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Episode 2 Review: Shine or Go Crazy (2015)

bscap0029Within two episodes’ airing time i have to admit that Shine or Go Crazy’s dreamlike aura is captivating, it definitely urges your desire to keep yearning for the next episodes. It’s not perfect, but captivating still. After all we’re only in the very beginning and we’ve got a long way ahead. There are many figures waiting to come to the foreground and many side-stories to unfold. One thing worries me, Monday seems so far away! And at this point i have to state that the main male lead here is Lee Gun from Fated to Love You who used the last picture from Old Goodbye’s camera to present himself as the Goryeo prince Wang So in Shine or Go Crazy! Let’s go crazy for the time being, as for the end, let’s hope it will shine brighter than Polaris and Alkaid’s entwined starlight.


bscap0049And as the wedding progresses, after Shin Yool made it more playful with her own temperament, it starts pouring down with rain and Wang So protects her under his clothing. Even if it’s a fake wedding, she’s still his bride, even for a day! At the wedding chamber the ambiance is warm, but the overall mood feels awkward and it makes perfect sense, they’re strangers that found themselves tied by sacred bonds under these odd circumstances. General Gwak wants to make sure they spend the night together and he’s left some of his soldiers to guard the wedding chamber. It’s Baek Myo and Gand Myeong’s turn to protect Shin Yool and make sure everything will flow well. They are the people that saved her life and won’t ever let her get harmed. And what a disharmony, Shin Yool’s lowlife brother appears and demands to meet the groom. He nearly sold his sister to general Gwak to cover up his own wrongdoings and now he acts as if he cares for his sister’s happiness? I won’t buy it and Baek Myon along with Gang Myeong won’t either; and they keep the princess safe, away from his senseless harmful self! Gang Myeong states that if it happens to rain on your wedding day your life will be fortunate, i will hold this line as a universal plea for a happy ending between Shin Yool and Wang So! Inside the wedding chamber Wang So realizes that it won’t be easy leaving tonight due to the general’s soldiers and a heartfelt conversation between him and Shin Yool spreads its wings. She’s willing to keep the scarlet veil down after Wang So’s exhortation. After all they are not a real married couple. Baek Myon’s appearance and neurotic yet playful caring attitude breaks the ice between them.

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bscap0059Shil Yool’s thankful towards him for saving her world and keeping her safe, she considers him lucky for being at this point by her side. It’s the first time he’s being called lucky as he’s aware of the curse overshadowing his own happiness. And that’s the reason he wants her to put a talisman outside of her door, to chase away all the bad luck he bscap0062brought with him. He doesn’t consider himself Shin Yool’s savior, he believes in one’s internal power and he thinks he had nothing to do with him, it was her own will that wanted to protect her own self at all costs. Would he be able to protect his own world had he been able to find something/someone worth protecting? Would it be possible for his ill-natured fate to change? As he wonders, Shin Yool holds out her hand indicating that whenever one holds out his/her hand Wang So should take it as an important step to change his own fate. A direct reference to the scene on the first episode between Wang So and the King, something Wang So denied at that point and missed his first palpable chance. Shin Yool gently forces him to take the hand she holds out for him, offering wholeheartedly a chance for him to change his fate, because sometimes you need someone to push you off the pile of burden that keeps you stuck on the ground. And as the North Star in the palm of her hand held Alkaid’s ominous fate with relief and sincerity, the aforementioned stars in the sky would shine to one another and the signs of one’s light chasing the shadows away would start paving their own astral path in the unawareness of the moment.

bscap0019bscap0021 bscap0063bscap0024bscap0020bscap0022    bscap0025bscap0026bscap0027bscap0028

bscap0065The King doesn’t feel well, but he feels pleased when he hears  Ji Mong’s positive news that the North Star had met the Alkaid, misinterpreting it for a good sign when it comes to Wang So and Yeo Won’s forthcoming marriage. But he’s also regretful for sending the prince in exile at such a fragile age, depriving him of all the beauties of childhood. He wonders whether he’ll be able to forge his own path and make his own choices or he’ll become a victim of his own tragic fate remaining in history as a bloody King, in a negative manner of speaking, not according to his father’s dream that will be presented later on. The King wanted to make things easier for Wang So by eliminating all of the founding contributors that are lurking like snakes at the palace, but he couldn’t. Sleep overtakes his body these days and i think he knows his time feels near, he dearly hopes that Wang So will return before it’s too late, there are so many things he wants to tell him and so many things he wants to do for him.


bscap0070And indeed the snakes have unleashed their poison through the flying dagger upon the King. If the King was on an elimination mission for them, they went after him too. The high positioned state officials, the so called founding fathers of the empire, are overstepping their boundaries as expected in a try to take charge of the forthcoming events in the King’s absence in search for their own alternate future for Goryeo. And prince Wang So isn’t in their plans. They forged their own circle of protection by picking a token each one of them, from that point and on, whoever tries to take away their authority they’ll use all means necessary to put an end to his attempts. Now that’s a scary company! I deeply hated Ahn Suk Hwan’s character on Joseon Gunman, but he was utterly representative as a corrupted and ambitious state official and this time as Kim Jong Shik he will be exceptional i presume, although hated still, alongside the abhorrent figure of Sik Ryeom! Lee Duk Hwa is quite busy this period, he’s a caring father in My Heart Twinkle Twinkle, a ravenous state official in Shine or Go Crazy and he’ll be playing in Jekyll, Hyde, Me as well!

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bscap0073Wang So’s fallen asleep and the past echos in the form of a nightmare in his nighttime. We witness the incident through which his mother considered him responsible for his hyung’s death. On a beautiful day Wang So found in his room a packet full of snacks and wanted to share it, he was the only one that didn’t eat due to a stomachache and he was the only to survive at that point. Could it be that someone was aware of the bad luck prophecy and the bloodshed factor and wanted to push the prince’s bad luck into palpable events? Was his bad luck something someone created to make him seem misunderstood and abhorrent in the eyes of the empire? One thing is for sure, that day was the day his mother’s love for him reached an end and he was considered responsible for his older brother’s death, something his mother never forgave as it seems. The King’s and Shin Yool’s thoughts on taking the hand someone holds out for you echo once again in his mind.

bscap0074Shin Yool’s asleep and starts sliding, but Wang So catches her and lets her lie her head on his shoulder and torrents of feels start devouring me by the time he confesses how thankful he is towards her thinking she’s still asleep! Opening her eyes underneath the veil and cherishing every word he utters as he unveils his own gratitude and referring to her as his one-night wife, but also trying to remove the veil to finally restrain himself from doing so and putting her gently to sleep kept me overwhelmed through the whole duration of the scene! Shortly after he leaves and she follows him out, i definitely ship this one-night married couple! Show him your beauteous face, Shin Yool, it’s such a discomfort to the world keeping it hidden for a whole day! His attitude isn’t as warm as before when he thought she was asleep, but Shin Yool gives him half of the butterfly necklace as a talisman to bring good luck in his life. “The world that you saved for me is like the entire earth” she thinks and asks him what means the world to him as Wang So’s losing himself in thoughts. Her bright smile shines underneath the scarlet veil, she’s willing to honor their marriage contract no matter what. I was over-shipping the dreamlike aesthetic with the kiss on her forehead leaving her stunned, until he called off the contract and left with Shin Yool eventually passing out!

bscap0075bscap0077 bscap0076 bscap0078bscap0079 bscap0080 bscap0083bscap0081  bscap0084bscap0082 bscap0086bscap0087 bscap0088bscap0032bscap0089bscap0090

bscap0091And… after all this time he finally meets Eun Chun who wonders whether Wang So went to a brothel or not due to the powder, haha! While Wang So was saving someone’s world Eun Chun’s investigation was flowing well! I had missed Lee Gun’s ecstatic reaction to pretty much anything! And the Goryeo version of Lee Gun doesn’t disappoint me at all! That pompous laugh at all things simple whenever required or not! Stares at the half necklace? Laughs! Eun Chun finds out where the assassin that was following them lives? Laughs! That explosive laughter! He’s gotten to another level, Eun Chun wants him to eat something before they continue their mission, but Wang So once he’s chasing after someone he needs his stomach to be empty! Well, Eun Chun, you asked for it! Τhey find the snake-eyed assassin and a close combat follows. Wang So manages to outbalance him, but he doesn’t seem to cooperate. Once Wang So cuts him with the flying dagger the assassin gets mad and takes an antidote. At that point Wang So realizes that it was poisoned and they head back to the capital to save the King.

bscap0092bscap0093 bscap0094bscap0095bscap0096bscap0097bscap0098 bscap0099bscap0100  bscap0103bscap0102  bscap0105bscap0106

bscap0107Shin Yool finally wakes up after… four days. Okay! She missed many episodes and she has to catch up with recapping! After 96 hours of sleep no wonder she feels way too refreshed! Although Gang Myeong’s thoughts while she was asleep, whether they should hold a funeral for her or not, were definitely awesome! I love it how he enrages Baek Myo! Well, general Gwak eventually will find out that everything was a huge lie and Shin Yool decides to move her company to the Goryeo capital whose empire is rising and will offer more stability to her trading desires. Of course, she might get the chance to meet once again her one-night husband and prince charming of her feels! And her biological mother is probably somewhere at the Goryeo capital, i’m really curious about this forthcoming interaction since we’ll get to know more about Shin Yool’s background.

bscap0108bscap0110  bscap0112bscap0111  bscap0114bscap0113  bscap0118bscap0119 bscap0120

bscap0123The King’s condition worsens, but he’s standing still as he longs for Wang So’s return. Yeo Won’s brother visits the King and asks him to cancel the marriage, but the King’s not willing to do so for apparent reasons since he considers it essential for breaking Wang So’s curse. Shortly after he leaves, Wang So comes back and watching the King’s condition he’s steadily breaking down. While worrying for him, he nearly calls him father and his caring is omnipresent, but the internal conflict makes him start losing his words being unable to complete a sentence. He gives his father the antidote and the doctor arrives. He had suspected that it might had been poisoning yet he didn’t do anything. Wang So gets enraged, but in the end he urges him to do anything to save his father. The doctor uses medication, acupuncture, etc to save the King, but he doesn’t get any better. The poison has inflicted his whole body. If the doctor wants his family to remain alive he will have to keep the King’s condition a secret.


“The feels! That’s my Goryeo bully boy!”


bscap0009And for the first time father and son, at the verge of an omnipresent death, get close to one another after such a long time. It’s one of these moments where negative feelings get vanished. After Shin Yool, it’s the King’s turn to “force” his hand in Wang So’s own hand. He apologizes to his own son for all these years of paternal love’s absence, but it was the only way to protect him from those who wanted him dead. In the end, he is grateful he could survive on his own and become a strong man. A moving and emotionally fortified scene as Wang So can’t hold back his tears along with the fact that he becomes the King’s support and leads him there where his armor and swords are. The King refers to his dream, of wanting his era to be remembered as an honorable one when the people of the kingdom weren’t being used and/or treated unfairly by the nobles. He makes Wang So aware of the dangers that await him once he passes away, letting him know that the one who poisoned him is among the nobles. Many of the high state officials, after his death, will make things uneasy for Wang So and the empire as they’ll  be purchasing their own ambitions. The King wants Wang So to fulfill the dream he couldn’t achieve by exterminating the dishonorable nobles and he passes him over the seal that will make him recognizable among the King’s faithful soldiers. Accepting the marriage with Yeo Won is among the King’s orders, it’s the only way he’ll be able to survive longer in this ravenous and infertile ground he will step upon in the near future. Holding the King’s hand on his own will, Wang So promises to try his best to fulfill the Goryeo of his father’s dreams.

 bscap0013bscap0011  bscap0015bscap0014 bscap0016 bscap0018bscap0021  bscap0034bscap0020bscap0033bscap0010

bscap0012Yeo Won’s lost in her thoughts as she’s staring at her imperial wedding gown. Wang Wook’s worried about his sister, Yeo Won, and her choices. Both of them try to cheer each other, but it’s not easy under these circumstances. He doesn’t want her to get hurt and it pains him to see that she doesn’t intend to act otherwise but put herself on the line for her family’s sake. Her wet eyes betray her inner struggle whereas her brother promises to abolish all royal marriages under imperial command if he becomes the King one day. The day of the marriage approaches and i’m really curious how the interaction between Wang So and Yeo Won will flow, but i’m really curious about the way Wang Wook will appear before Wang So as well, there will be tension! Wang So’s staring at his own wedding clothes as well and his father’s advice echos once again, by the time he realizes what he’s about to do with this overall marriage situation, his awkward laughter works as a defense mechanism. A man who’s always protected Yeo Won, Se Won, visits her. Even though she’s going to get married, he asks her to remain her guardian, even if he has to stay in the shadows. His feelings for her are greater and he doesn’t stand by her side as a simlpe bodyguard, as for her feelings towards him, time shall tell. After he leaves, Wang So passes by as well, but he stares at the princess’ room from a distance.

bscap0035 bscap0022bscap0036  bscap0024bscap0025 bscap0026 bscap0027bscap0028 bscap0038bscap0039

bscap0041And the big day has finally arrived! As Wang So’s getting prepared for the wedding, memories of him and Shin Yool overrun him. The princess is getting prepared too, but, what the hell? Is that really a crown or a surreal Xmas tree? Why are you doing this to me? A braincell just cracked in the meadows of everlasting oblivion. Although Shin Yool’s arrival at the Goryeo capital brings a fresh, beautiful air in the foreground! Her brother has already started searching around for his new love, one of the many. I started seeing him in a more user-friendly tone, he doesn’t seem that harmful at the moment! Free rice cakes! Why? Because the prince is getting married and Shin Yool finds out that he’s cursed and she wishes him from the depths of her heart to be happy; if only you knew! But you’ll find out! Shin Yool’s aware that someone saw her mother at a temple in Goryeo, searching all the temples is one of her options, but one of the reasons she’s in the capital has to be Wang So, even though she tries to hide it, every time she thinks of him or talks about him her face is shining! And here comes the rain under the stare of the sun and she recalls the rain and Wang So’s caring attitude during their one-day marriage.

bscap0029bscap0030 bscap0050bscap0051 bscap0049bscap0032 bscap0031  bscap0054bscap0055 bscap0057bscap0056 bscap0043bscap0058

bscap0059The marriage is taking place among all the state officials and the family members from each side. Emotions vary within the imperial throne chamber. As you look at your screen from the King’s point of view, on the right side stand the humble and loyal officials, on the left side the rats and the snakes of the empire from which only Yeo Won’s brother breathes a kind of different air. His eye contact with his sister was emotionally charged and encouraging. Wang So’s mother is still in discomfort due to his presence, whereas the King, even though he looks pale and more exhausted, he stares at his son with pride, he has faith in him. Wang So recalls his father’s thoughts concerning the dream he inherited from him. Patience is the key to victory, he must always wait for the right moment and when victory is in sight, that’s the right time to take the lead and move forward in full force!

bscap0060bscap0062bscap0061  bscap0075bscap0076bscap0077bscap0074bscap0073bscap0072bscap0063

bscap0079The princess is inside her room and Se Won’s watching after her from a safe distance, his promise starts fulfilling itself. Within a fierce thunderstorm, the King’s lying on his bed, he tried his best to be around until his son got married so as to remain safe for a while. His armor falling on the ground as his soul was departing from his body was symbolic; the King is dead, long live the King! Wang So’s meeting the King’s secret and most loyal soldiers among the woods, he shows them the seal that proves his leadership upon their shady forces. The first words of his order come straight from his father’s mouth; a journey to avenge the King’s death has just began and Wang So sets the signal through his combustive and passionate speech!

bscap0080bscap0081 bscap0082bscap0083bscap0085  bscap0088bscap0089  bscap0086bscap0087

bscap0130And we move fast forward, five years later! Shin Yool’s trading company has established itself at the capital and Gyeong makes his first appearance in the drama. While having a discussion with Bae Myo, Shin Yool spots someone familiar in the crowd and really, i’d swear he was Wang So! Until we saw his face, the disappointment on Shin Yool’s beautiful face is more than apparent! But there he is and Bae Myo notices him, she tries to distract Shin Yool so that they won’t see each other. Bae Myo, i know he didn’t leave you the best impression. However, stop being so overprotective! Let me ship this couple together, not apart! And they do see each other and… i really can’t wait for the next week to arrive! And no preview for the next episode! This is so vulgar. Patience is a virtue, but watching dramas is an addiction, so…

bscap0132bscap0131 bscap0133bscap0137bscap0136bscap0134

“Problem, Shin Yool?”

bscap0135bscap0138bscap0139bscap0141bscap0045 bscap0046 bscap0047

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