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Episode 3 Review: Kill Me, Heal Me (2015)

bscap0048And a moral yet demented modern South Korean equivalent of Nero is here, Perry Park! He’s so happy while searching and eventually finding his clothes he’s blending in his very own tune! It’s like a drunkard’s song, so imagine the way he would sing had he drank soju or wine or simply anything alcohol-oriented! But drinking is prohibited! That Hawaii shirt and the gradual near-completion face when the ship proposal echos in the room owned! He’s shipping the ship! Good choice! And that music on the background, it paces perfectly well with Perry Park’s over-excited character; a real satyr!

bscap0050bscap0049 bscap0051bscap0052 bscap0053bscap0054bscap0055bscap0056 bscap0057bscap0058 bscap0059bscap0060 bscap0061bscap0062 bscap0063bscap0064 bscap0065bscap0066

bscap0067But the bathroom guy’s phone call changes his plans! And he responds to the phone call with style, first he fixes his hair with it, then he answers the call! He doesn’t really care, but once the bathroom guy refers to Ri Jin’s life who’s in great danger it’s something that awakens the hero within! Adrenaline and action, action and adrenaline; an explosive combination and Perry Park’s totally into it! And Ri Jin can scream and communicate in her own undertone way even with her mouth taped, have i told you already that i love this psychotic psychiatrist?! So, here’s some extra tape in a futile try of silencing her erupting volcano mouth! Although she’s right, things could have been much easier and less complicated, but the bathroom guy must feel a bit more villainous and put his life on the line for the precious made in Italy jacket with the ecstasy capsules inside! In the meantime, the meeting is about to begin and the grandmother tries to hide her discomfort and anger, but she doesn’t quite succeed. Ki Joon and his father’s wicked smile are representative of the pleasure they receive through Do Hyun’s absence. It’s a world of predators and the vilest one shall emerge victorious! Unless Do Hyun’s exceptional and considerate character overshadows them and along with them, the rest of the personalities underneath his skin! “There is only one of me”, yeah, sure, Perry.

bscap0068bscap0069 bscap0070bscap0071 bscap0072bscap0073 bscap0074bscap0075 bscap0076bscap0077bscap0082bscap0079bscap0080

bscap0085The bathroom guy practices with his gang members in order to get ready for Se Gi’s appearance and everything seems to be flowing well, until Perry Park appears with two bombs in his hands! And he’s so happy about it! Secretary Ahn can’t let Do Hyun’s absence threaten his vice president position and delivers a message at the company meeting letting Do Hyun’s grandmother know that something urgent appeared. She lies in front of the board of directors by informing them that Do Hyun was involved in a car accident, it’s the most she can do at the moment to ease the tension that would have had risen if she didn’t come up with an excuse. Although her help is not for free, somebody’s going to feel quite uncomfortable in front of her later on and it’s not going to be neither Perry Park nor Se Gi, not even someone from the rest of the personality’s, it’s always Do Hyun that finds himself in the most awkward situations after everything returns back to normal and amnesia of recent events arises!


bscap0084Saturi accent owns and paces really well with Perry Park’s facial expressions and child-like threats even in such a serious situation! Everything seems under control since he has scared to death the bathroom guy’s minions and he enters a ranting delirium and the ranting spree rages on and he’s entered a blissful state of grandeur unable to conceive and decode Ri Jin’s signals that someone’s approaching from behind to eliminate the threat named Perry Park! However, his airy hyena figure manages to avoid the blow, but the bombs fall off his hands and start rolling and rolling and rolling on the floor until they get activated! In ten seconds everything will be over! “The rice is fully cooked”, but the bomb doesn’t explode after the countdown is over! An odd sense of surprise is painted all over everyone’s faces, something between comfort and puzzlement. I don’t see how someone’s logic would ever let someone hold that bomb in his hands after this inconvenient yet blissful turn of events, i mean, it’s still a bomb and it could explode any time! But we’re talking about Perry Park and any sense of logic surrenders in shame! So, unable to find an answer to why the bomb didn’t explode in the first place he has to face the wrath of the bathroom guy’s minions that returned and started kicking while he’s lying on the floor! The transmitter gets activated and Secretary Ahn is pretty much aware of Perry Park’s position, at the same time he witnesses the dangerous situation he’s in by overhearing the dialogue at the storage. As soon as they break it, Ahn Gook loses the signal from the transmitter and rushes towards the storage room. By the time he arrives Perry Park, Ri Jin and the gang are nowhere to be found.

 bscap0086bscap0090 bscap0091bscap0092 bscap0093bscap0094bscap0095bscap0096 bscap0097bscap0098 bscap0099bscap0100bscap0101bscap0103 bscap0104bscap0106 bscap0107bscap0108bscap0109bscap0110 bscap0111bscap0112 bscap0113

bscap0114The jacket bathroom guy took Perry Park and Ri Jin to another place. Perry Park is unconscious after all this beating he received at the storage, but the bathroom guy must find the jacket! It’s not only about the drugs, they may be important for his boss, but the jacket is a one of a kind luxury item, it’s the masterpiece of Salvatore Bocchetti! It doesn’t matter is bscap0115Bocchetti is a football player in real life, in Kill Me, Heal Me he’s a master of creating jackets, well, he was, since his heart failed him and he’s not part of this world anymore. So, the jacket is something like a fashion keepsake, a holy item from the temple of fashion, Italy! And that’s the moment Ri On sends a picture to his sister and once the bathroom guy witnesses him wearing his jacket he demands some answers from Ri Jin and wonders why she doesn’t reply back! No wonder her mouth is shut with all that tape for Salvatore’s sake! His minion takes charge of the situation and unwraps her mouth. And everything would had been much easier had that thug listened to her at least for one time, but he wasn’t brain-capable of making things easier for everyone, he’s in the thug side of life! Ri On calls Ri Jin and she tries to give him some hints that the situation is dangerous and he seems to understand… that she’s complimenting him in order not to give back the money she borrowed from him! Once they get the answer they wanted, for how long he will stay at the party, the bathroom guy ends the phone call, it’s about time for some action while taking back the drug infused legendary jacket! The thug who was with him in the interrogation room will stay back to guard Ri Jin and Perry Park, as for the rest… “follow me”! Ri On’s face was priceless when he thought Ri Jin ended the phone call right in his face!

bscap0116bscap0117bscap0118bscap0119 bscap0120bscap0121bscap0122bscap0123 bscap0124bscap0125

bscap0126The thug peasant arms one of the bombs by mistake while at the same time Ri Jin clearly notices that something’s wrong with Se Gi. Perry Park is the third personality she meets after Do Hyun and Se Gi. He wakes up and it’s Do Hyun’s turn to come to the surface for the time being. The more they talk the more palpable the evidence of multiple personalities becomes, it’s just that she doesn’t have yet rock solid evidence, but it won’t take such a long time to find out. Do Hyun’s s actually very considerate of Ri Jin and her family’s condition since they might be in danger thanks to her giving information about where Oh Ri On is. “Are you in the right state of mind?” look who’s talking, the one with seven states of mind! And then he recalls Sook Hee’s words that Ri Jin is a patient and he calms down his tone and gets in an apologetic mood! Do Hyun is a softie! But well, Ri Jin doesn’t help him that much with her reactions, she doesn’t consider all this situation quite dangerous for Ri On, it’s just an after work party for her! Well, it is, but it won’t be anymore in a while!

bscap0128bscap0129  bscap0132bscap0131 bscap0134bscap0133bscap0130bscap0135 bscap0136

bscap0137And that scene is intense, staring at each other’s eyes as she’s telling him Se Gi’s monologue from that night when he told her to remember his eyes and the exact moment he fell for her. Do Hyun doesn’t recall for apparent reasons and the entrance of the first song of the OST, Jang Jae In’s Auditory Hallucination with NaShow, makes the overall scene even more precious. The actual realization of truth under a beautiful and emotional tune feels close, but he doesn’t intend to confess anything for the time being and they work on an escape plan. Ri Jin does the thing she knows best, she’s screaming! And the thug minion enters the room to get countered by Do Hyun! He tries to find a way out, but the thug peasant returns and takes Ri Jin as a hostage. Do Hyun uses Sook Hee’s information that Ri Jin is a megalomaniac and how dangerous she may become and then they notice that the bomb will soon explode! Ri Jin’s face was priceless! All that grotesque fear surpassing every inch of her face! The thug gets scared and throws Ri Jin at Do Hyun and they fall down to the floor amidst combustive materials ten seconds until the explosion erupts! The very last seconds he grabs her and they start running and the bomb explodes while they were passing through the door.

bscap0138bscap0139bscap0141bscap0142 bscap0143bscap0144bscap0145bscap0146 bscap0149 bscap0150bscap0151bscap0153bscap0154bscap0152 bscap0155bscap0156bscap0157bscap0158 bscap0159bscap0161bscap0162bscap0163 bscap0164

bscap0165And what a twist! He pretended to not had realized what was going on earlier where in fact he actually noticed that something was wrong through Ri Jin’s reference to his book! And once the jacket bathroom guy and his gang appear and everything proves that things are going to get dangerous, Ri On tears apart the jacket and the ecstasy pills fall on the ground! At that point his friends get up and they start showing one after the other their police identities! And it’s a multiple-win situation! Ri Jin must had known with which people he was hanging out at that moment, so it pretty much explains why she wasn’t really worried! You mess with Ri On, you mess with the law! No wonder he writes such stories while having all these police officers as friends! Ri On demands an answer, her sister’s position! In the meantime, Do Hyun regains his senses, but Ri Jin is still unconscious and the explosions keep going on and as she returns back to reality for a little while she asks him to save her and that she’s sorry for being unable to understand, it’s probably because she started realizing the truth behind him and his multiple personalities. He takes her in his arms and he ties her tightly on his back right before escaping with a motorcycle and… what an escape root amidst explosions and flames alongside the OST song! And you have to love the way she’s holding him tight as her thoughts float all over the place! It just keeps getting better and better! Do Hyun’s righteous, consistent, brave self pretty much owns!

bscap0167bscap0166 bscap0168bscap0169 bscap0170bscap0172 bscap0173bscap0175bscap0174bscap0176 bscap0181bscap0180  bscap0182bscap0184bscap0178bscap0183 bscap0185bscap0186 bscap0188bscap0187 bscap0189bscap0190 bscap0191bscap0192bscap0193bscap0194

bscap0196He takes her to the hospital and he’s sincerely sorry for everything she’s been through because of him, for meeting him, for being exposed to dangers she would never go through had she never met him. He considers every time they met a misfortune, he’s breaking down as he inhales regret and exhales plea for forgiveness and his eyes reflect all these feelings, Ji Sung is such a great actor. She regains consciousness for a few seconds as he’s confessing his apologetic thoughts and by the time she opens up her eyes again Do Hyun’s no longer there, it’s Ri On’s turn to stand by her side. And damn, the contours of their faces must had looked so much alike through her blurry sight! Ri On was so worried about Ri Jin he rushed to the factory where she was being held and all he found out was a destructed facility without her being there. Omega-3 murder case, chapter 3 was the key to success and that coded handshake owned! By the time she wonders where Do Hyun could be, he’s already being transferred to the meeting by Secretary Ahn and to tell the truth, he’s quite hurt. He gathers all his strength and while Ki Joon and his father are making a scene to cause discomfort at Do Hyun’s face, he appears displeasing his enemies. He’s pretty much aware of the overall situation and he never forgets that his grandmother helped him to get to the vice president position all of a sudden, he appears honest, but also dynamic in front of the board of directors and he makes them aware that through determination, spirit and effort he will offer the best of himself to the company. Another variable is identity, what? Identity! One out of seven! Yet, even though he’s wounded and bleeding, his presentation flows well.

bscap0197bscap0198 bscap0199bscap0200bscap0202bscap0203 bscap0204bscap0205 bscap0206bscap0207 bscap0208bscap0209 bscap0210bscap0211 bscap0212

bscap0230Omo, that painting had a North Korean aura, but even in these communist paintings of Kim family members they are smiling! That portrait in Kill Me, Heal Me felt more like a South Korean presentation of Vigo’s portrait, the bad guy from the 1989 movie Ghostbusters II! How dare she accuse her grandson for actions his father willingly did to save his own son when he was a little kid? These South Korean mothers and grandmothers in dramas can be really scary and more than threatening, they might not be using physical violence, well, sometimes, but their words can harass one’s soul even with cotton! “If you are human” she dares to utter, he’s human, he’s a thousand times more human than she’d ever imagine and if she knew what he’s going through she would never dare to speak, all she needs is 10 seconds with Se Gi to teach her a good lesson! OK, we got it, Do Hyun got it too, he has to protect Seung Ji Group until her precious son can take charge of the situation once again! Now stop this you hysteric careerist -brained menace to humanity! When such a character pisses me off it always means one thing, that the actress is doing an exceptional work and Kim Young Ae gets my thumbs up, as for grandmother Tae Im, i’ll keep hating her, unless she manages to change my point of view on her at some point. And indeed, Do Hyun’s father is pretty much alive in a comatose condition and his wife, Hwa Ran, finally managed to find him, if the rest of the family has its own ways of keeping his position a secret, she’s got her own ways of spotting him as well!

bscap0241Ri Jin’s mother worried about her health and she’s preparing some food for her. Not much, she reassures Ri Jin she didn’t make a fuzz about creating lots of food. Yeah sure, in the size of a chick’s eye poop. I would never believe it and there she is with all this food, Ri On’s words are perfect, a truck food of love and daddy Oh seals the food packages with so much love one after the other for his precious daughter! He’s so dedicated to his new leather jacket he’s willing to lose weight in order to fit perfectly in it! But it’s too late for the jacket! And the mother is Oh-some! Once Ri On makes fun of daddy Oh she attacks him with the scoop! Now these are precious family scenes making you explode with laughter! This drama makes me feel so excited i think i am steadily becoming Perry Park, without the bombs, of course!

 bscap0240bscap0239  bscap0252bscap0251 bscap0254bscap0255

bscap0256Secretary Ahn helps Do Hyun take care of his wounds, but Do Hyun’s worried more about Ri Jin rather than himself. The misunderstanding that she’s got a mental illness keeps going on and Do Hyun asks Ahn Gook to pay for her mental treatment and take good care of her and if Se Gi hurt her in the past, he should apologize on his behalf. Back at the hospital, Ri Jin leaves her room for a while to get a hold of ice tea or juice from the automatic refrigerator, once she returns back to her room she nearly chokes herself by the time she notices all these heart balloons and presents! There’s a nameless heart-card wishing her to get well and she wonders if it could be the… Gentleman! It might be Do Hyun’s doing, or simply Secretary Ahn’s own idea of how to deal with her overall situation by showing an exaggerating amount of love to the mental patient Ri Jin! Ri On appears shortly after and lets her know that he’ll be watching if she’s dating! And now that’s not a hospital room, it’s like a luxurious restaurant! So much food and beer as well! Daddy Oh must be quite an expert at making beer, he always has a zen look! Ri On and Ri Jin start talking about Do Hyun and his personalities, Ri On seems to know something more in general and he’s got the detective look trying to unearth more answers to his secret questions while Ri Jin feels quite concerned about Do Hyun’s condition and wonders how lonely he must be feeling through all these great mood swings among personalities; such an unbearable burden!

  bscap0259bscap0257 bscap0260bscap0261 bscap0262bscap0264 bscap0263bscap0265 bscap0266bscap0267 bscap0268bscap0014bscap0269bscap0270 bscap0271bscap0272 bscap0273bscap0274 bscap0276bscap0275 bscap0277bscap0278 bscap0279bscap0280 bscap0281bscap0282bscap0283bscap0284 bscap0285

bscap0000Do Hyun’s having nightmares late at night and the scene where someone tries to hit him when he was little appears again. At this point, the shady figures starts looking quite feminine to my eyes, like a woman having tied her hair back as a ponytail, i started believing that this figure could be his grandmother since she keeps accusing him for his father’s condition. His bscap0001nighttime doesn’t seem that pleasant and these nightmares must be appearing quite often. The next morning, Ki Joon will start keeping a close eye on Do Hyun and asks his own secretary to search all the hospitals in order to find out whether Do Hyun was hospitalized or not. He had witnessed the blood running down his arm at the meeting. Back at Do Hyun, he’s inspecting some of the company’s projects, but he doesn’t seem to be paying attention to his assistant by the time he notices Chae Yun’s presence! She calls out his name, but he ignores her, it’s not something she’s used to, yet they’re having a conversation shortly after. She’s using his own words that she could just beat him up if she noticed something different in the way he treats her! She urges him to cross the line he was afraid to do so all these years to find out whether she’d cross it with him at all costs or she would just end beating him up. Do Hyun feels uncomfortable, but what makes him feel that way the most isn’t because he can’t easily express his feelings, something which is true, it’s the rest of the personalities within that make him quite considerate of the pain, misfortune and danger he might bring to his loved ones. And at this point i’m quite curious whether she has started falling for him or it’s just another part of her plan, she looked emotionally ambitious though and confused by the end of their short meeting! And Do Hyun’s wet eyes while leaving, you could sense that he was feeling lost despite his feelings of longing.

 bscap0005bscap0302 bscap0002

bscap0303Secretary Ahn meets doctor Ho Pil to help him find a trustworthy psychiatrist to help Do Hyun with his multiple personality disorder. At some point Ri Jin enters his office and the misunderstanding gets solved, Ri Jin’s not a patient, but a psychiatrist at the hospital. Ahn Gook informs Do Hyun while at the same time Ri Jin informs Ho Pil about the man with the bscap0304three personalities she had met. She unveils her thoughts on her early diagnosis and by the time she refers to the name Se Gi the world of Ho Pil starts shaking in fear! Do Hyun rushes to find her. At Ho Pil’s office some interesting information comes to the surface, Do Hyun when he was seventeen years old he was beating up his friend’s stepfather, apparently it bscap0305was Se Gi’s doing. The truth behind Do Hyun’s personalities lies in his past, but somewhere between the age of seven and eight, he lost his memory back then. If he can face the demons of the past, he will be able to take control of his body once and for all. If he can regain his memory, no matter how painful it may be, he will be able to deal with the rest of the personalities. And the reason he lost his memory might be intentional, he didn’t want to remember all these traumatic events and by losing his memory his subconscious world forged these personalities, one for every painful memory. Se Gi for the shady image of someone attempting to hit him, the suicidal self for all these moments he probably wanted to harm himself, Perry Park for… well, i don’t know! It must have something to do with the fire incident from which he survived. His memories live through the existence of Se Gi, Perry Park and the other selves and if he wants to heal the wounds of the past and the shadows still haunting him he has to regain his memory in the first place. Definitely, he must not become Se Gi’s victim who’s pretty much aware of the overall situation and wants Do Hyun to fall asleep forever. Putting Do Hyun to sleep his memories will remain buried forever and Se Gi will reign supreme. Family members would quite helpful in his search for the truth, but it’s his family members that must never find out about his condition. He’s the only one who can help himself with caring people around him. And these people never were his family.

 bscap0307bscap0308 bscap0312

bscap0341You can witness the caring attitude Ri Jin forges towards Do Hyun’s face. Ho Pil’s thoughts keep echoing in her mind and by the time she stares at the pictures of her family she feels relieved that she lives in such a happy and gracious environment, unlike Do Hyun who has to face himself countless times all alone and cover up all the wrongdoings of his other personalities. And she definitely understands what an elegant and caring person Do Hyun is by recalling his words at the hospital, doctor Ho Pil also stated what a kind person he is.


bscap0018And Sook Hee who was trying to escape caught her off guard as she was losing herself in all these thoughts! That rabbit-frog crossover walking owned me! She waves hello at Ri Jin, Ri Jin waves back and then she starts running! And that dance right after getting out of the revolving door at the entrance! And Ri Jin saving her from the Paradise Club prince’s car! Her cries of promising to Do Hyun that they’ll meet again as she was being taken back inside the hospital made me wish that she must appear again in this drama and in many dramas during 2015! I can never get enough of my adorable Kim Seul Gi, she’s an incurable love! Although i have to admit that Sook Hee’s psychiatric insight is pretty strong, she can see through Do Hyun’s pain and her words echo at Ri Jin’s ears as she’s staring at Do Hyun while thinking of all his background information.

bscap0009bscap0008 bscap0017bscap0019bscap0020bscap0021 bscap0022bscap0023 bscap0024bscap0025

bscap0030Do Hyun and Ri Jin are left all alone and they meet themselves anew, Do Hyun introduces himself as himself officially for the first time and i can’t help it but love Ri Jin’s emotional expressions and nearly wet eyes, so heartwarming and relieving! Her continuous questions one after the other with the gradual depth of warming colors on her face left me stunned! “I, who has this face and the look in my eye, i’m Cha Do Hyun”. Amen!

 bscap0027bscap0026bscap0345bscap0346bscap0028bscap0029  bscap0031bscap0032 bscap0033bscap0034 bscap0035bscap0037 bscap0038bscap0039 bscap0040bscap0041  bscap0043bscap0044bscap0045 bscap0046


PS. The song that haunts all the emotionally fortified scenes of our captivating drama and by the time i’m writing this, our ears as well through its whole duration!

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  1. January 16, 2015 at 2:41 am — Reply

    That huge portrait of the late Chairman is seriously creepy O.O If I were Chairman Seo, I won’t keep a ginormous pic of a dead man inside my workplace.

    I like how the drama slightly deviates from the usual kdrama trope: the hero is a very down-to-earth and polite man, and the heroine is an aspiring doctor who is good at her job! All those chaebol wars and stuff are kdrama staple anyway, but at least we are not dealing with any Mary Sues or Candys over here. Ri-jin’s screams give me life!

    The song gives me goosebumps but in a good way. Love Jang Jae-in’s voice!

    • January 16, 2015 at 9:22 pm — Reply

      Ah, this 4th episode reviewcap is taking lots of time!

      It feels as if that portrait is hauting the workplace, it’s almost ghastly! They should bur it already!

      Indeed! I real like that fact as well, down-to-earth main leads are rare to find! Mary Sues or Candys XD I totally agree, Ri Jin’s screams are divine! Although many find them nerve-cracking 😛 I highly enjoy them 😀

      Yes! The song was unexpectedly awesome, every time it appears in the drama the scene reaches completion!

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        People on DC gallery finds her screams adorable 😉 Hehehehehe I wish Wednesday will be here soon!

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          Her screams are life-giving melodies lol 😀
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    Thank you so much for the recap. I really enjoyed reading it and loved it when you said that CDH is human more than his grandmother even think, actually your comment on that scene made me lough when I was so stressed about his grandmother’s actions. I really hate his family and I hope he stays away from them as far as possible (wll mot possible for now I think ‘sigh’) thank you again.

    • January 16, 2015 at 9:18 pm — Reply

      Thanks a lot for your kind and generous words!! I’m glad i could make you laugh and ease the tension from that evil halmuni’s words and actions! I wish he could stay away from them like forever, but eventually he will have to face them with his main and/or his other personalities.

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