HORMONES (2013) the series – season 1 review


For a long time , I had on my “to watch list” two Taiwanese and one Thai drama.I’m only a k-j drama fan , so I was wondering whether , I should take the risk to watch something else.

So between “Fall in Love with me” and “Hormones” , I chose “Hormones” and not even once , I regret this decision.I was getting a lot of good feedback , about this lakron and everything wa true.
First it’s very difficult to get used to a new language and culture.In the first episodes I was a bit sceptical , it was something new to me.Because of those facts at first , the acting was questionable to me.But as the time passed and I got used to the lakron style , I found the actors brilliant and easy-going.

If I had to characterize Hormones is a few words, it would one of the best high school dramas.Without that meaning , that its target audience are only teens.The drama
addresses many mature issues , without complexes and I think that’s where it owes its success.

-contains spoilers-

About the characters.Many times I found myself thinking , there isn’t a character I dislike in this drama.I thought why was this happening and I have to congratulate the writers on this one.The reason I liked all the characters , it’s because they are everyday people and totally in the spirit of a confused teenager.Ofcourse their actions were sometimes annoying.But in my opinion , all of us must have had a friend or a classmate or a boyfriend/girlfriend , as one of the Hormones teens.For example Sprite , was not a very good person in the first episodes , but still you can’t seem to hate her.Especially when her and Kwan reunite , she becomes a more mature Sprite.

If you think about the issues that are being addressed , throughout the series, sometimes it made me think of “Gossip Girl”.Which at its time , was the parent’s nightmare show.Hormones can own that title too and be more “dangerous” since its way more realistic than the “Upper East side Gossip Girl”.My point is , teens smoking and drinking having sex and all , are not the things you would see in a typical romance teen drama.

Is “Hormones” exaggerated ? I would say no.At least in my school , similar things happened to the ones happening in the series.

My perspective on the how a drama like this is affecting the teen viewers.I get it that were many talks in Thailand, on how the lakron was a bad influence on the young students.Ofcourse
that’s a very sensitive topic , for me to cover.But , I have to point out that the sex alcohol smoking scenes weren’t ment to just provoke but to show the other side of the confused teenagers that exists.
Also it doesn’t stay at that but the drama gives its opinion on how to handle all this confusion.

Phu and Thee’s relationship is not a subject any show would easily air.But it was made brilliant.Its normal for a teen boy , to be confused about its sexuality and of course there are
a lot of gay boys in school , that people don’t need make fun of.I mean homophobia is a big issue , that’s why many dramas avoid gay couples.But I applaud Hormones for creating a very sweet bond between these two and not being afraid of airing two guys , kissing scenes.Phu is very confused and the actor did a great job portraying that.His feelign for Toei and getting back with her , didn’t bother me.Showed how Phu’s feeling were tangled,which is very normal for a boy at his age.

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Phai the badass with the gorgeous face.Phai was the typical teen with anger issues , always getting into fights.I liked how they didn’t make him all mean and annoying.Ok sure he need to manage his anger, wich he did as monk later.Yeah that was a bit weird to me , I guess its in the Thai culture.But deep inside Phu is such a sweetheart , I loved this contrast.Phu’s and Sprite’s relationship was sweet, but it seemed to me that they don’t really match for each other , I wonder what will happen in season two.


Toe and Dao were the less interesting characters , in my eyes but yet they were very likable and I enjoyed their storylines.

Tar is so energetic and the easy going friendly type , I loved his part in the show , like I always wished for his happiness but with someone aside Toei I didn’t think , the two could make a relationship work out.

Mhog was the most weird one in my eyes , well he had his family issues that why he was always so lost but he finds his balance too as the episodes go .Also he cares about his friends and when he is with Tar , he is entertaining too.But I really don’t like him with Khwan.

Khwan is my favourite character n the show,she is very charismatic and mature and ok I have to admit I ship her with Win.Win may be an annoying playboy.But to me he is the most confused one.This is definitely shows in the end of the first season were he is abandoned by everyone.I like how he adits his shitty actions to Khwan.And how somehow , the only love feels he can have ,  are for her.I wish they give this couple a chance in season two.Cause I like their chemistry.


The only fault , which didn’t bother me that much but it got my attention and I have to write about it,is that in some episodes the storyline was focused in one person.I guess that’s the style of the drama but there were episodes without even a 5 minutes scene of many  main roles.I wish the time was equally shared to every story line , but I can understand why in some episodes there was this need to be focused on some characters , so it didn’t  bother me that match.

Generally “Hormones” is a drama I recommend for everyone , serious and entertaining.

Hopefully I’ll write a more detailed review when I finish the second season.

What are your thoughts on “HORMONES” season 1?


p.s I loved the soundtrack of the show mixed with the director’s touch.

my favourite song in the series.

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