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Episode 7 Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

bscap0046Knock knock! Who’s there? Know Kwon in zombie mode! You sit for an exam, you can’t be sure whether you passed it or not and you’re waiting for the grades to come out. However, the vibes feel positive and you’re hopeful for the final outcome to a bright extent dare i say. Because you offered the best of yourself at that point. The best way to reward yourself is to sit back and relax, but wait, there’s something even better. You missed Wednesday’s 7th episode of Kill Me, Heal Me because you were studying and Thursday’s a relaxing day anyway, you can’t jump automatically right after the first exam unto the next one’s knowledge.  But that’s not the case here, Kill Me, Heal Me’s 7th episode has just reached its end and i feel rejuvenated. Rejoice, feel hunters, because the ocean of feels deepens even more with just another great episode! Kill Me, Heal Me is on a greatness spree and it doesn’t intend to surrender.

bscap0006The hunt for Omega’s real identity has already began and Do Hyun has sent secretary Ahn to search all the possible places where Omega could visit. A bookstore feels perfect and here comes Oh Ri On who starts praising Omega whose looks are rumored to reach the level of Won Bin! On his way back to Seung Jin Group, secretary Ahn tries to bscap0007arrange a meeting with Omega via his editor, it’s won’t be easy at all since Omega is an undercover shadow writer, nevertheless Ahn Gook has nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Two unpleasant surprises await him, the first one is Tae Im who wants to talk to him about Do Hyun and the second one succeeds the first one right away. Do Hyun’s leaving the company and he doesn’t look like himself at all, he looks rather lost and Ahn Gook notices it, but he can’t do anything to escape Tae Im’s claws. Do Hyun’s on his own; Ahn Gook too!


bscap0178Do Hyun has fallen in deep slumber and Yo Sub has taken control of his body and that’s the part where the 7th episode catches up with the end of its predecessor. Ri Jin has one hour to find him until he embraces the everlasting sky as his deathbed. Yo Sub has enough time to decorate his own dying message, as for Ri Jin it’s a war against time and a matter of life and death begins. In the meantime, Ahn Gook tries to protect Do Hyun’s secret from Tae Im. She’s pretty much aware that something’s odd about Do Hyun’s behavior. The woman from the house personnel that had witnessed Hwa Ran cleaning the Nana writing on the floor must have had informed her. She’s quite sure that he’s hiding something and even though at first she questions Ahn Gook about Do Hyun’s secret that kept him away from South Korea for many years, in the end she doesn’t want to find out. All she wants him to do is protect Do Hyun’s secret at all costs, not because she cares about him, but because Do Hyun has to keep her son’s throne until he awakens from the coma. At this point i’m not sure whether she doesn’t care or acts as if she doesn’t about Do Hyun, Tae Im is a frightening and neurotic ahjumma for sure though! Young Pyo and Ki Joon must never find out about Do Hyun’s condition simply because they will use it against him in order for Ki Joon to become the head of the Seung Jin Group, something that will complete Young Pyo’s revenge.


bscap0012Ri Jin calls doctor Ho Pil to help her find Yo Sub, time is running out and she doesn’t have many options. Ho Pil’s presentation of Yo Sub is representative of his character, he presents him as a modern cursed poet, a highly genius and artistic person of exceptional aesthetic with a constant death wish on his mind who likes painting and possesses a never-ending loathing for anything inelegant. And that’s the key point when Ri Jin recalls the sound of the spray bottle while she was talking to Yo Sub on the phone. In the past he tried to end it all by falling off a rooftop and his obsession with the sky as a figurative means to an end points towards that direction. Seung Jin Group’s rooftop isn’t suitable due to the austere surveillance, Ri Jin has to find another one. Oddly enough, out of the many rooftops, one of the skyscrapers catches her attention and heads towards that direction. The store from which Yo Sub bought the spray bottle is nearby and the specific building where she’s suspecting Yo Sub to be is under renovation. In other words, it’s perfect for Yo Sub’s final act in this theater of life.


bscap0014Yo Sub’s staring at the rooftop stairs as if hope hadn’t utterly vanished, but one hour has already passed. You can witness on his face the variety of emotions from shy traces of hope to tranquil discontent and from waves of fear to a final realization that the time has come. It’s one of the most emotionally fortified scenes of Kill Me, Heal Me so far and Ji Sung is unerring in depicting Yo Sub’s personality as well. The overall presentation is masterfully crafted and every single move he makes is part of Yo Sub’s portrayal. Staring downwards at the void that will embrace him and then straight ahead in the open horizon before his flight begins are characteristics that make the surrounding ambiance more vivid. The contrast between Yo Sub’s peaceful face/moves and the frightening mouth of the point of no return that is one step ahead do justice to the scene. His playful attitude as he stands on one foot proves that he has made up his mind, although the lonely tear running down his face is the real dying message, the one to take along with him. He stands still for a second and lets the wind take charge of the situation; forward. And he’s almost there, until Ri Jin’s cries stop him. All tones of fear and dismay are painted all over her face, Jung Eum, you’re great, but you already know it. And that’s a powerful interaction between a wonderful actor and a highly expressive actress. When Ri Jin holds out her hand and asks him to come down her voice is so, so quivering and affectionate at the same time, filled with a weak caressing plea as she’s afraid for the worst. He tries to get at the edge of the rooftop but she manages to grab his feet, something that enrages Yo Sub who pushes her fiercely way and she gets harmed. Even in turbulent moments like these, Yo Sub might be losing his temper, but he always has a superior calmness surrounding him.

bscap0016bscap0017 bscap0018 bscap0019bscap0020 bscap0021 bscap0023bscap0022 bscap0025bscap0026 bscap0028bscap0032 bscap0031

bscap0033Even if she’s hurt, she manages to grab him anew and they end up falling on the floor and Ri Jin’s violent affection takes place, for his own good. It was too intense for her to handle this on her own and she’s breaking down as she’s trying to bring Do Hyun back to the surface as she’s crying out his name repeatedly. The presentation of another personality living underneath the surface was exceptional with Do Hyun floating subconscious in the sea beneath the porthole at the back of Yo Sub’s eye. Do Hyun’s awakening finds him on the floor in front of Ri Jin’s bleeding face and desperate tries to bring him back. He’s unable to do anything for a few moments, the harm he caused her is more than he can bear; in terms of physical pain and emotional breakdown. He reassures her that he’s back. Shortly after she breaks into tears and cries calling out her mother, the fear has withdrawn, it’s the post-traumatic stress after this nearly-tragic incident that explodes and Jung Eum is so natural in depicting Ri Jin’s torn to pieces world at that moment. The overall scene was a violent yet esoteric masterpiece of emotional beauty, just like Yo Sub’s internal world, just like Ri Jin’s overall reactions to his almost successful attempt to end his own life. Holding her in his arms as they both burst into tears above the “Kill Me” writing ended the scene in the emotional grandeur and relief it deserved at the same time, silencing the moments.

bscap0034bscap0035 bscap0036 bscap0038bscap0040 bscap0043bscap0044 bscap0045bscap0047

bscap0048Right away Do Hyun visits Ho Pil. It’s the second time Ri Jin receives treatment at the hospital because of one of Do Hyun’s personalities and Ho Pil finds himself right in the middle, he wants to help Do Hyun, but he wants to protect Ri Jin as well, at all costs. Even if Ri Jin is helpful to Do Hyun’s condition, Ho Pil would prefer that she’d go abroad to continue her studies. Do Hyun’s thoughts on the uniqueness of the moment he treasured while he was unconscious in his own body and Ri Jin was crying out his name are representative of how lonely he was feeling all this time. Do Hyun’s tears along with Ho Pil trying desperately to prevent his own tears from flowing glorify the contrasting yet sincere vibes of both figures.


“She was calling my name desperately. I woke up because of that sound.
That was the first time something like that happened.
At that time, I suddenly had this thought.
That without me knowing, every time my time and memory were taken away…
I would like it if someone called me like that.
Is it greed? As expected, is it something that can’t happen?
Must I keep living like a monster?”


bscap0053Do Hyun goes back at the place were the first noticeable co-consciousness incident with Se Gi happened and shortly after Ri Jin arrives. Do Hyun unveils his lonely heart towards Ri Jin. He never had real friends, especially in his time of need. Everyone preferred to become rich instead of staying by his side since danger was his middle name due to all these personalities. He built his own glass house where he could be safe and sound, all alone. It’s a heartfelt confession of one’s struggle in need of a friend in the form of a personal physician and Ri Jin was all that he was asking for, with the direction pointing towards the friend direction. Keeping her safe and away from him wasn’t only Ho Pil’s will, but Do Hyun’s as well. He’s aware of the pain she has gone through by “his” side so far and he lets her go with a metaphor, referring to himself as a monster living inside a castle in which Ri Jin lost her ball. Forgetting everything she saw, heard and felt inside the castle, but also getting rid of all the feelings that overran her by his side will earn her enough money to become rich overnight.


“I’m not a wild beast that will turn into a charming prince after the magic wears off.
I’m just…a monster.”

 bscap0057 bscap0058

bscap0059Hwa Ran calls Do Hyun because she’s worried about him. She tries to figure out indirectly whether he recalled part of his memories. She asks him if he still sees nightmares at night and indicates that she was just worried about him because every time his environment changed and he bscap0060was too stressed nightmares emerged. Could it be that she knows about his condition? She’s pointing towards some symptoms with the difference that it’s not Do Hyun’s environment that changes, it’s Do Hyun that changes into any environment when confronted with stress, violence and other triggering feelings/interactions. However, Do Hyun reassures her that his nightmares have surrendered and at that point he recalls Ri Jin’s healing presence into his nightmare that turned it into a dream. After the phone call ends her right hand appears and Hwa Ran orders him to find information about Min Seo Yeon’s child.

bscap0061Ri On visits his editor as the incognito president of Omega’s fan club! The new novel which is still in the making has earned the editor’s trust. You know, the novel about the chaebol with the mysterious world. It feels like a biography of Do Hyun with emphasis in the deep and recent past. Everything goes according to plan and my personal bscap0062assumptions that he might had overheard a discussion at home that made him go to the US in order to find the person who is the same age as him has turned to life. That child is Ri On who was adopted by the Oh family and searches Do Hyun’s past in search of answers that remain buried. Since he’s a writer a novel’s taking place as well as he’s on a quest for utter truth. I’m really curious about his thoughts in the near future since more information about what he really knows will be revealed! And the journey to the US wasn’t just a coincidence. Fiction or no fiction? Ri On has yet to find out. While leaving, Ahn Gook was on his way to meet his editor and noticing him around in Omega-oriented places made him curious! Later on he informs Do Hyun about a forthcoming recitation. It is rumored that Omega appears secretly during these events to bear witness of his fan’s feelings. As for Ri On, things are going to get tough. Hwa Ran’s searching for him, Young Pyo too. Ki Joon, Ahn Gook and Do Hyun are after him as well, but as Omega. Are the events he mentioned to his editor the truth or he twisted them?

bscap0155bscap0064 bscap0067bscap0066

bscap0068Ja Kyung, Young Pyo and Chae Yeon meet at the restaurant of Seung Jin Group, but Ki Joon hasn’t appeared yet. Chae Yeon calls him and he informs her that he won’t be able to make it at the family meeting, something that enrages Chae Yeon, but the high society surrounding environment won’t let her explode! On her way back at the restaurant she overhears Ki Joon’s parents’ conversation. Even though she’s ambitious and she can use people with her seductive and vicious temperament, in this occasion she’s just a puppet at Young Pyo and Ja Kyung’s plans when it comes to Ki Joon! But the most unpleasant surprise is the fact that Tae Im intends to marry Do Hyun to Ji Sun, the daughter of another economically colossal family as a response to Chae Yeon and Ki Joon’s marriage. Of course, Chae Yeon wouldn’t miss the chance to pay a visit to Do Hyun and Ji Sun and ruin their meeting! Do Hyun was feeling awkward, but he was trying to hide it in front of Ji Sun, but Chae Yeon appeared and made things apparently awkward for everyone. If revenge is a dish best served cold, she definitely knows how to serve cold dishes decorated with Do Hyun’s words!

 bscap0070bscap0069  bscap0071bscap0072 bscap0073bscap0074 bscap0075bscap0076 bscap0077bscap0080 bscap0079bscap0078

bscap0084Ri Jin passes by doctor Ho Pil’s office to say goodbye before leaving for the US. Ho Pil wants her to be well and wishes her the best. That’s why, through his own experience, he lets her know that she can’t save everyone and that she should stop daydreaming when it comes to matters like that since a psychiatrist is not panacea for all mental illnesses. On her way out she’s lost in her own thoughts and walks in auto pilot mode. She falls on Ki Joon who was passing by in order to reach Ho Pil’s office. After he helps her gather her belongings from the floor he goes to Ho Pil who’s already started going crazy because Do Hyun’s words echo in his mind! It was tough sacrificing Do Hyun’s chance to get cured in order to protect Ri Jin. Ki Joon pretends that Do Hyun proposed doctor Ho Pil as a great psychiatrist and tries to act as if he came to receive medical treatment. Well, he doesn’t try to hide it that much and his real intentions get revealed, all he wants is information about Do Hyun’s real condition. Sometimes truth, whenever it is being placed in the wrong hands, can be catastrophic! And this is going to be Ki Joon’s killing weapon without firing a single bullet! Although Ho Pil wouldn’t betray Do Hyun’s trust and Ki Joon starts searching around for Ri Jin to find out that she was the girl who fell on him earlier at the corridor.

bscap0083bscap0082bscap0085 bscap0086bscap0087bscap0089bscap0088

bscap0090Do Hyun’s heading towards the rooftop where Yo Sub tried to kill himself and the other six personalities. In the meantime, Ri Jin’s already there, having the chance to check Yo Sub’s graffiti for the first time. By the time Do Hyun arrives at the rooftop a playful snowman and the “Heal Me” writing on the floor await him. I had thought that the “Heal Me” writing will take place sometime in the future by either Yo Na or Nana, but Ri Jin owned me and presented it in a far better way, cleansing the shadow of death away with her white spray.

 bscap0092bscap0091 bscap0093bscap0094bscap0095bscap0002 bscap0096bscap0003 bscap0097

bscap0103Ri On’s making a big entrance at the airport with the air of an undercover player novelist while Ri Jin spends some time with her parents before leaving for the US. Both parents’ facial expressions are priceless, they look like as if they were sending Ri Jin at the front line of a ruthless war! Ri Jin’s willing to buy them presents when she returns back, but her mother doesn’t agree. Her father gives her a letter. Daddy Oh’s tormented face unveils the truth behind the letter, he doesn’t want his beautiful daughter to spend lots of money around for presents, so hes giving his very specific preference, instead of black though, Ri Jin thinks that caramel brown is better and it’s “mmm, leemeeteed edeeshon!” It was one of the many moments i fell for her, i don’t even recall the exact times like Se Gi. Mr. Back brought back into drama land the selca stick and here it is again! Bbuing! Selca’s paradise! And when you think that Ri On’s getting pissed off… he’s got his own ultra huge interstellar selca stick and… “Johnokeeps Johnokeeps” for John Hopkins! They are an overall adorable family with everyone having his/her own distinctive personality! And these Hermes shoes! Even though they have a funny finesse and i’d laugh at them any time, they have something so Ri Jin oriented! And they are a direct reference to that day they took Rin out for a walk. I love their special relationship which is full mutual understanding and their very own playful moments! Although, that “saranghanda, Oh Ri Oon” cracked something gently inside of him.

bscap0098bscap0099 bscap0100bscap0101 bscap0104bscap0102bscap0105bscap0106 bscap0107bscap0111 bscap0108bscap0109 bscap0110bscap0112 bscap0113bscap0114 bscap0115bscap0116 bscap0118  bscap0119bscap0117

bscap0122Don Hyun’s aware the Ri Jin has already left and a discussion about a new secret physician begins. A male one is most preferable so as to avoid misunderstandings and troublesome events! Come on, Do Hyun, you know you liked every little misunderstanding and the troublesome situations, one way or another, brought you closer with Ri Jin! Someone’s unlocking the door, but there’s no one else that knows the door’s code! Or not? Oh my God, Oh Ri Jin! Do Hyun’s face is priceless, he reacted as if he saw a chocolate cake for the first time! Ahn Gook is like “yes master, they stole it from us, but now we got our precious back!” and of course, Ri Jin has her own special demands! But that face, that ultra cute face gently took a piece of my heart forever! I won’t miss you my heartland’s forlorn piece! Ri Jin’s thoughts referring to her parents, as she explains her decision to help Do Hyun, while at the same time we witness daddy Oh’s hyper positive vibes to brighten his wife’s mood pace wonderfully together, i can never get enough of this family! However, Ri Oonah’s sweet suffering has began. Oh well, Ri Jin holds out her hand, but Do Hyun doesn’t complete the handshake.

bscap0121bscap0120bscap0123bscap0124 bscap0125bscap0126 bscap0127bscap0128bscap0129bscap0130 bscap0133bscap0132bscap0134bscap0135 bscap0136bscap0137bscap0138bscap0139 bscap0140

“If I grab onto the hand you’re holding out,

you won’t be able to go back from this moment forward.

Even if it’s just a ball that accidentally came over the wall,

I am notgiving it back to you.

Would that still… be okay?”

bscap0144bscap0141bscap0143 bscap0145bscap0146bscap0147 bscap0148 bscap0149bscap0150bscap0151bscap0153 bscap0154

bscap0005I like the considerate or self-aware dilemmas Do Hyun’s unveiling from time to time during this episode! And while she’s tormenting Do Hyun with her crab-grab handshake a parade of painful faces on Do Hyun’s behalf make the overall scene hilarious! Should i speak about Ri Jin’s sardonic pleasure and grotesque triumph upon Do Hyun as her thoughts ask from her parents to be understanding and supportive towards her decision. As for Ri Oonah, we all know he’s always by her side.


bscap0001The 7th episode divided itself in two distinctive periods that relate to one another and at the same time they progress the storyline. During the first half we witnessed the background of the 6th episode’s last scene that reaches completion through a steady emotional climax. The second half is the aftermath of the first one and what impact all these events and interactions left upon the characters of Kill Me, Heal Me, leading or supporting ones. It short of announces the end of an era in the drama as it precedes the beginning of a new one that will start unfolding its very essence through the 8th episode. It’s this specific week when a circle reaches an end for a bigger one to start unveiling its curtains.


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Kwon Sang Seung

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    Saw episode 7 and 8 last night and I must say the suicide scene in this episode was believable! Oh Ri Jin was unbelievably real and I could almost feel her outpouring feeling to jolt Do Hyun out of Yo Sub suicide mode. Bravo to Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum! Their chemistry made this episode awesome. Have you worked on episode 8 yet? I laughed so hard! So, so hard!!!!

    • January 31, 2015 at 3:00 pm — Reply

      Yes! I personally consider it the most emotionally fortified scene of KM, HM so far! Both Yo Sub’s presentation and Ri Jin’s reaction were perfect! Totally heartfelt! Indeed, it was that specific chemistry feelwave that made the 7th one pretty awesome! As for the 8th one, we had Yo Na! 😀 “oppa!!!!!!!” XD I’m at the 70% of the reviewcap completion, hopefully later on tonight it will be on!

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            And you know what Perry would say… GOOD CHOICE!!!

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    I’m obssessed with actors’ eyes when they are acting , how can the expression in Ji sung eyes change that much from a personality to an other ? Is he even real ? ( i really didn’t like Ji sung that much before KMHM , he was such a turn off for me , that i didn’t watch a single work of his ..i didn’t have any feels for him but now my feels are overflowing .. too much feels and i can’t handle them . now i’m marthoning every drama he was in and his movies)

    That rooftop scene between YS/RJ/DH it was ART simply ART !

    I’m actually enjoying a roller coaster ride with Kill me ,Heal me , one minute i’m laughing like a retarde , the next one i’m frowning and concerned , and in between i’m raking my head trying to make sens of the clues that the writer is throwing at us ..I’m wondering when I’ll start weeping xD

    Thank you for the recap 😀 enjoying reading your thoughts 😀

    • January 31, 2015 at 7:14 pm — Reply

      Yes, his eyes have a different aura whenever he’s presenting a different personality! And whenever he impersonates Do Hyun while being Se Gi, he does it successfully, he becomes DH without losing the SG stare o.O I don’t know how he does everything he does in this drama, but i’m SO glad he does it!

      Pure art indeed! It’s the most heartrending scene of the drama so far for me! And even though Perry Park is my favorite buddy so far, Yo Sub managed to earn a huge part of my heart with his internal world. Even the way he presented himself on the phone with name, age, etc, it was like TV news announcing the identity of the person that committed suicide o.O

      Yes, it evokes a wide variety of feelings throughout each episode! You can laugh your lungs out, then you get pissed off, then you try to collect the puzzle pieces, then you get devastated and it goes on and on! Let’s wait and see when it will become a mourner’s lament XD

      It is i who is thankful for your comment and your positive generous thoughts!!! 🙂

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