752bscap0753

bscap0755It’s not Seo Bom they should be worried about, but In Sang! Her skills in reading comprehension, linguistics and English and many other studying subjects and aspects are pretty strong! She’s more than capable enough to pass the GED during this year and taking into consideration that she recently became a mother, it’s quite an accomplishment! Becoming part of Hansong’s careerist heaven in the future doesn’t seem too odd to the teacher’s eyes, he does justice to each and every strong characteristic of Seo Bom! Through the whole duration of the photographic memory teacher’s monologue, attorney Han’s owl eyes and madame Choi’s wide open mouth were highly representative of the unexpected surprise! Their arch stinky gentleness and peripheral approach turned into a wall they could be hitting their heads upon for hours! Madame Choi’s worried about In Sang, what would happen if he failed? In that case, could it be due to Seo Bom’s brilliant skills? Attorney Han stares at the subject from the other side of the coin. A successful and shining Seo Bom would be the most appropriate response to everyone talking behind their backs.

bscap0754  bscap0756bscap0757bscap0759bscap0760bscap0761

bscap0763In the meantime, In Sang and Seo Bom are having a cute reading conversation and you can actually see why Seo Bom’s doing better than him in the studies factor, she’s reading Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince whereas In Sang’s reading his manga! However, Seo Bom doing better than him doesn’t matter In Sang at all, he’s always proud of her and with a smile he always welcomes everything she accomplishes! But Seo Bom also offers precious advice to In Sang as she knows him really well, just in case if anything doesn’t go according to plan, he shouldn’t actually blame himself, tutoring may not work for everyone.

bscap0762bscap0764bscap0765 bscap0766bscap0768bscap0767

bscap0772Hyeong Shik ahjussi and his brother are having a discussion about Hansong. Attorney Han is an insightful man, there are enough people working at Hansong with a background that doesn’t necessarily pace with the ideals he preserves and the class he belongs to, that’s why he can handle with any possible situation. He has total control and full comprehension on current and forthcoming events through his inner work circle, an ever-expanding balance that unites the edges in a central core of power. Jin Ae ahjumma understands that something’s not well and tries to force the truth out of Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s mouth, but he comforts her with a few white lies, he doesn’t want to pass his burden unto her, even if it affects the whole family.

bscap0771bscap0770bscap0773  bscap0775bscap0774

bscap0776Seo Bom’s test time arrives at the almighty household and attorney Han will be the man in charge! In Sang’s more scared about the test than Seo Bom herself! In Sang leaves the library, well, not quite, he’s hiding in order to have a proper view of the events in the making! And it’s a powerful tête-à-tête! Attorney Han approves The Prince and stands in restrained awe in front of Seo Bom as her humble dynamics shine in an impressive way without forgetting who she is and what her beliefs are! The test will progress itself, day by day, not in the form of a test, but as some sort of a new household custom with Seo Bom reading two pages every morning. Madame Choi witnesses Seo Bom’s grandeur too and tries to make In Sang aware of his own dynamics, well, for the time being he has eyes only for Seo Bom. His overly smiling face betrays his happiness and together in utter euphoria enter the young master’s chamber for Seo Bom has to breastfeed him! Everyone’s relieved inside the household, from the almighty couple to their secretaries and it’s a long road ahead; for the glory of the family!

bscap0777bscap0778 bscap0779bscap0780 bscap0781bscap0782 bscap0783bscap0784 bscap0787bscap0788 bscap0789bscap0790 bscap0791bscap0792 bscap0793bscap0794 bscap0795bscap0796

bscap0799Hyeong Shik ahjussi pretends to be ill and well, with the blanket all over his head and body he looks like mother Theressa or something! Jin Ae ahjumma knows him much more than he expected, whenever he lies or has done something he should let her know, his consciousness won’t let him be at ease! His brother holds secretly the paper that indicates the fine he received and they’re having a whispering conversation inside his room! Once Jin Ae ahjumma breaks in, his illness takes control of the situation anew! It’s about time they talked to Seo Bom on the phone! Seo Bom lets her mother know that they had their first couple fight, something amusing in its very own way, but something through which they learned important aspects of a couple’s life. Ji Ae ahjumma’s overly enjoying this conversation, but Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s terrified by the moment he hears that they had a fight and grabs the phone! He wants Seo Bom not to be that retaliating and he lets her know that he’s thinking of making up with In Sang’s parents at some point. Seo Bom’s bright expressions are representative of the change inside the household, she simply can’t stop smiling and that’s something positive, both for her and for us simply because Go Ah Sung has a beautiful smile! In Sang has his own share inside the scene, he stands by Seo Bom’s side like a happy baby in search of answers and the time arrives for him to talk on the phone as well and reassures her parents playfully that everything’s flowing well! The GED won’t be tough at all for Seo Bom and the teacher offers his credentials towards attorney Han who gives him the signal to keep the plan going on!

bscap0800bscap0801bscap0802bscap0803 bscap0804bscap0805bscap0806bscap0807bscap0808bscap0809 bscap0810bscap0811

bscap0812It’s a different day inside the household, not only because every day’s a different day, but the dining room breathes a different air and the vibes are more than positive. In fact, all of them, In Sang’s parents, the young couple and Yi Ji look like a family for the first time and that’s relieving! In Sang’s placing some food at Seo Bom’s plate, hell yeah! But Seo Bom’s placing some food on attorney Han’s plate too, now that was something! The fellowship of youngsters, Seo Bom, In Sang and Yi Ji are overly enjoying this brand new atmosphere and they can’t hide their smiles and i can’t say that the almighty couple doesn’t enjoy this ambiance, they definitely kind of like this renewal! As for the overall house personnel, one after the other they witness the transformation in progress; and they concur silently!

bscap0814bscap0815 bscap0816bscap0813

bscap0817At Seo Bom’s humble house, even if she steadily becomes accepted by In Sang’s family, her parents can’t actually feel happy, even if they want her to be accepted all along the way. It feels like losing their own daughter and even if their communication remains warm and full of love, it’s not the same as seeing her and being with her and cherishing her progress even more as a daughter, a mother, a wife. Divide and conquer has already trespassed their minds, secretly. Seo Bom’s uncle has noticed secretary Min’s shady moves and waits for her outside of Noo Ri’s workplace. He wants her to stop having them under surveillance, but it’s not something she can do since it’s one of the missions assigned to her by attorney Han. Once Noo Ri appears their conversation reaches an end and back at the humble house a conversation on the matter takes place and the uncle makes the family aware that most probably all of them are under surveillance and the climate becomes overburdened. The two brothers remain alone at the living room and Hyeong Shik ahjussi reveals the truth that he didn’t do anything at the protest out of Hansong, but he also reveals the penalty he received, the one attorney Han was referring to earlier in the episode, two million ₩! Noo Ri’s pissed off and her mother tries to calm her down, but the more the conversation goes on the mother can’t really say anything, all she can do is agree with Noo Ri’s words and they recall the day Seo Bom revealed to them that she was pregnant.

bscap0818bscap0819 bscap0820bscap0822 bscap0823bscap0824 bscap0825

bscap0826Seo Bom’s uncle meets once again secretary Min and they recall the past since he knew her brother. Eventually she delivers attorney Han’s message, inside the folder lie the money Hyeong Shik ahjussi needs so as to pay the penalty he received. Illness and medicine, that’s right, even though secretary Min can’t really comment on attorney Han’s moves! Secretary Kim was nearby bearing witness of her actions just to make sure, now that was cruel! Shortly after, secretary Min informs attorney Han about Noo Ri who passed the first round, he intends to help her all the way through with an upcoming position and coordinates his next moves to make sure it happens.

bscap0829bscap0830 bscap0831bscap0833

bscap0834Seo Bom’s reading process goes on as scheduled. As for madame Choi, she refers to her family and considers an amount of help they should be receiving. Attorney Han informs her that everything flows according to plan by infusing the thankful attitude in their lives in the most hideous way, in their hour of need, “unconditionally”. Another round of Japanese social talking from our beloved secretaries takes place and even though Noo Ri will earn her position without actual help, it can be called “maximum effect with the minimum cost”, the Hansong way. In the meantime, Noo Ri’s happy for passing the first round and she’s waiting for the final results. Although, something just doesn’t feel right from the moment she found out that Hyeong Shik ahjussi paid his penalty with the money he received from attorney Han. Suddenly, everyone in the family feels unable to do anything on their own, they’re like puppets in the arms of the grand puppeteer attorney Han. He moves his hands, they dance to the like-minded tune, it must be one of these moments you suddenly realize your life is not your own.


bscap0842Attorney Han had entered In Sang and Seo Bom’s electronic lock study room and he can’t get out because he doesn’t know the password! An overly hilarious scene with attorney Han trying to send his SOS signals to the outside world from this prison of knowledge! In Sang and Seo Bom who are nearby don’t notice him, but the “Han In Sang!” heroic voice echos once again and he’s finally free! In Sang and Seo Bom are on their own now and In Sang wants to know the toughest moment of her life that is no other from the confession to her family about her pregnancy. It’s an overly emotional scene that lends some light on how it all started for Seo Bom and her family and the feelsphere covers the whole room. Even if rejecting the child lingered in the air as an idea, Seo Bom was already into her own baby and knew pretty much everything in detail about what was being shaped in its pretty tiny body at these early stages of the fetus’ life.

bscap0843bscap0844bscap0845bscap0846 bscap0847bscap0848bscap0849bscap0850

bscap0852The three women in the family, with tears in their eyes receive an unexpected guest, Hyeong Shik ahjussi’s explosive temperament erupts with the mother becoming the defensive barrier between Seo Bom and her father. We witness the sudden changes in their lives, the hardships to come and the collapse of life as they knew it. One of the most heartfelt scenes in Heard It Through the Grapevine so far, an ode to strength through unity forged under emotional charge and a sharp as a knife acceptance of the situation. Although the father lessens a bit the glowing pain for us, the audience, with his hit & hug reaction on Seo Bom and his tears of regret by the time he realized she would never have the chance to become at least the minister of justice, something that would have definitely happened had she not gotten pregnant!

 bscap0853bscap0851bscap0854bscap0855 bscap0857bscap0858 bscap0859

bscap0861The remembrance reaches an end with the lovely puppies Seo Bom and In Sang drowning gently in each other’s arms. As for the sleepless vampires, attorney Han and madame Choi, there’s a thought lingering all over the place, what if only Seo Bom passes the exam? That can’t happen! At this point, i really can’t say much since i pretty much expressed my overall view on the eighth episode of Heard It Through the Grapevine in the first three paragraphs of my article. But i can assume that on the forthcoming episodes In Sang’s studying time and struggles will grow since his parents would never want him to fail. I’m really curious how much this newborn paradise will last inside the almighty household, how Seo Bom’s parents will react to the Hansong occupation in their lives and how attorney Han’s plan will flow. And while waiting for the 9th episode to come to the surface, allow me to dive once again in the dreary world of Gad Dong, Lee Joon and the rest of the cast are doing a wonderful job there!


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  1. March 20, 2015 at 8:26 pm — Reply

    Thank you for the recap! I enjoy your writing style and always looking forward to your HITTG posts every week. The story doesn’t move as fast as I want it to but the drama has so many awesome moments that pay it off. So yeah I’m still on board.

    • March 21, 2015 at 1:40 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for one more time for you words, they are pretty much appreciated! 🙂 It slowed a bit its pace indeed, but yes, they do justice to many scenes! And i hope you’ll be on board up to the end 😀

  2. Michele
    March 21, 2015 at 3:37 am — Reply

    “Seo Bom is In Sang’s flame that sets alight his character, In Sang is Seo Bom’s wind that strengthens her wings and together, as they burn with love, they can set on fire and eventually enlighten the household every time darkness grows thicker.” – Seriously one of the best lines I have read regarding a couple in a long while. Simply poetic and such a rich and beautiful way to describe these teen newlyweds in this drama. I got the feeling from the start that Seo Bom (if she was going to be reunited and stay with In Sang) would be In Sang’s strength and she most certainly is and very much like her mother who appears to have that same dynamic – I really like Seo Bom’s mother!

    I have been enjoying this drama immensely due to the wonderful acting with a special emphasis on Ko Ah Sung. This young lady continues to impress me. I first saw her in Master of Study and loved her in that. But here, she is knocking it out of the ballpark for me. The closing moments of this episode were heart-wrenching. And even though I started bawling my eyes out with them, I could not help but think how remarkably placed the scene was – it the first time we get to see her family discovering the pregnancy. It was one of those moments where I felt the writers got it really really right! Capping it with In Sang and Seo Bom tightly embracing was just….waaaaaah!! I loved it. I love how with ever beat of In Sang’s heart he falls more in love with her – but I have to wonder…if his parents continue to nurture and support her will that encouragement push her away (or at best ahead) of In Sang? A lot can happen in 20+ more episodes!!

    Great recap!

    • March 21, 2015 at 1:48 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your words and thoughts!! 🙂 Indeed, mother and daughter are strong characters and the mother was of great help in Seo Bom’s pregnancy journey, Jin Ae is a great ahjumma and a righteous one on her thoughts. Everyone plays really well and even the house personnel and secretaries have their own dynamics as chars as well along with the three main couples, Seo Bom & In Sang, Jin Ae & Hyeong Shik, madame Choi and attorney Han, all of them are so distinctive. It’s the first time i see Ko Ah Sung playing and i’m totally impressed, her natural beauty and vivid acting do justice to a character like Seo Bom and i’m looking forward to other future attempts of her. The pregnancy confession scene was so powerful, it felt so real! The embrace after that scene was the cherry on the cake of feels 😀 Hope they’ll stick to the arch plan of 32 eps, but also do justice to all these eps lying ahead, i don’t want to see it chopped like My Heart Twinkle Twinkle… Thanks a lot once again! 🙂

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