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Episode 8 Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

bscap0242As i stated in my previous review/recap, the 7th episode announced the end of Kill Me, Heal Me’s first circle. As it was reaching its end, Ri Jin’s presence at Do Hyun’s house instead of flying to the US started showing shyly the direction of the drama’s second and major circle upon which the most important aspects of the storyline will unfold. So far we managed to receive enough information around every main or supporting figure in Kill Me, Heal Me. Many of the past’s secrets become steadily more coherent and the pieces of the puzzle start complimenting to one another in various spaces of the main canvas. Side stories that relate to one another will eventually leave behind the shadows to find themselves in the presence of light. Interactions, interactions, interactions. It’s all about action and reaction and the main heart of Kill Me, Heal Me is the truth. Everyone’s on a quest for truth, others seeking for it, others trying to hide it and even fewer find themselves somewhere in the middle, trying to hide the truth while they’re on a search for their own portions of it. The pathways that have been chosen by every group or individual partaking in this fiercely civilized bloodshed are quite different and the person and/or reason of interest change depending on everyone’s background, ambitions and point of view. Up to recently the main interest was surrounding Do Hyun, from a moment and on Do Hyun and Ri On/Omega will share the same amount of interest and the interaction between them will be quite interesting. The 8th episode is a transitional step in the course of Kill Me, Heal Me, introducing to the audience the contours of the drama’s future course.


bscap0154At Do Hyun’s house the crab-grab goes on and the only one that doesn’t seem to enjoy it is Do Hyun himself and manages to free his hand! There’s a phrase that echos throughout the episode, “Cha Do Hyun imnida”! Trying to prove that you are yourself when in fact there are 7 people living inside your body while you start reacting like someone else isn’t easy! And Ahn Gook and Ri Jin mistake Do Hyun’s disarming movement and overall reactions to Se Gi’s evildoing! And the more he gets cornered by Ahn Gook and Ri Jin’s thoughts and assumptions the more he gets angered and for one more time has to prove that he’s an anchovy and not a tuna!


bscap0009Ri Jin has to study hard Do Hyun’s background when it comes to his various personalities in order to find out how to react when Do Hyun finds himself in internal slumber and someone else of the other six takes charge of the overall situation! So, he brought the records from doctor Ho Pil, the records from other psychiatrists and his personal daily diaries that sum up his personal experience when it comes to his condition for the past eleven years! Studying to get your university degree would require less studying! And Ri Jin doesn’t seem quite pleased with all this reading effort that lies ahead! But this is only the beginning. She should have read the contract before agreeing to become Do Hyun’s secret physician! Of course, she will be by his side 24/7 and she’ll be staying with Do Hyun at his apartment! She has to be always ready to face any other personality! Perry Park and Se Gi live in the wild side of life, they like to drink at night, Yo Sub probably will attempt to commit suicide and… Ri Jin will have to take care of everyone of them! Questions, questions! But none of the answers please Ri Jin, one after the other the contract’s demands come to the surface and her multifaceted role as a secret physician seems like a torture. And she hasn’t even started yet! Ahn Gook explains everything to Ri Jin and right before leaving he refers to Do Hyun’s slight changes when it comes to his character. He’s gotten quite close to Ri Jin and his reactions so far are clues that he’s seeing her as someone he can open his heart to. It’s the first time he feels like trusting someone else except for Ahn Gook and Ho Pil whereas at the same time he notices Do Hyun’s struggle between letting himself free to get close to her and the fact that he wants to keep a safe distance from her, like he always did with people. Losing her is not an option according to Ahn Gook and right after he leaves Ri Jin tries to escape, but the long arm of Do Hyun’s law prevents her from leaving behind her prison on earth! A contract is a contract and since they shook hands there’s no turning back. In the end, Do Hyun was willing to let her go to the US no matter how much he needed her, but she was the one to change her mind. Of course, the money in her bank account are a good reason to stay! And if she wants to leave, more money will come her way! And if she still insists on leaving… triple the price, launch the excitement to insuperable heights! And once he starts treating her light cramp she gets acclimated in her new environment. It is just the beginning and their interaction was complimented by Ri Jin’s brilliantly exaggerating facial expressions and Do Hyun’s playful certainty!

bscap0007bscap0008bscap0010bscap0013bscap0012bscap0014bscap0015 bscap0017bscap0018 bscap0020bscap0021 bscap0024bscap0023bscap0026bscap0027 bscap0028bscap0029 bscap0030

bscap0032The underground war in the shadows keeps raging on. In one hand lies Tae Im. Whether she knows or not about Do Hyun’s condition is of no importance, one thing is for certain, she’s aware that something’s not right. Ahn Gook is the right person by Do Hyun’s side and he’s proven his worth throughout the years. He’s got two missions at the moment, to search Ri Jin’s background and reject the helping hand the enemy side might offer in the near future. And i’m quite curious what kind of a seemingly friendly attempt that will be! On the other hand, Ki Joon tries to unearth some answers from Ho Pil and even tried to put words in his mouth. He’s pretty much aware that Do Hyun behaves differently and exhales a different aura from time to time. Although Ho Pil had only one intention. Keeping Do Hyun’s secret in the shadows is the only way for him and the discussion didn’t help Ki Joon. One after the other, his attempts fail to find palpable evidence that will arm his perfect weapon against Do Hyun. On top of that, Tae Im’s plans on Do Hyun’s marriage march forward and Chae Yeon isn’t helpful. Her behavior in front of Ji Sun and Do Hyun seems to have created a scandal in Ji Sung Group’s corridors and once people start talking it’s not easy to shut their mouths.


bscap0035Ki Joon demands from Chae Yeon to make things right, his reputation has to remain clean at all costs in order to purchase his ambition. The rumor says that she was acting like a dog chasing around a chicken because she couldn’t stand Do Hyun getting married to another woman. Although Chae Yeon insists that she did it for Ji Sun, yeah, sure, we believed you. You just wanted to win back the impressions and regain your territory after Do Hyun decided to leave his past behind at the cafe. Ki Joon thinks he has the upper hand and thinks he can insult Chae Yeon if his temper allows it, well, it wasn’t the best proposal one could present to his future wife and his reply made things even worse, “Should i sing you a song? Call for a choir? Set off some fireworks?” Just be affectionate and sincere, moron. This is what happens when a relationship is based on wealth, power and ambition, but that doesn’t mean that they will get engaged before the shareholders’ meeting. Chae Yeon’s having the upper hand and Ki Joon needs this marriage in order to accomplish his plan, but she’s not an object to do everything he wants to. Now choke on your own saliva, Ki Joon.

bscap0036bscap0037bscap0038  bscap0040  bscap0043bscap0042 bscap0046bscap0045

bscap0047Do Hyun’s using his projector to inform Ri Jin about his other personalities to a wider extent. Nana appeared recently, so he can’t be really helpful to Ri Jin towards that personality and i presume she appeared ever since he (re)met Ri Jin. As for Yo Na, we’ll find out later about her! Young Pyo and Tae Im are the most fearful persons in Do Hyun’s life and Ri Jin working for him as an undercover secretary must protect him from them in case some symptoms start appearing at their presence. Ri Jin’s positive and bright reactions to the overall learning process don’t help him, he’s losing himself as he stares at her and the room’s climate becomes beautifully awkward! He recalls his arch plan through Ahn Gook’s words and returns to reality, his reality. The discussion moves over to Chae Yeon and Ri Jin’s assumptions make Do Hyun feel uneasy.

bscap0049bscap0048  bscap0051bscap0050

bscap0052If this wasn’t enough for him, Chae Yeon’s presence shortly after fills the cup. He doesn’t intend to let her in and they’re having an outdoors discussion. Of course, Ri Jin’s eavesdropping! By the time she hears her name her facial expression is priceless! She can’t actually comprehend what’s going on as Chae Yeon nearly presents Do Hyun as a major player messing around with her, Ri Jin and Ji Sun! And since Do Hyun can’t get rid of Chae Yeon in the middle of the night he uses his secret weapon, Ri Jin! It’s in the contract! He calls her out and even though she doesn’t want to appear eventually she finds herself in the middle of this awkward situation. As a response to Do Hyun’s move to bring Ri Jin to the foreground a hyper slap shakes his face! Her hand covered a wide area and Ri Jin had to maneuver in order to avoid it, i guess Chae Yeon wanted to achieve a double combo, one slap two faces! Although i have to admit that even if i’m not sure whether Chae Yeon truly likes Do Hyun or it’s because of her hurt ego or somewhere in between, i can’t help it but feel for her every time her eyes get wet! She lacks the good timing factor, she always meets Do Hyun in the wrong place at the wrong time and instead of at least feeding her ego she looks indeed like a dog chasing around a chicken! Something that will make her explode even more in the future. And thus the studying reached an end in the most possible uncomfortable way for the time being.

bscap0054  bscap0056bscap0055 bscap0057bscap0059 bscap0061bscap0060  bscap0062bscap0058 bscap0063bscap0065 bscap0064

bscap0066The Oh-some parents are worrying about their precious daughter Ri Jin! Although Ri On doesn’t seem to be sharing the same passionate sadness with them and manages to finish off not only his own meal, but his father’s as well! However, inside his room a revival of the past takes place and palpable proof that they didn’t know each other as brother and sister in the first place comes to the surface. The scene with the little Ri Jin and Ri On kiddos fighting was so cute! Everyone of us had at least one love-hate moment like this and the kiddos were highly representative of that moment! And then a high school scene appears with Ri Jin having already taken the upper hand due to her evolving hysteric and gently bullying self while Ri On was the famous guy of the school every girl wanted by her side! But once Ri Jin sees her note-pursuing crush approaching she forgets about her powerful side and becomes an all lovey dovey winking and blinking and lip-pursing hilarious cutie! Shortly after at the library Ri On unfolds his ever-expanding caring self towards Ri Jin and protects her from the abhorrent sight of her crush kissing another girl! You have to love their special relationship! Although, Ri On’s feelings towards Ri Jin feel different, nostalgic still, but always beholding a deeper emotional tone.  And that’s the moment when mommy Oh breaks into his room and thinks he’s watching porn! No one messes with a South Korean ahjumma and she easily disarms him from his laptop to find out that he was watching pictures from the past as Ri On notes that he really misses his little sister! Daddy Oh’s excitement to the nudity posters is immense, but mommy Oh’s disarming skills take charge of the overall situation and deprive him of the pleasure of the moment! She’s worried about Ri On’s feelings since she started suspecting various parameters when it comes to the past and the way they evolve at the present. Daddy Oh tries to cleanse her shadows away, even though he’s already noticed something as well.

bscap0067  bscap0068bscap0069 bscap0070bscap0071 bscap0072 bscap0073 bscap0074bscap0075 bscap0076bscap0079 bscap0080 bscap0081bscap0082 bscap0083bscap0084 bscap0085bscap0086 bscap0087bscap0091bscap0089bscap0090  bscap0094bscap0092 bscap0093  bscap0095bscap0098 bscap0100bscap0101

bscap0102Ahn Gook and Do Hyun are having a discussion about the recitation event of Omega’s audience and they talk about the rumor that he looks like a celebrity. Ri Jin can’t help it but throw unto Do Hyun’s face the coffee that was meant to head towards her stomach! On top of that, she has to escort Do Hyun at the event, but she can’t because Omega is… Ri On! But it’s in the contract and she can’t do otherwise since she has to take care of Do Hyun in case another personality appears in the crowd! Later on, a discussion i wasn’t expecting takes place. Hwa Ran is aware that Ahn Gook visits Tae Im often lately. To be honest, i never thought of that aspect so far, the one that Ahn Gook isn’t that innocent towards Do Hyun and he could be working for Tae Im. I mean, she’s the one that chose him for the position to be by Do Hyun’s side, but so far i thought his intentions were honest and they probably are! Yet, from now on i will keep a closer eye on him and Hwa Ran will do the same. Stabbing Do Hyun in the back is not an option since her reaction towards Ahn Gook’s face won’t be pleasing. At the same time, Ri On spends some time with Rin while mommy Oh can’t hide her concerns about Ri On’s emotional factor towards Ri Jin. The editor calls Ri On and informs him about the rescheduled recitation event.

bscap0105bscap0103 bscap0104bscap0108  bscap0107  bscap0109 bscap0110bscap0112 bscap0113  bscap0116bscap0115 bscap0117 bscap0118bscap0120

bscap0121The overall ambiance at the recitation event is pompous and horrifying to pace with Omega’s imaginary worlds in his books! Do Hyun’s enjoying himself, as for Ri Jin, she’s hiding her face with a foulard and on top of that, her sunglasses decorate even more the overall mystery! Not a wise decision since she’s at shady Omega’s recitation event, but it serves its purpose well once Ri On appears! He notices his great buddy, Perry Park and Do Hyun stays with Ri On for Ri Jin to escape! Another great hint of Ji Sung’s grandiose acting. We’ve already witnessed him successfully impersonating Do Hyun while being Se Gi, yet being convincing as Do Hyun while keeping his distinctive personality as Se Gi! This time, he tries to impersonate Perry Park while being Do Hyun in front of Ri On, but since Do Hyun is pure and inhibited as a personality he tries to look as Perry while failing playfully at it! Well done, Ji Sung, for one more time! Ri Jin’s watching from a safe distance as Ri On and Do Hyun end up having a discussion at a nearby cafe. The discussion of Omega moves towards one of his scripts, The Child in the Basement. At this point, continuous information from the novel that resembles part of Do Hyun’s childhood traumas and fears trigger a chain reaction of the physical discomfort Do Hyun usually feels whenever another personality is about to come to the surface. Ri On goes to bring him some water and at this point Ri Jin appears and “kidnaps” Do Hyun before things get uneasy for everyone, especially for Do Hyun. As they were leaving Ri On notices Ri Jin, but he’s left behind with a question, why Ri Jin’s here and not at the US?

bscap0122bscap0123 bscap0124bscap0127bscap0129bscap0130 bscap0131  bscap0133bscap0132 bscap0136bscap0137 bscap0138bscap0139 bscap0141bscap0142 bscap0143bscap0144 bscap0146  bscap0148bscap0147 bscap0149bscap0150

bscap0151Inside the car, Do Hyun’s not feeling well and Ri Jin tries to keep him conscious while driving him back home in a secure environment. He loses consciousness and once he wakes up… boom! Ri Jin found her master! Or should i call her the venomous sasaeng mistress and relentless oppa-sarang torture device? Yes, Yo Na’s here babe and she’s about to deliver a new meaning to the world of fangirls! The way she fixes her hair before introducing herself is priceless! Ri Jin simply can’t talk back at her, she’s at loss for words and her facial expressions are representative of her inability to comprehend what’s going on! The way Ji Sung plays Yo Na is one of a kind, he’s got the stare and the voice, but also the facial expressions to support such a demanding and challenging role! And his lines are spot on! Εspecially when Yo Na tells Ri Jin that she’s loud loud loud loud loud loud and how sexah she finds her tongue! Ri Jin’s clip on Yo Na’s hair is the ultimate crown for this oppa-loving winku pinku delirious maelstrom named Yo Na! And that goddamn pimple! How could it ruin her pretty face?! What would oppa say?!

bscap0152bscap0154 bscap0156bscap0161 bscap0162bscap0163  bscap0167bscap0165 bscap0171bscap0169  bscap0172bscap0170 kmhm_photo150130113952imbcdrama0 bscap0174bscap0173    bscap0177bscap0178



kmhm_photo150130115251imbcdrama2Ri Jin’s pretty much aware that she can’t lose Yo Na from her sight, for one second she closes her eyes and Yo Na’s mission has already began! She’s the ultimate fear of kpop boybands and the worst nightmare of the dreary world of sasaengs simply because they are no match for her! It doesn’t matter if she’s a flower puff boy-looking princess, she knows what she wants and she knows how to get it! Whether she walks, jumps or runs, she’s airy like an airborne butterfly on a constant mission to o(ppa)ccupy the world of her beloved idols! Yo Na’s being chased by Ri Jin and the way Ji Sung utters “oppa” in a honey-dripping nearly whisper-asphyxiating power-pleasure way is disarming and breathtaking, i thought my face would break to pieces from laughter! Back off, Sailor Moon, oppa-land has a new dictator and Rocking are about to sense it in the first place!


From The Old Garden.

bscap0157bscap0158 bscap0159

Because i love Oppa!


That’s my boy!


cr: http://bntnews.co.uk/

bscap0182Who cares if tens of groups of fangirls are blocking your way when you’re Yo Na’s wargasmic personification of fandom’s most heartcore selected unit? She easily makes her way through the crowd amidst soaring “oppa” screams and finds herself at the front line of the battlefield! The announcer presenting Rocking is aware that many male fans enjoy their music due to their harsher edge and misinterprets Yo Na for a boy, nobody blames her since she’s not aware of Yo Na’s background story and she can’t see her imaginary pink clothes! Her oppa course almost reaches completion as she marches towards the stage until a villainous figure throws her shoe at her! The oppa-sheriff Ri Jin is here and she doesn’t intend to let Yo Na loose any longer! The band’s amusingly terrified and Ri Jin grabs Yo Na and takes her away until… Yo Na fights back and grabs her hair inside the girly fight pit that has opened among the fans! A girly fight requires two to be a proper one and Ri Jin replies back to the hair-grab! The fight is immense and everyone’s taking a video of the hilarious moment with the fans thinking that a man’s hitting a woman where in fact it’s a battle for survival in a woman’s vicious world! Ri Jin tries to calm down the crowd in order to protect Do Hyun’s status as Yo Na manages to escape and she’s so ecstatic about it, so ecstatic that she can’t see the pole in front of her and… headshot, you huff been tuh-mih-nated (Ah-nold Schwarzenegger accent)!



Please, help us!


Oppa! OPPA! Oppa! OPPA! Oppa!

bscap0186bscap0187 bscap0188bscap0190

Oppa looked at me, are you jelly biatch?

bscap0191 bscap0192bscap0193 bscap0194bscap0195

Saranghanda, Oppa!


Please accept my kimchi, Oppa!


“Now we can take our precious back!” Oppa!

kmhm_photo150130133231imbcdrama2  bscap0199bscap0201bscap0202

“They stole it from us!” Oppa!

kmhm_photo150130135842imbcdrama3 bscap0203bscap0204 bscap0205bscap0206 bscap0207bscap0208

~~I’ll be back, Oppa!~~


bscap0210Do Hyun wakes up at the train station and he feels lost, just like every time he comes back to the surface after a turbulent event under another personality’s control! Once he notices the clip on his hair he becomes aware that something embarrassing must have happened! We’ve seen couple shoes, couple bracelets, a little bit of couple everything, but couple nosebleed stoppers is something medically romantic and takes the interaction to a whole new level! As for Yo Na, Yo Sub’s twin, she comes to the surface in moments of extreme suffering but in a situation that needs to move quietly along. The way i conceive it, Yo Na appears whenever the traumatic past tries to emerge from the shadows and Ri On’s words beheld a violent and continuous approach that was causing disharmony to Do Hyun. Had this discussion kept on going on it could have devastated Do Hyun and Yo Na appeared at the right time, to keep the past underneath the veil of sleep and let the overall distressing scene move on quietly. She absorbs the immense stress and launches it into a brand new universe of hyper-energetic reactions, the exact opposite of her twin, Yo Sub, who always finds a means to an end under extreme stress and devouring circumstances. There’s a whole philosophy behind the characters and i highly enjoy the way the two edges, Yo Sub and Yo Na, were depicted, both in terms of presentation but also as extreme brightness or darkness, but in the end incomplete since they are the ying and the yang separated from their unified golden balance. Or is it just me thinking too much about this drama? Nonetheless, i love Kill Me, Heal Me. Do Hyun is apologetic once again towards Ri Jin who’s willing to help him and tries to define the answers behind the questions of what could have caused the extreme suffering. Could it be something Ri On said? Could it be related to Chae Yeon? No answers come forward, Do Hyun’s still in shock, but Ri Jin understands that it’s not the first time he doesn’t want to answer her questions. It’s not out of curiosity, she forces him gently to proceed forward since she implies that he doesn’t want her as a friend and she will just become rich out of this story. And her key card comes to the surface, she tells him that she will ask Se Gi who’s always aware of what’s going on with the other personalities when they awaken from slumber, because Se Gi talks to her, but he shouldn’t be trusted anyway because he can say whatever he wants to! A mind-awakening moment that “pushes” Do Hyun to go out for a drink with her as her drinking buddy, something he doesn’t approve because he doesn’t like drinking buddies or buddies in general and Ri Jin points it out. Do Hyun tries to hide his need for a friend in the form of some sort of psychiatric consultations and Ri Jin’s all in for the adventure!

bscap0212bscap0213  bscap0215bscap0214 bscap0216bscap0217 bscap0218

bscap0219Even though he shouldn’t bedrinking, he devours in a few seconds a big glass of beer! Gun bae! And his tongue starts running steadily faster and faster like an eel flowing with a current! He opens up his heart to Ri Jin about Chae Yeon who was his first love and how he got over her, although Ri Jin’s pretty much aware that moving on from your first love isn’t easy. She receives back one of the greatest confessions made so far in Kill Me, Heal Me. It’s a sentimental plea for days long lost when he could feel, when everything was pure and he could let all these feelings send shivers down his spine without being afraid of hurting his loved ones and eventually keeping a safe distance from them in order not to put them in danger. It wasn’t probably pure love towards Chae Yeon’s face, it was the longing and the purity of the remembrance of loving someone just like when he was able to do so; and Chae Yeon was the closest one to that feelings, even like a faded memory. And the way he utters his thoughts staring at the open void in front of him with nearly wet eyes without looking back at Ri Jin adorns his sincere and fragile self even more.

bscap0220  bscap0222bscap0221

bscap0226She didn’t have to ask a question, Do Hyun managed to speak on his own, the urge to talk openly to someone overwhelmed him and it feels like it was the first time for him. Ri Jin didn’t consider it as a consultation, but as a personal discussion. Auditory Hallucination starts playing on the background and it indicates that something heartfelt is about to happen, this song never fails to precede a scene adorned with the most intense colors and here it comes.

“Remember this. January 29, 2015. 10 PM first consultation time.”

“January 7, 2015 at 10 PM on the dot, the time i fell for you.”


bscap0227It’s something that evokes Se Gi memories to Ri Jin and she wonders whether the man standing next to her is Se Gi or not. “Cha Do Hyun imnida!” for one more time! Once Do Hyun asks Ri Jin if she’s secretly hoping for Se Gi to appear he gets back a paid answer! Are you jealous, Do Hyun? No matter how hard you try to hide it, you’re jealous of one of your other selves! And that’s how a heartfelt conversation turns into something playfully cute and shy at the same time! They’re going out for a walk and for Perry Park’s bombs’ sake i was sure i had seen that wicked gigantic snowman before! And yes, thanks a lot Know Kwon for recapping Mr. Back, he was there on the 15th episode too and i’ll say the same thing i said back then, for some weird reason that snowman reminds me of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the Ghostbusters whereas Tae Im’s husband, the unforgiving ahjussi on the portrait looks like Vigo from Ghostbusters II!

bscap0228bscap0229 bscap0230bscap0231

From Mr. Back.bscap0234bscap0235

bscap0236Do Hyun wonders why Ri Jin stayed by his side and never went to the US. Do Hyun’s assumptions are wrong, it’s neither because she feels pity for him nor because she wants to meet Se Gi. Once again he gets questioned about his low confidence about himself! And the reason she stayed behind was because of Yo Sub’s enigmatic yet so crystal clear personality. His “Kill Me” message, even though Yo Sub himself would never ask for help, was indeed a plea for help, a violent yet releasing one. But it’s also because of Do Hyun himself that she stayed by his side. The overall parallelism with the castle, the monster and the ball that once it got captured it should never be returned back was the part that triggered Ri Jin’s caring field the most. Simply because he didn’t intend to give back the ball, it was Do Hyun’s secret plea for help. And even though it may be a bit tiring, she’s not afraid anymore having to face any personality that comes to the surface.

“I want to be close with all of them.
And comfort them.
I have things to say to them as well.
From now on, rather than “Kill me” ask “Heal me”.
Even if that happens, you guys will not die.
You guys will be still alive in here.
But you guys are no longer scattered pieces,
but like connected puzzles, you will become a cooler picture.
With the name of Cha Do Hyun, you guys will become a cooler person.”

bscap0237A beautifully humane “diagnosis” from Ri Jin profoundly with each personality being just another piece as all of them together consist of Do Hyun, the man he is and the boy he used to be at the time he was forming these personalities for every traumatic event he wanted to leave behind once and for all. He holds her pointing finger in the palm of his bscap0238hand and there’s no time to hold back. Here it is, a straight forward kiss from the feelsphere, piss off atmosphere, we’re breathing feels now! Ri Jin’s surprised and eventually greeting eyes and Do Hyun’s clean stare pace perfectly together! Two pairs of eyes bound to stare at each other’s infinity! “Cha Do Hyun imnida!”, i might as well make it a graffiti if i get a spray! But if the cops get me what will i say? Kill Me, Heal Me made me do it? I’m innocent? Don’t you have a heart beating underneath your chest? Don’t you watch South Korean dramas?! And the way he gently brings her closer to him by putting his hand around her waist! Ri Jin, you are an eolppa (a person who falls in love with someone who is good looking) and a geumsappa (a person who falls in love right away), so just accept the forthcoming kiss in your own beautiful way! Do Hyun stands still for a while, Se Gi’s words echo, “keep this in mind, if you mess with my woman, your woman will be in danger”. You felt it Se Gi, right? Do Hyun’s lips entwined once again with Ri Jin’s! You sensed the mutual affection of the moment! I guess you’re boiling at the water behind the eye’s porthole! Chae Yeon will be fine, as for Ri Jin things are about to get complicated and quite dangerous once Se Gi emerges from his martyrdom, but at this very moment Do Hyun for the first time he stands strong above Se Gi and unveils his emotions.

bscap0240bscap0241 bscap0242 bscap0243 bscap0244bscap0246 bscap0248bscap0247 bscap0249 bscap0252bscap0250 bscap0251

No, you are Oppa!

bscap0181 bscap0254bscap0253 bscap0256bscap0257 bscap0258bscap0259

bscap0004You have to deeply love the symbolism of the 8th episode’s very ending after Se Gi’s words echoed and Do Hyun put his fear aside and let himself get close to someone. Not because he wanted to revive the times when he could actually feel, but because he could love for the first time without fear, but with passion and affection, setting aside all of his shadows and protection valves for people close to him. The portal-resembling frame can be interpreted as a mirror, the two similar figures can be translated as Se Gi and Do Hyun in their power struggle for the body’s utter control. On the right side of the mirror where one of the figure stands still are Do Hyun and Ri Jin kissing each other, you can consider that figure as Do Hyun. The other similar figure on the left is Se Gi, watching from behind the mirror and enraged as he is, he organizes his next step against Do Hyun, something essential to him. Who will be his target? Do Hyun’s woman who is none other but Ri Jin, Se Gi’s first love? Or could it be Do Hyun in a violent suicidal frenzy as a punishment to Do Hyun and the other personalities? Something like, if Se Gi can’t have Ri Jin then Do Hyun can’t have her either in a suicide attempt of definite and absolute revenge as opposed to Yo Sub’s releasing view to suicide. Or Chae Yeon could really become his target as a diversion? The second circle of Kill Me, Heal Me has began, but we have yet to find out where it will lead us. Embracing the forthcoming episodes with even greater applause and longing is an axiom by now, had Kill Me, Heal Me been a part of the vast world of mathematics it would be valid anyway. As for my adoration towards this drama, it’s as abstract as love itself!



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