Episode 10 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

bscap0801Flashbacks. It’s a technique used vaguely in the world of dramas. However, it’s not as easy as it seems and many times it fills in some time in order to reach about one hour of an episode. Seemingly enough, it may appear as a reminder of past events to the audience, but it’s much more than that if used wisely. Mr. Back’s usage of the flashback technique is everything one could ask for, especially since it’s being used quite often in every episode. Of course i’m not referring to memory flashbacks that make their appearance at a crucial scene to depict its background, such scenes are one of a kind. I’m referring to scenes we’ve seen in past episodes and make their appearance anew in future episodes. Some of them consist of continuous sparse moments to present a flow of events within a few seconds in a figure’s moment whose memories play an important part so as to find out how to proceed. Some others are full scenes, but by the moment the flashback takes place we realize that the scene is enriched, making much more sense at the present by revealing the truth behind one’s words and/or actions. Mr. Back uses the flashback technique wisely, by keeping a connection with the past it moves forward and when the past appears it emphasizes on present events by depicting the path that leads towards that direction. It’s reminding, insightful, enriching and emphasizing, some times escalating, some others intensifying, yet always spot on.

bscap0770Four noble truths, eight sufferings, integral parts of one’s life according to the sayings of Buddha. That’s how the ninth episode closed its curtains and that’s how the tenth one opens them up to welcome the audience with the same amounts of pain and agony when it comes to Go Bong’s condition and the way it affects the ones that stand by his side, whether they know his real identity or not. Gyung Bae’s aware of Go Bong’s situation and he knows that he shouldn’t undergo surgery. He calls Ha Soo to rush at the hospital to be by Go Bong’s side and ease his burden. Once she arrives Gyung Bae tries to cancel the surgery and take Ha Soo near Go Bong, but Dae Han won’t let him proceed with his plan. Truth be told, any logical person would have done the same, especially since not everybody’s aware of Go Bong’s real identity and condition. Gyung Bae’s reactions are highly expressive, he struggles to stop the surgery in order to save his friend, he’s in an almost mourning condition crying his lungs out in distress.

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bscap0794The surgery is about to begin, thankfully, only in Go Bong’s condition, a cardiac arrest prevents the doctors from proceeding. Go Bong appears on the vast pathway towards afterlife, he’s probably cherishing his last moments on earth and he sees the most precious person in his life, Ha Soo. The final gleaming before the end. Shortly after, he finds himself all alone, it’s probably the arch stage of the transition when the spirit starts departing and realizes the lonely path out of the body. Hopefully enough, once he opens up his eyes he’s lying on a hospital bed, it could be the doctors that brought him back to life with the defibrillator, it could be Ha Soo’s presence with the pendant around her neck, it could be a successful combination of both, what really matters though, no matter how, is that Choi Go Bong is among the living once again and he doesn’t wish to see anyone for the time being. It was the most intense mind-awakening moment in his life so far and he has to put some serious thinking into what he should do from this point and on, especially if his time on earth is limited. Dae Han demands some answers from Gyung Bae when it comes to his previous behavior about the surgery and Ha Soo’s presence near Go Bong, but it’s one of these hard to explain situations. It’s not something one could easily explain so that someone else would comprehend and even if he did, Gyung Bae still has to keep Go Bong’s identity a secret. It’s a double edged knife.

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bscap0826Everyone leaves except for Gyung Bae. Ji Yoon’s in the circle of the forever alone people with her unconditional one-sided love and she’s bound to leave alone. Dae Han intends to take Ha Soo back home. They have a sincere discussion inside his car. She tries to explain Go Bong’s health issues and when it comes to his father Dae Han opens up his heart and talks about the resemblance between the late Choi Go Bong and Choi Shin Hyung. At the end of the previous episode we found Go Bong caring for Dae Han’s feelings when it comes to Ha Soo, this time it’s Dae Han’s turn to express his gratitude towards Ha Soo for caring so much about his brother. It’s a heartfelt discussion, especially when it comes to loved ones and how much one misses them once they’re gone. What hurts the most are the things you didn’t have the chance to tell them and this chance will never appear again. Nothing should be taken for granted, especially human lives, this moment you’re breathing, the next one it might not be possible for whatever reasons. Things you can say or do at the present you should always treasure them, instead, we always think that tomorrow will always come, but nothing lasts forever and for some people tomorrow might be too late. You never know when one’s clock will stop ticking. That’s the most common mistake people do and while they are at it, it doesn’t seem like a mistake. You only realize it when it’s too late and the cost is more than you can bear. By the time Dae Han returns back to the hospital Go Bong’s nowhere to be found.

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bscap0870The overall scenery reaches its most paranoid form when it comes to the wolves’ lair. Shin Hyung’s been missing and a parody of continuous thoughts keeps marching through their minds! Could Shin Hyung be terminally ill? Could he be Choi Go Bong?! Whoever he is, is he going to punish them severely?! No matter how you look at it the scene is hilarious! Especially Young Dal and In Ja’s reactions at times! These three villainous siblings play really well! The fact that i dislike their characters can be only good, simply because they live up to their roles’ expectations and they’re funny.

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bscap0902Dae Han’s still suspicious of Gyung Bae and questions him once again. Well, Gyung Bae’s answers are more or less cheap excuses and tries to get through this trial unharmed! Dae Han can’t stop thinking that Shin Hyung is Choi Go Bong, deep inside his heart it makes sense, but his mind won’t agree. Setting aside Go Bong’s circumstances that divide Dae Han’s internal world, emotions and logic never were a good company in the first place, they rarely pace together.

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bscap0941Go Bong’s wandering alone and along with him the past comes to visit him with sparse flashbacks that marked him positively or negatively, depending on the moment. They’re thoughts with a specific person, his son, Dae Han. Shortly after he’s dinning at a restaurant that holds memories, the past is all over the place with Go Bong being the only audience of his past life. The way he behaved towards his son, even when he was a small kid, is representative of his overall behavior towards Dae Han throughout the years. He never paid attention to his son’s words and desires, everything was going according to Go Bong’s plan. The more the scene processes the more he realizes how wrong he was all these years, eventually his internal world cracks into pieces and he bursts into tears. Dae Han’s childish eyes tear him apart, one piece at a time making the torment everlasting.

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bscap0977The incident at the hospital was shocking, he can’t change the past, but he can try at the present and become a decent and caring person for the people he loves. Later on that night, he recalls Ha Soo’s question about what are his dreams, it’s about time he starts dreaming while relating his dreams to his loved ones. He starts writing down all these simple but most important parts in one’s life he was missing for decades now, not for himself, he cared enough about himself, it’s about time he cares for other human beings in a humane way. It’s a rare moment of clarity in an attempt to make every single second count.

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bscap0988In the meantime, Ha Soo’s worrying about Go Bong and how couldn’t she? He’s been missing for some time now and there are no news. But she’s not the only one, the next day at work Dae Han and Ha Soo express their mutual worries about Go Bong’s disappearance and Dae Han in a way feels guilty because he made Go Bong aware of his feelings towards Ha Soo.

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bscap1006Director Yi Gun keeps Ji Yoon under siege. I still can’t figure out whether his feelings are true or he just wants to use her for his own ambitions. Dae Han and Go Bong’s plan on Seohae Hotel along with the help of Ji Yoon ruins his plans and he can’t comprehend how can she love Dae Han even if he doesn’t feel the same way for her. Ji Yoon’s pretty much aware of her feelings and she’s not flying in thin air, she knows that Dae Han doesn’t feel the same way, not at all. I feel for her, i still can’t get over her full of affection yet aching stare, it’s so expressive!

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bscap1029The following morning Go Bong goes hiking in an attempt to find some piece of mind. Although running away from your problems and desires won’t really help you. He reads Ha Soo’s messages while at the same time Ha Soo keeps worrying about him. Later on that night he decides his comeback and promises to himself while staring at the sky that he’s going to live a proper life from now on, for all the reasons in this world!

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bscap1051The first person to notice Go Bong’s comeback is Dae Han! Dae Han shows him how worried he was all this time and tells him to call Ha Soo because she’s worried as well. It’s remarkable the fact that he asks him not to hurt her since she’s fallen for him, he’s pretty much aware of each other’s feelings and he’s pushing back no matter how it may hurt. Shortly after Go Bong goes to his room. Dae Han visits and catches him checking Choi Go Bong’s phone. He becomes suspicious once again while at the same time Go Bong tries to clear the clouds of suspicion by telling him that the mobile phone reminds him of his father and he can’t give it to him! These excuses…

bscap1052bscap1053 bscap1054bscap1055 bscap1056bscap1057 bscap1058bscap1059 bscap1060bscap1061 bscap1062bscap1063 bscap1064bscap1065 bscap1066bscap1067 bscap1068bscap1071 bscap1072bscap1073 bscap1074bscap1075 bscap1076bscap1077 bscap1078bscap1079

bscap1080The Seohae Hotel plan must be successful, but Ji Yoon is quite thoughtful on Dae Han’s behalf and wonders whether it should be a good idea or not for Shin Hyung to be in charge of the overall operation. Shortly after and since she got the answer she wanted, that Dae Han feels Shin Hyung as his brother, she goes to meet Go Bong and asks for his help since she considers him a proper person when it comes to business who inherited his father’s skills! It’s about time for him to go meet Dae Han and tell him his views on the subject, although Dae Han doesn’t want to talk with him about Seohae Hotel. It’s the place where his mother died and it’s quite a personal matter. Although standing behind a desk doesn’t solve a problem and Go Bong’s voice becomes louder as times passes by making Dae Han call him father once again! It must be quite a traumatic experience for Dae Han every time Go Bong feels so… Go Bong!

bscap1081bscap1082 bscap1083bscap1084bscap1085bscap1086 bscap1087bscap1088bscap1089bscap1090 bscap1091bscap1092bscap1101bscap1102 bscap1103bscap1104bscap1105bscap1106 bscap1107bscap1108bscap1109bscap1110bscap1111bscap1112bscap1113bscap1114bscap1115bscap1116 bscap1117bscap1118bscap1119bscap1120 bscap1121bscap1122bscap1123bscap1124bscap1125bscap1126 bscap1127bscap1128bscap1129bscap1130 bscap1131bscap1132bscap1133bscap1134bscap1135bscap1136

bscap1137Mi Hye and Yi Gun are meeting in secrecy once again, they try to find a way to counter Dae Han and Go Bong’s plan to revive the Seohae Hotel. Mi Hye’s got a plan and she intends to meet wealthy people from abroad in order to make deals with luxury brand names. She doesn’t want to go alone and she invites Yi Gun, although he refuses claiming that the company is in crisis and he can’t leave his position for the time being. Although Ji Yoon’s name comes into play, could he really like her?

bscap1138bscap1139 bscap1140bscap1141bscap1142bscap1143 bscap1144bscap1145 bscap1146bscap1147 bscap1148bscap1149 bscap1150bscap1151 bscap1152bscap1153 bscap1154bscap1155 bscap1156bscap1157 bscap1158

bscap1093Even though Go Bong has read her messages he still hasn’t replied back to Ha Soo and she’s still worrying. The employees are getting informed that positions have opened up when it comes to Seohae Hotel, will they follow? At the same time Ji Yoon tries to teach Dae Han the secrets of management! Nobody said it would be easy! In the end he falls asleep, but Ji Yoon seems to be highly enjoying the teaching process and spending some time with him, she’s always adorable!

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bscap1182Mi Hye doesn’t intend to leave Go Bong at ease since he offered her false papers. She threatens to send him back to jail, but Go Bong reveals her that he knows about her cooperation with Yi Gun giving emphasis on the fact that she didn’t learn anything from her past mistakes and that she intends to become once again a man’s victim. His words become harsher and harsher as time passes by and makes her withdraw in tears. He’s definitely harsh at her and even though she’s plotting behind everyone’s back to step on Go Bong’s inheritance one can notice his love for his sister. He tries to open up her eyes and make her see reality.

bscap1183bscap1184bscap1185bscap1186 bscap1187bscap1188bscap1189bscap1190 bscap1191bscap1192bscap1193bscap1194bscap1195bscap1196 bscap1197bscap1198bscap1199bscap1200 bscap1201bscap1202bscap1203bscap1204bscap1205bscap1206 bscap1207

bscap1209Ha Soo’s out there all alone in the snow, in front of the machine where the stuffed dog was. She starts recalling beautiful moments with Go Bong and finally, she receives a message from him! A correct message! She remains on the spot until Go Bong calls her name, she can’t believe her ears and she starts believing that she has started hearing voices! Once she notices his presence she rushes towards him and hugs him. It’s one of the most heartfelt moments of Mr. Back so far, you can sense her longing and the fact that she missed him is all over the place. She can’t let him go, not this time.

bscap1210bscap1211 bscap1212bscap1213bscap1214bscap1216bscap1218bscap1219 bscap1220bscap1221bscap1222bscap1223 bscap1224bscap1225bscap1226bscap1227bscap1228bscap1230 bscap1231bscap1232bscap1236bscap1238 bscap1239bscap1240 bscap1241bscap1242

bscap1244Which would be the most appropriate place for Go Bong to take his Milky Way Ha Soo on such a beautiful starry night? A rooftop with a telescope of course! They enjoy themselves by searching constellations up high and they bring up the tragic story of Orion from Greek mythology. I don’t think it was a coincidence the fact that Ha Soo’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius and Artemis, the goddess of hunting, is being mentioned through Orion’s story! I see what you did there, scriptwriter. Aware of his limited time here on earth, Go Bong darkens the discussion a bit, but still, he wants Ha Soo to write down the five things she wants the most to do with him! It’s a continuation of the dreams he was writing down in order to fulfill them. The more time they spend together, the closer they get and it’s beautiful how they treasure each other’s company!

bscap1246bscap1247bscap1248bscap1249 bscap1250bscap1251bscap1253bscap1254 bscap1255bscap1256 bscap1257bscap1258bscap1259bscap1260 bscap1261bscap1262 bscap1263bscap1264 bscap1265bscap1266 bscap1268bscap1269bscap1270bscap1271 bscap1272bscap1273 bscap1274bscap1275 bscap1276bscap1277 bscap1278bscap1279bscap1280bscap1281 bscap1282bscap1283 bscap1284bscap1285 bscap1286bscap1287 bscap1288bscap1289bscap1290bscap1291 bscap1292

bscap1293Gyung Bae worries about his friend and boss, Choi Go Bong. What if his time is really limited? What if he reaches the day limit? He wants Go Bong to cherish everything he wants to, everything he was missing for the last decades. Although, when the discussion reaches Ha Soo, Gyung Bae becomes Go Bong’s scapegoat once again and he comes across one of Go Bong’s sudden punishments!

bscap1294bscap1295 bscap1296bscap1297bscap1298bscap1299bscap1300bscap1301 bscap1302bscap1303bscap1304bscap1305 bscap1306bscap1307 bscap1308

bscap1309Ha Soo will apply for a position at the Seohae Hotel and she informs Go Bong about her intentions. She won’t stay still though, later on she tries to convince her colleagues to follow her and work all together on the revival of Seohae Hotel! It’s not that the salary will grow higher, they might work harder, but they’ll gain valuable experience by working there! In the meantime, Go Bong takes into serious consideration Gyung Bae’s previous thoughts and makes them his own.

bscap1310bscap1311 bscap1312bscap1313bscap1314bscap1315 bscap1316bscap1317bscap1318bscap1319bscap1325bscap1326 bscap1327bscap1328 bscap1329bscap1330bscap1320bscap1321 bscap1322bscap1323 bscap1324

bscap1331The first Seohae Hotel day arrives! The whole team arrives there without Go Bong. Once they get out, Go Bong’s waiting for them! Dae Han gets frustrated, Seohae Hotel is the place where his mother passed away and apart from that, he wants Go Bong to mind his own business for once and stop interfering with his plans. Unacceptable! Ji Yoon  takes responsibility for Go Bong’s presence! Shortly after Ha Soo and Woo Young enter their room and another girly moment takes place.

bscap1332bscap1333 bscap1334bscap1335bscap1336bscap1337 bscap1338bscap1339bscap1340bscap1341 bscap1342bscap1343bscap1344bscap1345 bscap1346bscap1347 bscap1348

bscap1349Ji Yoon is taking a walk with Dae Han in order to explain her reasons for inviting Go Bong to play his own part on the revival of Seohae Hotel. The discussion starts becoming meaningful, until… Dae Han witnesses Go Bong, Ha Soo and Woo Young playing around! He questions Go Bong’s humor whereas Woo Young and Ha Soo applaud Go Bong’s funny moments! Go Bong starts teasing Dae Han with the mop and what a surprise, another hilarious moment takes place! They start hitting each other playfully and running all over the place like little kids! Although, at the end of the scene Go Bong’s punishment towards Dae Han was dominant! Ji Yoon’s laugh in the end was like “take this, since you don’t love me!”

bscap1350bscap1351 bscap1352bscap1353bscap1354bscap1355 bscap1356bscap1358bscap1359bscap1360bscap1361bscap1362 bscap1363bscap1364bscap1365bscap1366 bscap1367bscap1368bscap1369bscap1370bscap1371bscap1372 bscap1373bscap1377bscap1378bscap1381 bscap1382bscap1383bscap1389bscap1391bscap1392bscap1397 bscap1403bscap1404bscap1405bscap1406 bscap1407bscap1408

bscap1409A discussion follows between Ha Soo and Go Bong, she’s becoming slightly suspicious due to his behavior about rushing to do for her everything she desires. He avoids answering directly and offers some diplomatic answers that are true as well! Dae Han is eavesdropping and his reaction bothered me. Could it be because he loves Ha Soo? Or due to Go Bong’s rush all of a sudden? The suspicion about Go Bong’s real identity still lingers.

bscap1410bscap1411 bscap1412bscap1413bscap1414bscap1415 bscap1416bscap1417 bscap1418bscap1419 bscap1420bscap1421 bscap1422bscap1423 bscap1424bscap1425 bscap1426bscap1427 bscap1428bscap1429 bscap1430bscap1431 bscap1434

bscap1435The wolves don’t intend to give it a rest. Even now they’re still plotting and they want Seohae Hotel demolished so as to start something anew. Although that won’t be easy with Go Bong and Dae Han around. In Ja has a solution, apparently she’s talking from personal experience, poor Young Dal! It seems that she’s going to use Ha Soo in order to achieve her plans.

bscap1436bscap1437 bscap1438bscap1439 bscap1440bscap1441 bscap1442bscap1443 bscap1444bscap1445 bscap1446bscap1447

bscap1448A special event is taking place at Seohae Hotel! Ki Chan introduces a game to everyone! They will write down their wishes on a paper and they will place it inside a lantern that will start its floating journey inside the hotel pool! Go Bong’s eager to find out Ha Soo’s wish, but he should give it a rest by now since Ha Soo doesn’t intend to let him know! After the wishful lanterns have been placed inside the pool Dae Han wholeheartedly thanks everyone for volunteering in the Seohae Hotel plan, especially Ha Soo, for everything.

bscap1449bscap1450bscap1451bscap1452 bscap1453bscap1454bscap1455bscap1456 bscap1457bscap1458bscap1459bscap1460bscap1461bscap1462 bscap1463bscap1464 bscap1465bscap1466 bscap1467bscap1468 bscap1469bscap1470bscap1471

bscap1472Go Bong’s enjoying the view and the fresh air, although i deeply think that his thoughts are floating around on the air he breathes. Dae Han breaks his solitude and they have a small conversation. Go Bong almost places another crack on his not so perfect Shin Hyung mask, but he saves it the next second by referring to his father and that it’s his first time at Seohae Hotel. Shortly after he sneaks inside the pool room and like a little kid he finds out Ha Soo’s wish by checking her lantern, bad boy Go Bong! Another girly moment takes place between Ha Soo and Woo Young, until she receives a message from Go Bong. He’s using smileys now!

bscap1473bscap1474 bscap1475bscap1476bscap1477bscap1478 bscap1479bscap1480bscap1481bscap1482 bscap1483bscap1484bscap1485bscap1486 bscap1487bscap1488bscap1489bscap1490bscap1491bscap1492 bscap1493bscap1494bscap1495bscap1496 bscap1497bscap1498bscap1499bscap1500

bscap1501Go Bong has prepared something special for her, a beauteous meeting just for the two of them. The room has a warmth and bright vibe of its own, it’s classy and festive and the Xmas spirit is all over the place. A perfect place for a luxurious yet sincere date. Go Bong has given specific orders to Gyung Bae, his personal slave! Once he receives his signal a movie will start playing. Old fashioned Choi Go Bong… Seriously? “Christine” with Alain Delon and Romy Schneider…? But he’s old fashioned, so it’s just fine! And the movie serves its purpose well since Ha Soo’s father loved it and this is already a big plus! They’re having a beautiful time and both of them are being overwhelmed by the movie, once it reaches its end a surprise attack awaits Go Bong. Sudden kisses are always beautiful and depict deep longing and this specific scene was the perfect ending for such a wonderful episode. Ha Soo’s diving deeper in the lake of love and she’s not afraid to let her feelings lead her.

bscap1502bscap1504 bscap1506bscap1507 bscap1508bscap1509 bscap1510bscap1511 bscap1512bscap1513 bscap1514bscap1515 bscap1516bscap1517bscap1520bscap1521 bscap1522bscap1523 bscap1524bscap1525 bscap1526bscap1527 bscap1528bscap1529 bscap1530bscap1531 bscap1532bscap1533 bscap1534bscap1535 bscap1536bscap1537 bscap1538bscap1539 bscap1540bscap1541 bscap1542bscap1543 bscap1544bscap1545 bscap1546bscap1549 bscap1550bscap1553

Balancing somewhere between humorous scenes, emotionally fortified moments, strengthening  bonds and ongoing secrets/plots, Mr. Back remains strong in terms of both storyline and acting. Hopefully enough the reviews/recaps for the 11th and 12th episodes will start appearing!

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Kwon Sang Seung

Kwon Sang Seung

elles viennent
autres et pareilles
avec chacune c'est autre et c'est pareille
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est autre
avec chacune l'absence d'amour est pareille
-Samuel Beckett-

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