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Episode 2 Review: My Heart Twinkle Twinkle (2015)

bscap0093The first episode left us at the dawn of the powerful encounter between Jin Sam and Woon Tak outside of his local chicken restaurant. The second episode opens up its curtains inside Woon Tak’s car where he’s having a discussion with Jin Sam. Woon Tak expresses his awe and fear towards Jin Sam’s overall attitude and recognizes his intractable dignity even after all he’s been through all these years. The main reason behind this introduction was the fact that Young Pyo hides at Jin Sam’s house, but he’s also aware of the fact that Jin Sam could testify against him any time. Woon Tak wants him to tell Young Pyo to cancel the lawsuit threats directly. We all know what kind of a man he is and that he won’t tolerate something that doesn’t pace with his ambitions, especially when that special something is capable of ruining his chicken empire!

bscap0096Jin Sam supports his friend because he’s pretty much aware of their background story, he was there when Woon Tak’s father betrayed them both, but still, Young Pyo kept working both for him and his son. Although Woon Tak’s story on the recent events brings to the foreground some new parameters. Young Pyo doesn’t appear as innocent as he seems to be since he was being benefited from time to time whenever he wanted to increase his income. At some point he became too greedy since Woon Tak wouldn’t satisfy his desires and he started threatening that he would reveal information that could bring Woontak Chicken to ruin anytime. And Woon Tak dealt with him in his very own way. Soon Jin’s searching for her father and at some point she gets out of the restaurant looking for him. At that point Jin Sam doesn’t want to stay any longer inside Woon Tak’s car and tries to get out, but Woon Tak doesn’t want her to see them together and wrist-grabs him. By the time she leaves, the discussion continues in front of the restaurant.


bscap0103The main reason Jin Sam is pissed off with Woon Tak and doesn’t want to cooperate with him is the fact that he uses underhanded means that are not good for the health of the customers. A reference to the past points out that even Woon Tak’s father wouldn’t do it, it was a promise between him and Jin Sam. And even though Young Pyo is involved as well when it comes to these harmful ingredients, the main responsibility is on Woon Tak since he’s the owner of the company. These harmful ingredients consist of the main reason behind Jin Sam’s disgust towards Woon Tak. Quality of food and respecting your customer through this quality is the greatest dignity for Jin Sam, even though he’s in a difficult economical situation. His words echo as rough as an ongoing avalanche in Woon Tak’s ears, especially the fact that even though his father betrayed Jin Sam, he still considered him a friend and had a conscience at least towards his customers, something Woon Tak seems to be lacking since he would do just anything in order to decrease the base cost. Telling him that he inherited the worst characteristics of his father and expanded them to the utmost level was definitely a powerful punchline. Soon Jin’s sudden appearance puts an end to the awkward point the conversation had reached.

bscap0094bscap0095 bscap0100bscap0099 bscap0102bscap0101bscap0104bscap0105bscap0106 bscap0107bscap0108

bscap0109Shortly after Jin Sam stands by Young Pyo’s side and recalls the past once again. My assumption in the review for the first episode didn’t relate to the real turn of events that unveiled themselves at this specific scene. And what the hell! Money made Woon Tak’s father look like a retired member of Mötley Crüe, something like Mick Mars with short hair, oh my glam! One night Woon Tak’s father drank seas, rivers and lakes of alcohol and decided to steal a taxi to run free on the highway, something that would cost him his own life. Woon Tak’s driving back home and he recalls as well these events. His father’s funeral was the first time he would meet Jin Sam and Young Pyo after many years. He asked them to work for him, but he didn’t receive any answer. Later on Young Pyo asked Jin Sam to follow him and work together at the company, but he was negative. And we all know what happened eventually.

 bscap0110bscap0111 bscap0112bscap0113bscap0114bscap0116bscap0115

bscap0117The following morning the alien head teacher scolds Soon Jung for having another fight with Eun Bi and she trespasses anew the limits of sanity and the audience’s tranquility. Eun Βi has a bruised eye and her minions massage her back, we’re well aware that it’s not going to be easy for Soon Jung! The fact that Eun Bi’s company along with her start the fight every single time doesn’t matter since she’s Woon Tak’s sister, it doesn’t really matter that she’s only one and they are a bunch of wannabe bullies that get what they deserve, but i’m really glad she pays them back! Soon Jin gets aware of the incident and follows her sister at the school yard where she settles up her punishment whereas at the same time she covers her ears to prevent herself from listening Soon Jin’s advices. Once she receives a phone call from their father, Soon Jung uncovers her ears, gets on her feet and wants Soon Jin to tell him that everything’s alright and that’s what she does. Jin Sam will be in Seoul to attend a wedding and he’ll pay a visit to Soon Soo whose traces have disappeared since she never replies back to calls and messages. At the same time he sends Young Pyo to Ulsan for a few days to relax and keep himself safe from Woon Tak’s possible attempts to approach him.

bscap0118bscap0119  bscap0121bscap0120 bscap0122 bscap0126bscap0124   bscap0127bscap0125 bscap0128

bscap0131At the company, Woon Tak decided to punish one of the directors for the previous events and the employees’ strike, gently, with a golf club! We wants to expand his chicken franchise restaurants in other cities, but Young Pyo is a huge obstacle if he opens up his mouth. Director Park reassures him that he’ll do everything to prevent Jin Sam and Young Pyo from testifying against him once he finds himself in a difficult position! Because nobody messes with Woon Tak! Shortly after he eases the tension within by practicing at shooting and the target feels his accurate menace. They say a dog is human’s best friend and he’s got three of them, paying them a visit and feeding  them feels just right! Well, Kwan Mo feeds them, but OK, i’m really curious about the way he stares at Woon Tak since his dogs have captivated his attention.

bscap0132bscap0133 bscap0134bscap0135 bscap0136bscap0137  bscap0139bscap0140

aaaaaaaaThe wedding ends and Jin Sam is outside of his daughter’s dorm, but she’s not there. Time passes by and she doesn’t return, although he finds a way to reach her when he goes along with the dress delivery guy’s truck at the place where she works. In the meantime she’s preparing herself as Jin Sam examines the club where she works, but he hasn’t reserved any table and the waiter forces him to get out. As the night continues, along with other girls, she keeps company to customers and once she’s in the right alcoholic mood she unleashes her piano talent all over the club and her Rachmaninoff interpretation impresses everyone, especially the high class customers of Madam Jang who owns the club. Jin Sam’s watching from a safe distance while one of the men from Soon Soo’s table approaches her and takes her in his aaaaaaaarms by force. The waiters take him outside, but on his way out her gets hit by Jin Sam, something i highly enjoyed! It was spot on! Eventually the same waiter leads Jin Sam outside once again and he wanders through the night in the streets devastated by the unwelcome turn of events. Spending the night outside of the station is the only option for him, it’s not going to be easy, but he’ll have his thoughts as a company; and he has a lot to think about. Meanwhile, Madam Jang offers some special advice to Soon Soo, she wants her to stop unveiling her talent every time she drinks, it’s not because she doesn’t like it, she wants to prevent her from getting in trouble with the other girls since the customers will prefer her instead of others. While leaving a surprise awaits her, Madam Jang starts playing the piano and they look so aaaaamuch alike at that point since Madam Jang wanted to continue her studies abroad, but she didn’t have the money. Soon Soo doesn’t have them either and she still hasn’t graduated from her music school. As soon as she returns back home she finds his father’s chicken and milk, but the chicken ends in the trashcan. Sleep won’t be easy tonight as thoughts will visit her no matter how hard she may try to prevent them from occupying her mind. Playing Clementine, that many of us met on Spring Waltz, on the background really does justice to the scene, adding some eloquence to despair’s presence. Well, i couldn’t help it, so excuse all these Soon Soo photos, her introvert nature and expressive sadness have overwhelmed me!

aaaaaaa aabscap0143bscap0144 bscap0145bscap0146 bscap0154bscap0153 bscap0155bscap0156 bscap0160bscap0161 bscap0163bscap0164bscap0166  bscap0169bscap0185bscap0186 bscap0187bscap0188bscap0184

bscap0147Some lowlife delivery punks have bet about the fastest food delivery attempt and they cause some ruckus in the streets as they are maneuvering dangerously around cars. Another delivery motorcycle passes them by,  something that pisses them off and one of them chases after her. They can’t even get close to her and they speed up, but once her motorcycling temperament slows down a bit leads two of them falling on the road. The only reason you’re driving is to get you safe to your destination, this is what happens and you do needless things! Soon Jung’s destination is Woontak Chicken to express her anger and her will to fight!

bscap0148bscap0149 bscap0150bscap0151

No effs were given that day.


bscap0170One after the other, Eun Bi, Geum Bi and Mi Ja return back home in fear, Woon Tak has returned earlier than expected and it’s one of these evenings, one of the many, they have to spend together reading books! It’s not that they are book eaters, it’s Woon Tak’s forceful attempt to broaden their horizon that limits itself in food, fashion and gambling respectively. Eun Bi tries to confront her brother in order to stop doing this and the other two stand by her side silently! It’s not like they’re reading while being there, they’re spending their time doing nothing instead of giving a chance to something constructive, at least once, just for a change. Mi Ja takes the side of her son! She’s been reading for two hours without complaining and they should do the same! Even though she was reading about the same shoes, bag and jewelry all this time! She should become a writer! As a last attempt, Woon Tak tries to present sexiness as something that relates to one’s intellectuality and not physical beauty, but it doesn’t work either. Once the clock signals the end of their reading meeting, Eun Bi and Geum Bi’s precious oppa receives a kiss, Mi Ja though will dodge that habit playfully, simply because he’s her son, okay!

bscap0171bscap0172bscap0175 bscap0176bscap0177 bscap0179bscap0180 bscap0181bscap0183bscap0182

bscap0189The next morning arrives and Jin Sam’s on his way back home and he meets Geum Bi who was studying at the same school as Soon Soo. Once he gets asked if she graduated he replies positively and she informs him that she’ll be leaving soon to continue her studies abroad. Back at the restaurant, Mal Sook informs him that Soon Jin’s on a blind date bscap0190with a wealthy man! He doesn’t quite agree, but Mal Sook thinks otherwise since Soon Jin will be 30 soon. The man on the blind date isn’t promising as a sane figure and Soon Jin can’t help it but feel uneasy. His questions and point of view have nothing to do with reality and eventually he offenses her with his incoherent thoughts. Thanks to his father’s wealth he has become “someone” whereas in fact he’s a rising “nobody”. You can see it painted all over his lifeless face. Woon Tak arrives and notices this meaningless discussion. He unleashes a few nuclear heads of truth in front of the guy’s unpleasantly surprised face and leaves along with Soon Jin.

bscap0195bscap0196 bscap0198bscap0199 bscap0203bscap0201 bscap0204bscap0205  bscap0208

bscap0212They’re walking next to the water and an insightful conversation takes place about their characters and the way they see each other through their like-minded lives, each to the way she/he paves of course, the contours are similar to one another, the core differs. It’s profound that only when he’s with her Woon Tak smiles wholeheartedly, but bscap0211Soon Jin at this point feels more relaxed while he’s around. Both of them are the firstborn children of their families and both of them come from families with one parent since her mother and his father respectively have passed away. It’s not necessarily that the firstborn ones invest more in their families and their lives become interwoven with their bscap0210siblings to a higher level. But once only one parent is alive, your responsibilities grow whether you like it or not and for the well-being of your family a big part of yourself gets sacrificed for a higher cause, especially when you have two younger sisters or you are the only man in the family alongside your two sisters and your mother. Their families bscap0209are so much alike yet so different, the first one being part of the working class, the second one being spoiled by Woon Tak’s wealth to the point they have forgotten the real world’s essence. They live in a distant galaxy, in a crystal palace that if something goes wrong with Woontak Chicken will immediately crack into pieces. But the echo of their own devastation will be much greater than the company’s. Her point of view on people getting hurt is idealistic, she strictly believes that people can become better and she follows a specific motive in her life, she tries not to hurt people without necessarily expecting not to get hurt herself. Another South Korean drama resemblance perspective to the good Samaritan to the extent that relates itself to the noble idiocy factor. Her intentions are pure and i concur it, but it’s the real world and the real world isn’t a beautifully composed symphony, it decomposes itself from the inside, from the very core of it; it’s human nature. More people like her are always required so that one day they grow stronger and prevent the shit from flowing, i’m not saying that she should change, it’s more like that she’d become ideally realistic, i know it doesn’t make much sense as the two words i used are kind of contradictory in the real world, but having a sense of reality prevents you from getting hurt and i foresee that she’ll go through a lot of pain through the warmhearted towards her Woon Tak, but from his cynical part too. Not only from him, but from the overall situation inside their families. And we get to witness a part of his past as he opens up his heart and how suppressed his childhood years were through the behavior of the people that rented him a room. And the way i see it, these events played a big part in the way he sees and/or treats people, but also in the cold way he understands them, he can’t be totally blamed, he’s a realist and a cynic, but often he passes the thin red line that converts cynicism into something raw; and eventually hateful, even violent. His voice disappears though when Soon Jin asks him why he’s treating her father this way. It’s omnipresent that he doesn’t want to involve her in the overall matter, he wants to prevent the inevitable; eventually she will find herself in the eye of the storm. But it’s not the eye of the storm that it’s frightening, once she steps even a little bit out of it the forceful winds will devour her.

bscap0214bscap0219bscap0218 bscap0216bscap0217

“Whether good or bad,
rich or poor,
if humans have at least one more than another,
they wield that power mercilessly.
Even poor people are like that.
They’re cruel and severe to those poorer than them.
That’s how people are.” (Chun Woon Tak)

bscap0220At the music school, even though Geum Bi presented herself as a friend of Soon Soo, she’s not quite a friend. She’s a hyped by her brother’s success annoying yet playful rock-around-the-clock as long as it’s ticking young lady! She gets aware that Soon Soo’s father lied and sets her superior mode on, she lets Soon Soo know that she’ll be returning to the US to continue her piano studies. Right before this encounter, Soon Soo met her teacher, even though she seems harsh in order to persuade her to finish as soon as possible to find out what she’s going to do with her life, she forces her even lower in the blackened pit she’s already lurking by herself. She’s not the brightest person and an introvert, she doesn’t talk about what’s hurting her and the more she keeps her thoughts inside the greater the impact of the internal explosion will feel on the outside whenever it occurs. Referring to the piano as a luxury instrument, it’s kind of true, but telling her that it doesn’t suit her because she doesn’t come from a wealthy family, what kind of a teacher does that? Of course a person that takes herself more seriously than she should, yet without thinking about other people, she keeps ranting her pompous thoughts without taking into consideration one’s condition. Not everyone has the same privileges as others in life, play now your soulless piano, “teacher”.

bscap0221bscap0223bscap0225  bscap0226bscap0227bscap0228bscap0229  bscap0231bscap0232   bscap0235

bscap0236An unbelievable surprise awaits Soon Soo by the time she returns back home, her father wants her to study the piano in the US, she doesn’t believe it, but he’s more than positive on the phone. Mal Sook overhears the conversation and tries to prevent him from doing anything rash, but his mind is wandering, it’s running. In notional terms he’s already far away and thus he leaves to do the best he can for his precious daughter. He visits Woon Tak and he gets straight to the point, he wants to know how much Woon Tak is willing to give him if he was going to work for him. He’s willing to sell the penultimate pride of his life, his own restaurant, for his own daughters’ sake, which will always be his utmost pride. He’s a parent willing to sell his beliefs and ideals as a sacrifice for his daughters to cherish a brighter future. And he signs the contract.

bscap0237bscap0238  bscap0240bscap0239bscap0241 bscap0242bscap0243  bscap0245bscap0244

bscap0246Later on that night, unaware of the fact that her father agreed to work under Woon Tak’s chicken machine, she keeps delivering the restaurant’s goodies. One delivery is for a club, but in this club Eun Bi and her bully friends are having fun and they’re going to have much more once Soon Jung enters. She tries to find out who ordered chicken, but soon a bunch of guys are causing her trouble and consider her unwelcome in the club because she’s ruining their fun. Eventually her chicken ends on the floor and Eun Bi along with her friends pretty much enjoy one’s humiliation. Anyone honoring his pants in there to help Soon Jung? Not even a soul? Not even the owner or representative of the club? No, nobody, even the one who represents the club during the scene considers her responsible for all this ruckus and orders her to gather the food from the floor and leave. The guys that caused her trouble appear to know Eun Bi and it seems like it was an aforethought plan. On the outside, some other lowlife punks destroy her motorcycle, leaving her devastated on the floor, something Eun Bi and her friends enjoy even more. Kwan Mo who came to take them with the car senses the injustice, but he can’t act differently. If he disobeys Woon Tak’s orders to get his little sister he will be in so much trouble. But this one was a mind-awakening moment for Kwan Mo, i assume, for the forthcoming episodes. You can only feel for Soon Jung on that scene, she might be at fault when she attacks back at them, but she’s all alone and she attacks back, she doesn’t start chaos on her own. You can’t help it but hate Eun Bi and her peasants, sympathy is the least one can feel for Soon Jung as she’s always being misunderstood and finds herself in complex situations she didn’t start in the first place.

bscap0247bscap0249  bscap0251bscap0250 bscap0252bscap0253 bscap0254

bscap0255Woon Tak arranges a meeting with his company’s directors at his place. Meanwhile, Soon Jung returns back home and a thunder strikes her by the time she finds out her father signed Woon Tak’s contract. The pressure within must be intense, one after the other she receives life’s bitter slaps and decides to take the situation in her hands. She arrives at Woon Tak’s grandiose house whereas at the same time Eun Bi, as if nothing happened in someone else’s life earlier is enjoying herself by relaxing on the bed with her favorite piggy stuffed animal, Richmond! The scene’s funny and Eun Bi’s quite sweet over there, but i can’t separate that scene from her vulgar senseless self. I guess a life lesson’s approaching her way, if not soon, sometime later. Soon Jung keeps ringing the doorbell and Woon Tak replies to her, she wants him to cancel the contract, but that’s not something a man like Woon Tak would do, especially since it took him so many years to achieve it!

bscap0260 bscap0261bscap0262 bscap0263 bscap0257bscap0256 bscap0258bscap0259

bscap0266Now that Jin Sam’s matter isn’t bothering them, the board of directors worry about Young Pyo’s lawsuit, if he progresses it then they are ruined! All their underground and dirty methods will come to the surface and a possible embargo will follow. At this point, the beaten director’s face doesn’t look so friendly towards Woon Tak, i’m really curious whether he will team up with Young Pyo or not to get his own portion of revenge, but that’s just an assumption. Soon Jung decides to invade Woon Tak’s house! She jumps off the yard wall and trespasses Woon Tak’s property. She notices someone, but he lets her pass by without stopping her, i think he was Kwan Mo. Breaking into Woon Tak’s house? That’s not good, that’s not good at all, Soon Jung. You might have to deal with the law for that, especially since Eun Bi noticed you and you brought chaos inside the house by breaking all these vases and harming her. She holds in her hands the contract, but her escape wasn’t possible and she finds herself in Woon Tak’s secret room where the business matters take place, the dirty ones and she overhears things she shouldn’t have, for her own safety i mean. Woon Tak in fear notices her and in fear she stares back at him as well. Things will get vulgar!

bscap0267bscap0268bscap0270bscap0272bscap0273bscap0271bscap0269bscap0274 bscap0275bscap0276

And judging from the preview, Soon Jung will manage to escape and she’ll have to hide to remain safe, away from Woon Tak’s claws. And that’s when Soon Jin will start getting embedded in the overall families’ matters since she has to protect her sister. Young Pyo gives more information to Jin Sam, we don’t know how he will react at this point since Soon Jung is in danger. The beaten up director tries to find Young Pyo, alive or dead, it doesn’t really matter. But things went that far because he didn’t do his job well and he will have to pay a price; or he will have to fight back using Young Pyo. And Soon Soo finally explodes in front of her father to get back what she never expected. Soon Jin begs Mi Ja to have mercy upon her sister, but mercy is something she doesn’t know, even a dictionary can’t remind her the meaning of this word. She has no other choice but to ask from Woon Tak to not report the incident to the police, it’s something that would ruin Soon Jung’s life. A fire in the end raises the smoke even higher, we have yet to find out what will happen when the smoke surrenders. OK, crucify me, i admit it, i like her!


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