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Episode 2 Review: Heard It Through the Grapevine (2015)

WE52658833_w666Heard It Through the Grapevine’s second episode had pretty much everything. Even though it’s still too early to talk about episodes that deliver pretty much everything required, the second one was successful in that. It depicts a wide variety of emotions and a spherical view of pretty much everyone’s reactions to the sudden event of birth, even to those that are not aware of what actually happened, they have already started becoming suspicious that something’s just not right. But what doesn’t seem right to most of them, whether they are aware of it or not, it’s actually precious to Seo Bom and In Sang’s eyes and most of all, to the newborn baby’s eyes that got to see this world for the first time. In big historical events we have triggering events and causes. In Heard It Through the Grapevine, as a parallel, the 1st one was the triggering event and the 2nd one is the palpable cause, enriching the first one even more. It doesn’t add that much to the arch synopsis and keeps the vibes to something pretty much everyone expected, the birch of the child and the first moves of In Sang’s parents, but also the first cracks of omnipresent ruin in once almighty household. That’s the reason i like dramas that don’t reveal a lot of things through their summary presentation, because you can’t easily predict what’s going to happen, you can make assumptions of course, but the unexpected can unfold its wings pretty much anytime, pleasantly surprising or disappointing us. It’s always about the two sides of a coin, i like the first side and i’ll be rooting for it.

18A tremendous amount of feels, but also laughter, were omnipresent through various events and/or interactions! We also got a glimpse of what will follow after hypocrisy gets off its mask and the perilous face of wealth and power reveals its real identity before Seo Bom’s eyes. Everything that seemed like a godsend gift is nothing more than the devil’s crying laughter as he dreams of conquering heaven. A heaven that is about to shatter before attorney Han’s household simply because all of his ambitions when it comes to himself, his family and his son were ruined overnight. Seo Bom’s maternity rights and happiness are about to get overshadowed by a golden veil that won’t be easy to get rid off whereas In Sang will find himself right in the middle of the storm between his beloved Seo Bom and his newborn son’s warmth and his parents’ wrath. Good thing is that his sister was the only one to be happy at Seo Bom’s arch arrival and even happier to know that everything went well with her pregnancy and her brother becoming a father. She might seem powerless because her parents, especially the father, hold the scepter of utter power inside the household, but she will probably be a ray of light when things will get awry for both Seo Bom and In Sang. A big plus is the house personnel, their arch surprise turned into restrained enthusiasm, something that proves their kind character. They don’t forget their own class because they’re working at a wealthy house, they can’t be purely honest either if they don’t want to have major problems with attorney Han and madame Choi, but i think they will be of great help towards Seo Bom in the threatening environment that already started taking shape.

19To everyone that was negative about Ah Sung before the drama even started, hands down, she’s really beautiful in her very own more casual way and her facial expressions and reactions appear so naturally it feels just perfect she’s part of the cast in such an important role. Talking about chemistry, Ah Sung and Lee Joon’s chemistry already shines, even when they were apart it was still there through Seo Bom’s letters and through Lee Joon’s attempts to finds her. It was there at Seo Bom’s house even if there was a little distance between them and it is there when they are close together and the baby made this chemistry shine even more. The reason why i’m talking about chemistry and distance is because chances are high they won’t be close to each other as much as they’d like it to, judging from the fact that In Sang’s family intends to keep her locked inside their house whereas they’ll be keeping In Sang apart from her in his new studying apartment. And that’s when their very own special chemistry has to shine the most, when they’ll be apart so as to still be together in their very own way. As for their chemistry when they’ll be close to each other, i’m not afraid of it, they look so good together and they are inseparable parts of the puzzle Heard Through the Grapevine is about to become.

bscap1430Most of the second episode’s time takes place inside attorney Han’s household and the cinematography paces perfectly well with everyone’s great mood swings, from puzzlement to fright or surprise and from angst to utter happiness and from that to fear of the unknown. And i like how different angles are being used in various scenes so as to stare at the events from many viewpoints and focuses. Director Ahn Seok’s lenses change drastically according to the feelings the scene wants to depict presenting the light factor from warmer to colder aspects. And the music factor dances like a satyr in a macabre way throughout all characters’ psyche making the thick darkness or quirky happiness more amusing!

bscap1260Of course In Sang hadn’t told the truth about his family’s background to Seo Bom, it was something that would make both of them feel quite uneasy due to discrimination factors. Her current surprise is nothing compared to secretary Seo’s surprise and all of this can’t even be compared to the surrounding and overall surprise that is about to shake the foundations of the household! The troll taxi driver gets aware of what’s about to happen and wishes them to be well! I want the same taxi driver through the whole duration of the drama for more spicy lines! In Sang’s scared to death and it’s quite funny when he loses his mind and can’t complete a full sentence! It’s like random words popping out of this mouth instantly to make perfect sense that he can’t avoid the unavoidable no matter what! The scene where In Sang and Seo Bom are waiting for everyone to make their appearance has a Disney-like vibe and the musical background strengthens even more the mysterious palace vibe!


bscap1262Steadily everyone starts suffering from the same disease as In Sang who looks like a courtier that did something wrong at the royal garden! Nobody can complete a full sentence and as soon as the truth comes out in slow pace, the change of facial expressions is drastic! The world just turned upside down! Madame Choi and attorney Han died a thousand times through the whole duration of the scene, one death for every second! Even the house personnel was left with open mouths and the kingdom is collapsing! Only In Ji is happy at Seo Bom’s presence and feels like the jester having fun in times of plague! That day was the day that many heart attacks could have happened and a vast family tragedy could have occurred! However, the baby saved the situation by deciding that it was time to come to the surface! Had In Sang and Seo Bom kept talking a thunderstorm would have erupted inside the household! And that music, that music! It’s as crazy as everyone’s reactions by the time the waters broke! When the manservant was holding the towel in front of Seo Bom i died laughing, he looked like a matador! Madame Choi nearly fainted, but survived, as for attorney Han, his nerve system is boiling!

bscap1262bscap1263 bscap1265bscap1264 bscap1267bscap1269 bscap1268bscap1279bscap1270 bscap1275bscap1284 bscap1266bscap1283 bscap1274bscap1272bscap1277bscap1273 bscap1271bscap1285 bscap1286 bscap1290bscap1287   bscap1291

bscap1293Madame Choi’s room is being used as the place where the baby will come to this world. Attorney Han wants to keep this incident as a secret and even when 911 arrives he sends back the ambulance while playing some classical music in order to prevent Seo Bom’s air raid siren screams from being heard whereas Madame Choi uses earplugs to escape reality! This is an emergency situation and the house has turned into a fortress as if they were at war! Nobody leaves, nobody enters, unless general Han says so! Even Seo Bom’s family received a text that Seo Bom’s fallen asleep by secretary Lee impersonating In Sang! Secretary Lee’s announcement that everyone should remain silent in order to maintain the security level inside the household felt like the most heroic thing i’ve heard recently with the echo effect and the steady voice, of course, i died laughing!

bscap1309bscap1296bscap1297bscap1295 bscap1303bscap1301 bscap1304bscap1305 bscap1327

bscap1311Of course, attorney Han will deal with the overall matter the way such people know, as secretly as possible and for now he considers Seo Bom’s giving birth condition as a humanitarian act and that’s why he wants his wife to treat Seo Bom as if nothing troublesome has happened, humanitarian friendly mask incoming! Chairman Jang’s daughter had told her mother that she was hanging out with In Sang and attorney Han becomes aware of that since secretary Lee holds In Sang’s mobile phone as a security measure! Madame Choi’s having a conversation on the phone with Chairman Jang, until Seo Bom’s air raid siren echos and as an excuse the high TV volume appears. Although, Chairman Jang is too foxy to eat this up and i presume she’s going to become a big problem in the future!

 bscap1313bscap1314 bscap1324bscap1325 bscap1335bscap1374bscap1337bscap1338

I want Kwon Milk & The Greatest Voyage to partake in Heard It Through the Grapevine’s OST, i think their music would pace perfectly well with the drama’s intriguing vibes!

bscap1301Seo Bom’s more prepared than anyone else for pregnancy, if she could take care of herself while giving birth at the same she would do it since she was reading how to take care of herself all this time. Through the whole duration the personnel of the house tries to take good care of her while In Sang does his best to cheer her up and does everything he can to go through this together, as a couple! He’s hilariously helpful! That “fighting” battle cry and his whole reactions and facial expression made me cry from laughter, it felt as if he was giving birth and not Seo Bom! And… its a boy! Everyone’s excited and when i say everyone, everyone! You could sense it in In Ji’s loud announcement, in the manservant who almost congratulated madame Choi and attorney Han, on secretary Lee’s slight smile, on secretary Seo’s restrained euphoria and on the housemaid’s slight bliss and helpful attitude! Everyone’s happy except for attorney Han and madame Choi who lost the world underneath their feet! And of course, agent doctors appeared, one for madame Choi and one to take care of Seo Bom’s condition and attorney Han has an ace up his sleeve, a secret paternity test will take place to make sure whether the child is In Sang’s or not.

bscap1306  bscap1318bscap1319 bscap1321bscap1322 bscap1323bscap1332  bscap1334 bscap1340bscap1341 bscap1344bscap1343 bscap1345

bscap1347Chemistry’s continuation, In Sang’s still lost, but in a different way, he’s lost in happiness by Seo Bom’s side, he doesn’t intent to leave her side no matter what, but what absorbs his interest is his son! That’s one young happy family, for now, because the difficulties in the corner are still hiding in the shadows. Seo Bom’s talking to her mother on the phone, she’s so emotionally fortified and cries tears of happiness as she unveils her thoughts, what beautiful and simplistic lines comparing the pain she felt to her mother’s pain when she brought her to life! And it’s In Sang’s turn to talk to Seo Bom’s mother on the phone who requests some pictures from the baby and them! And what a happy family they become instantly by staring at the pictures! I love this family, crying all together full of happiness for their daughter and her newborn son! Although the mother still recalls the father’s turbulent thoughts from the moment he found out Seo Bom was pregnant and slightly after they start crying all together anew! Madame Choi receives the pictures too and she weeps as if the worst thing in the world happened while attorney Han wields his imperial cane and… broke everything he found inside the room causing immense fear to birds and dogs in the city!

 bscap1348bscap1349   bscap1378 bscap1379bscap1380 bscap1381bscap1382

I’ve put my trust in these three people, they’ll be of discreet but great help!

bscap1383 bscap1384bscap1385bscap1368

bscap1389The frightening plan starts shaping up. Divide and rule. One pair at a time. Attorney Han in order to obtain so much influence must have divided quite a lot in the past in order to rule this way at the present. And he’s got a lot of relations to interrupt and divide. In Sang and Seo Bom. Seo Bom and the baby. Seo Bom and her parents. Feels like the household is going to become a prison for Seo Bom, as for In Sang, they’ll send him at the study room they arranged for this occasion. Until the paternity test’s results are out attorney Han wants madame Choi to make Seo Bom feel like home. As another part of the plan, a nanny will be hired to take care of the baby in a different room from the one Seo Bom will be staying at. That night felt like the first and the last one for the time being, a night that Seo Bom, In Sang and the baby could spend together in such a warm and blossoming environment. Unaware of his father’s plans, In Sang gets reassured that everything will flow well, i wonder how attorney Han kept his tempter and didn’t hit him with the cane, something he fiercely held after In Sang left the room! Apparently, watching Seo Bom sleeping next to the baby was the most beautiful sight of In Sang’s life up to that moment! The way he sneaks quietly inside the room in order not to wake them was so affectionate! He couldn’t stop kissing the baby before leaving, one of the most beautiful and affectionate scenes in the early stages of the drama, felt so natural!

 bscap1388bscap1387 bscap1390bscap1391 bscap1392bscap1394 bscap1393bscap1395  bscap1396bscap1397 bscap1398bscap1399  bscap1401

bscap1386Back at the office, attorney Han and his colleagues are working on a tough tax case and it appears like madame Choi managed to secretly steal attorney Yoo’s nanny! Joo Yeong who informed In Sang about Seo Bom’s location in the first place and secretary Yang have their own modest gossip moments as they share playfully assumptions about the recent events! Well, as for In Sang, it’s not going to be easy at all! This isn’t a studying room, it’s a torture device in the shape of a small apartment! Staring at the dot, then opening a book and taking a “picture” with his eyes for 14 hours a day in order to paste in his brain all the Chinese characters, wow, attorney Han didn’t want a son, he wanted a photocopier! The camera memory method, the peak of cramming education! Excuse me, this isn’t education! In Sang starts realizing what’s going to happen and studying for the legal civil exam feels like it’s going to monopolize his life.

bscap1431bscap1402bscap1403 bscap1404bscap1405 bscap1407bscap1406 bscap1408

bscap1409The nanny has arrived and uses all of her art in order to fix the perfect environment for a newborn baby. As for Seo Bom, she’s leaving behind madame Choi’s room in order to get transferred to another one, apart from her baby. The housemaid’s stare was depicting her anxiety about Seo Bom’s next era that doesn’t appear that bright. Even though the nanny would prefer the baby to get breastfed by his mother, madame Choi’s intentions pace perfectly well with her husband’s in order to separate the baby from his mother. Mrs Hong arrives at the house and madame Choi can’t send her away that easily since she’s already there. Mrs Hong presents possible ideal future wives for In Sang, but the baby’s cries break madade Choi’s sanity of the moment and tries to prevent any assumption. Seo Bom from her room becomes aware of the baby’s cries as well and while she’s on her way to the baby’s room madame Choi prevents her from wandering around in the corridors. Seo Bom just wants to be with her baby, it’s the most natural thing in the world, damn, this feels like house arrest and infant kidnapping! Now that’s an attorney’s house filled with justice! Seo Bom keeps on wondering whether they’re trying to punish her or not and politely insists on wanting to be with her baby despite madame Choi’s attempts to ease her worries. Well, she tried really hard to keep the kind mask on, that’s enough with Seo Bom talking back at her! Madame Choi explodes and her real face comes to the surface as she erupts screaming, making secretary Seo shut her mouth! Secretary Seo, please, do me a favor, kidnap madame Choi and hide her in a hideaway deep in the mountains.

bscap1410  bscap1412bscap1411   bscap1415bscap1414 bscap1416bscap1417  bscap1419  bscap1421bscap1423  bscap1427bscap1424bscap1371bscap1428

bscap1373Alright, i’m already rubbing my hands with content and i’m eagerly waiting for the next Monday to arrive! The fingers are crossed, the mood at its finest and the hopes, even if it’s still too early, have touched the blue horizon.  Heard It Through the Grapevine remains in the second position of the Monday-Tuesday drama race, but with higher ratings this time, 8.1%. It’s almost 1 unit higher than the debut episode’s 7.2%, but it’s really positive that it earned more trust in the airing audience. As for the forthcoming episode, the preview perplexes the things a bit more for attorney Han’s family! Divide and conquer isn’t that easy simply because Seo Bom’s family loves her and since Hyeong Shik ahjussi and Jin Ae ahjumma became grandparents they’d love to see their daughter and their grandchild, henceforth a visit to In Sang’s household is on the horizon! As for In Sang, he’s on a house arrest situation too at the studying torture room, but he finds a way to escape in order to be close to the woman he loves and his beloved son. Hide and seek in attorney Han and madame Choi’s fortress is about to take place! They say patience is a virtue, when it comes to dramas it’s a curse, so please, be Monday tomorrow!


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    Thanks for the great review.

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  3. February 26, 2015 at 7:14 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the lovely recap. I’m happy you got the same impression with me about the drama. Really love the first two episodes LOL so many hilarious situations. Can’t wait for Monday!

    • February 26, 2015 at 7:44 pm — Reply

      You’re very welcome! Indeed, both eps turned out better than expected and yush, laughed so hard in many parts of the second episode, especially at times when you least expect it! Sudden surprises always have a greater laughing impact and it feels like this drama will have lots of them 😀 Mondays are all about rumors and grapevines and we’re eavesdropping 😛

  4. February 28, 2015 at 9:10 pm — Reply

    Thanks for the recap!
    Love your photocopier lie. It’s so true – that’s not learning!!

    These people are so done. I can’t wait to see the fall out for the Dad as his fortress gets torn down from inside as well as outside forces. He has no idea that his staff is laughing at him, in japanese, of course. And, as far as the tax attorney whose nanny he stole, that is going to come back and bite him, for sure.

    • March 1, 2015 at 5:36 am — Reply

      It is I who is thankful for your words 🙂
      I can’t wait myself for their ruin, especially for the father, he is like a Joseon high official living at the present. And the mother too. Yeah, loved the Japanese part of the discussion, even though the older one didn’t let the younger one search for Seo Bom in the first place. Everything will return back at them, because everyone will hear it through the grapevine. My hopes are really high about this drama, i just wish it won’t turn into a complete makjang and it will keep the distinctive black humor aura it holds so far in its first two eps.

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