“The Greatest Wedding” eps 12 & 13 review


Is the Greatest Marriage turning into the “Greatest soap opera” ?

I really had so much expectations for this drama , because of his strong storyline and actors. But as good as it started , that’s how bad it’s slowly ending.

And it’s not about the things that are happening , which of course are exaggerated since it’s a melodrama.But because of the characters , who are actually hopeless.

-contains spoilers-

I’m trying not be harsh , since I’m still interested in the drama and there is no way I would drop it . I like it so much , that’s why it frustrates , I think
they could have done a much better job in the last two episodes.
The “Greatest issue” , Tae yeon’s parents. Do actually people like them exist ? I’ve never hated , any other characters more than them . Every Time there is a scene with them or every time they ‘re talking , I’m thinking “Are you serious?” . Is it only me or are these parents not realistic at all ? They are not humans actually , they should be leads in a horror film as evil spirits, seriously.

Eun Cha , is still a messed up corrupted man , but it’s the only character that has shown some “progress” . It seems like he gets Gi Young more and somehow he cares about her and her child’s happiness. He still has a lot of way to go though and if you think about his past , I don’t if he can be saved.Tae Yeon.Omg if it wasn’t about No Min Woo’s good acting and charming face , I would hate Tae Yeon so much.Like seriously can’t he stop acting like he is five years old? He has become even worse from the beginning , does he realise it’s his kid ?Even if he doesn’t care about that, how can he watch Gi young , searching for her son like crazy and still doesn’t say a word , he has him?If they make Tae Yeon and Gi Young stay together , then its really messed up.I gave up hope on Myung Yi , as I feared they turned her into the classic evil kdrama bitch , nothing interesting there.Even if they want to , they can’t save the situation.

If I start writing about every messed up scene of these two episodes there won’t be an ending. But really from the law’s point of you , how can the grandparents keep the child? I get that Tae Yeon’s father is super rich and is a chairman , but this is beyond fantasy. Didn’t Tae Yeon sign a contract he has nothing to do with his son ? Doesn’t this count or isn’t Eun cha listed as the child’s father?
Was I watching the same drama , at the episode Gi Young was having birth and Eun Cha signed as the father?
I’m really interested in how , they won’t ruin this drama till the end.Thank god the lead is still growing strong, Park Si Yeon does a great job , as Gi Young.To be honest my favourite character of the show and the one I find the most saint one is Sun Nyeo, who is supposed to be the weird one. She is the only source of logic , I really wish she stays with Bae Deu Ro , its the only couple I care right now.

Let’s wait and see.What are your thoughts?

p.s Good news Taeyeon’s dad , is having a heart attack at the end of ep 13 , only good thing in these two episodes.

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