Episode 6 Review: Pinocchio (2014)

bscap0006Time flows in strange ways on Sundays and sights become mysteriously distorted.” Recently i started reading Haruki Murakami’s South of the Border, West of the Sun and it’s a really good company so far. The aforementioned quote is from 1Q84 and it paces really well with Sundays, i usually call them dead days due to a hangover’s discomfort or simply because they are attached to relaxing home activities. However, they do have an exceptional meaning whenever you’re on vacation or you share these Sunday moments with your beloved, if such a person exists in your life and takes it to a brand new level of existence. Nevertheless, Sundays are quite interesting while trying to get your thoughts together into paying tribute to one of the most captivating dramas airing at the moment. It’s the last day of autumn and winter’s ready to make its first step in this cycle of seasons that takes place every year. Everyone, have an interesting winter, to say the least, and keep enjoying Pinocchio to the fullest! For the time being, let’s dive into this wonderful drama’s sixth episode.

bscap0003It’s this kind of episode which shows our newborn reporters’ first mission, most of the time is spent depicting the struggles of our main figures alongside other reporters to acclimate themselves in the stormy world of the media. All of them will realize in the first place that being a reporter is not a kindergarten’s playground. Being able to surpass yourself and your own feelings should be a given in such a ruthless world and all that matters is how you will be able to give prominence to yourself in order to be successful and get recognized for your work. In this line of priorities, yourself comes first, always in collaboration with the channel you’re working for and then comes your partner in order to achieve your goal through this colleague interaction. Always in unity as long as your own success is not threatened, but also in separate ways, that’s why a reporter’s fame is such a solitary act. Your emotions and personal preferences should fall behind so as not to fall behind in this news marathon. Simply because if you fall behind, so does your channel and if your channel falls behind in that case it will be your fault and everyone’s replaceable once his duties are not being fulfilled.

The main episode opens up with Dal Peng and Cha Ok’s first meeting after so many years. Dal Peng must have gone through two strokes in such a little time! At first he witnesses his daughter In Ha on the MSC PR video and then Cha Ok appears all of a sudden!

bscap0007bscap0008 bscap0010bscap0009

bscap0012The murder of the two ex factory workers is all over the news and all suspicions lead towards the ex manager’s figure. Jae Myung’s plan feels successful so far, although the fact that his hand is trembling depicts the internal battle taking place. He’s not an evil person, but the saying “an eye for eye and a tooth for a tooth” seemed like a one-way road he had to walk all alone. And he was so alone all these years and solitude alongside traumatic memories and the ever-flowing feeling of injustice are never the most trustworthy consultants. Jae Myung’s friend lets him know that he got the money for the damage on his behalf and we get to know that Dal Po left him with the impression that Dal Po’s character and characteristics reminded him of Jae Myung himself. All that remains is for all these coincidences to make the two brothers reach a crossroad on life’s pathways after all these years.


bscap0017Dal Po’s been working overnight for the past two days and the day of their first assignment comes to the foreground. Unaware of the circumstances, he receives useful items and information from Yoo Rae and the rest of his colleagues in order to survive the first assignment challenge! Gyo Dong arrives and informs them on which districts they will have to do their news patrol and it appears that Dal Po and Yoo Rae will have to cooperate on the same district! They have about one hour to get prepared until the first mission begins! There’s one thing they don’t know yet, they will work under Hyun Gyu’s sleepless stare! Once they find out nothing’s going to be the same anymore! You have to love Yoo Rae’s great mood swings when something unexpected happens or the fear overwhelming her all of a sudden even at the presence of Hyun Gyu! He’s definitely enjoying tormenting the newly hired reporters whereas his intense and frightening temper makes Yoo Rae go on instant journeys to hell and back! The scene at the elevator when Dal Po answers Hyun Gyu’s phone call and Hyun Gyu’s voice echoes all over the floor is more than representative of the overall situation! Even waiting for the elevator is not acceptable!

bscap0018bscap0019 bscap0020bscap0021bscap0025bscap0026bscap0028bscap0027bscap0029bscap0030bscap0031bscap0034bscap0035bscap0036bscap0038bscap0037bscap0039

bscap0054Back at the MSC headquarters, In Ha and Bum Jo are being informed by the gentle reporter Il Joo. Everything feels heavenly and divine and the leader of the revolution, reporter Gong Joo, can’t comprehend this kind behavior. Soon everyone notices that nothing is just like it seems and it’s not going to flow as elegantly as it appears! All hell breaks loose and In Ha alongside Bum Jo must become long distance runners! Il Joo’s tranquil state of mind as he gives his orders is priceless and Gong Joo’s left speechless! The archaic and barbaric savage line owned me!

bscap0040bscap0041bscap0042bscap0043 bscap0044bscap0045 bscap0046bscap0047bscap0048bscap0049 bscap0050bscap0051 bscap0052bscap0053

bscap0055Yoo Rae and Dal Po are on their way to the Han River district police station! In Ha and Bum Jo as well and they meet each other all of a sudden. Yoo Rae keeps running as she’s scared to death by Gyun Hyu’s roaring attitude whereas Dal Po can’t comprehend what’s going on. In Ha confesses to him that she’s a reporter at MSC alongside Bum Jo. Dal Po doesn’t want to sit down and listen to everything she has to say, his greatest fear turned to life, In Ha’s a reporter under Cha Ok’s wings. He’s trying to leave and Bum Jo wrist grabs him, he overestimated his powers as a mama’s boy and Dal Po shows him the real thing. Bum Jo curses out loud in public for the first time, mama’s boy surpassed himself once again! Dal Po’s leaving and In Habscap0056 follows him, it’s the first time she tells him the reason why she wanted to become a reporter and it started back at school as she was watching Dal Po revealing the truth in a world of lies around him. She’s grateful for the fact that he lighted the spark deep inside, but from now on she has to believe in her own powers and move forward. In that case, she might be able to put aside her feelings for Dal Po.

bscap0057bscap0058bscap0059bscap0060 bscap0061bscap0062 bscap0063bscap0064 bscap0066bscap0067 bscap0068bscap0069 bscap0070bscap0071bscap0072bscap0073 bscap0074bscap0075 bscap0076bscap0078bscap0079bscap0081 bscap0082bscap0083 bscap0084bscap0085bscap0086bscap0087 bscap0088

bscap0089At the same time, Dal Peng’s watching their conversation and we witness the continuation of his discussion with Cha Ok. She doesn’t want to be involved emotionally with her daughter and she wants her to stay by Dal Peng’s side, or so she says. So she’s giving him a few tips that if he lets her realize her dream then she won’t go after her mother. And that’s what he does, it might not had been the easiest decision for him to make, but he lets her move forward with her reporter career. But you have to love how In Ha always hides behind Dal Po in crucial moments when Dal Peng’s around and she’s not sure how to express herself in front of her father when it comes to her career! She feels secure and protected that way. And her over-enthusiastic reactions as soon as Dal Peng lets her know his intentions reach a brand new climax by the moment a new pair of shoes comes to the surface as a present! I like the way Pinocchio’s storyline processes, it takes its time to connect the past of the characters at the present in a way that their decisions make sense to each other. It takes its time naturally, without tiring at all; and a natural flow is always welcome! And i definitely like how various events relate to each other and appear in between different scenes making it look like a collage of moments complimenting or strengthening each other’s presence and meaning. In Ha’s face is full of longing and it’s utterly filled emotion, the longing of all these years wanting to become a reporter is omnipresent on every inch of her face.

bscap0090bscap0091 bscap0092bscap0093 bscap0094bscap0095bscap0096bscap0097 bscap0098bscap0099 bscap0100bscap0101bscap0102bscap0104 bscap0105bscap0106 bscap0107bscap0108

bscap0110It’s about time everyone prepares his personal belonging to make sure he/she survives from their first assignment! Mama’s boy Bum Jo has his mother’s support as always! She feels like as if she was sending her son at the front! In Ha relies on Dal Peng’s support who’s being bombarded by In Ha’s supreme cuteness  and Dal Po cherishes once again his bromance with grandpa Gong Pil who offers him a pair of gloves to get warm out there in the cold. Dal Po feels so happy until he realizes that the money grandpa was spending all along the way for him were coming from his precious piggy banks that were suffering in the cruel hands of Gong Pil for so long! The agony that is being portrayed upon Dal Po’s face is hilarious! He mourns all alone amidst the corpses of his piggies.

 bscap0111bscap0112 bscap0113bscap0114 bscap0115bscap0116bscap0117bscap0118 bscap0119bscap0120bscap0121bscap0122 bscap0123bscap0124 bscap0125bscap0126 bscap0127bscap0128 bscap0129bscap0130

bscap0131In Ha’s so happy about her first assignment, but once Dal Po appears by her side at the elevator she tries to hide it. Being rivals at work will help her go through her feelings for Dal Po, yet, by the time she says that she’s already started getting over him a hiccup indicates the truth behind her lie! An outburst of awkwardness follows by the time they get off the elevator and she starts losing ground. All of a sudden she turns into a powerful runner and steals Dal Po’s taxi by force. Overwhelmed by her small victory she suddenly notices Dal Po’s taxi taking another direction leaving her wondering what’s going on! Dal Po arrives first at the police station and he meets the zombies, a.k.a. other reporters on their first assignment as well. A surprise awaits him, he meets Ahn Chan Soo for the first time in many years! He’s on the 4th year of the police academy and he’s working at the Han River district police station. In Ha arrives shortly after and the same surprise awaits for her. Soon, Chan Soo escorts them to the press room and right after Yoo Rae and Bum Jo appear as well. The press room isn’t a jail cell, not at all, it’s probably worse, the only difference is that it’s missing the iron bars. It’s like a cockroach’s paradise and the reporter working there is already a hyper-energetic zombie working on her computer as well as killing cockroaches and then eating with the same hand she used to exterminate the cockroach! The impressions the press room leaves on our main figures is being depicted on their faces in the most  representative way.

 bscap0132bscap0133 bscap0135bscap0136bscap0134bscap0137 bscap0138bscap0139 bscap0140bscap0142 bscap0144bscap0145 bscap0146bscap0147 bscap0148bscap0149 bscap0150bscap0151bscap0152bscap0153 bscap0154bscap0155 bscap0156bscap0157 bscap0158bscap0159 bscap0160bscap0161bscap0162bscap0163 bscap0164bscap0165 bscap0166bscap0167bscap0169bscap0170bscap0171bscap0174bscap0173bscap0172bscap0175bscap0176bscap0177bscap0180bscap0179bscap0181bscap0178bscap0182 bscap0183bscap0184 bscap0185bscap0186

bscap0187The real struggle is about to begin! Everyone’s trying to come up with a story but there’s nothing going on! At the same time they have to face their superiors due to the fact that no news are on the horizon! Bum Jo’s thoughts are all over the place and either they depict the situation everyone’s going through or his personal thoughts towards Tarzan, well, Dal Po they are spot on and quite funny at times. I’m really glad In Ha likes only the white part of the egg, i totally feel for her since i don’t like the yolk either. I was struggling to find such a figure in so many dramas filled with boiled eggs and now i feel relieved! In Ha, fighting!

 bscap0188bscap0189 bscap0190bscap0191 bscap0192bscap0193 bscap0194bscap0195 bscap0196bscap0197  bscap0199bscap0201 bscap0202bscap0203 bscap0204bscap0205 bscap0206bscap0207 bscap0208bscap0209 bscap0210bscap0211 bscap0212bscap0213 bscap0214bscap0215 bscap0216bscap0217 bscap0218bscap0219 bscap0220bscap0221  bscap0223bscap0224 bscap0225bscap0226 bscap0227bscap0228 bscap0229bscap0230 bscap0231bscap0232 bscap0233bscap0234 bscap0235bscap0236 bscap0237bscap0238 bscap0239bscap0240 bscap0241

bscap0257Getting along with police officers when it comes to receiving news is a charisma and Dal Po’s definitely at it. Working as a taxi driver he learned to communicate with people and the task Gyun Hyu forced him to accomplish on his own with the shredded paper was more than helpful when it comes to Han River district’s police station. Dal Po’s using his “connections” with Chan Soo due to their past in high school and finds out that there’s something going on with the bodies that were found poisoned in the fire, the bodies from Jae Myung’s plan to exterminate those guilty for his father’s death and family’s ruin. In the meantime, Gyo Dong’s trying to find some contact information for Dal Po in order to help him reach his brother.

bscap0242bscap0243 bscap0244bscap0245 bscap0246bscap0247 bscap0248bscap0249 bscap0250bscap0251 bscap0252bscap0253 bscap0254bscap0255 bscap0256

bscap0259Eventually everyone’s going to sleep since they are more than tired trying to figure out anything newsworthy. Sleep shifts keep changing and changing and a beautiful moments comes to life, even if it’s in their sleep. In Ha and Dal Po come really close and once Dal Po wakes up, he treasures the moment. Her words that he was the reason she wanted to become a reporter keep echoing in his mind. He tries to caress her face, but he holds back even if it’s something he desires at the moment. Bum Jo who was sleeping on the upper bed witnesses this beautiful moment and once Dal Po leaves the room he follows him. An intense yet civilized discussion takes place, but Dal Po puts Bum Jo back in his place, although Bum Jo holds a hidden card by saying that he’s known In Ha for a long time.

bscap0258bscap0260 bscap0261bscap0262 bscap0263bscap0264 bscap0265bscap0266 bscap0267bscap0268 bscap0269bscap0270 bscap0271bscap0272 bscap0273bscap0274 bscap0275bscap0276 bscap0277bscap0278 bscap0279bscap0280

bscap0281The time for the first news battle between YGN and MSC is close and the reporters start betting on who will be the winner in terms of ratings! Everyone bets on YGN, for the time being. In Ha tries to get something newsworthy from Chan Soo and after tormenting him for some time now he tells her about a story of a woman dying from overexercising at a gym nearby. Our lovely Yoo Rae was spying on their discussion with a doctor’s stethoscope. She definitely was a sasaeng back in the days! By the time In Ha leaves the room she witnesses Yoo Rae’s intentions and Yoo Rae leaves in such a hilarious way! The way she’s walking fast makes her look like a penguin!

 bscap0282bscap0283 bscap0284bscap0285  bscap0287bscap0288 bscap0289bscap0290 bscap0291bscap0292 bscap0293bscap0295 bscap0296bscap0298 bscap0299bscap0300 bscap0301bscap0302 bscap0303bscap0304

bscap0311The battle between the newly hired reporters begins and so does the battle of the reporters back at the station when the first phone calls make their appearance! Il Joo overhears Gyun Hyu’s discussion with Yoo Rae and makes fun of him, shortly after In Ha calls Il Joo and informs him about the same incident, Hyun Gyu won’t remain silent and will fight back making fun of Il Joo! Ironically funny moments!

bscap0312bscap0305 bscap0306bscap0307 bscap0309bscap0310bscap0313bscap0314 bscap0316bscap0317 bscap0318bscap0319 bscap0320

bscap0326And the battle goes on and on and on! At the hospital, at the gym, at the office, the newly hired reporters between them but also with the reporters at the office who are responsible for them! The information they’ve found so far is not enough, they have to watch the CCTV, but it’s not something easy! The scenes that follow are really funny, especially between Yoo Rae and In Ha, their exploding temperament creates quite funny explosions!

bscap0321bscap0322  bscap0324bscap0325  bscap0327bscap0328 bscap0329bscap0330 bscap0331bscap0332 bscap0333bscap0334 bscap0335bscap0336 bscap0338bscap0337 bscap0339bscap0340 bscap0341bscap0342 bscap0343bscap0344  bscap0346bscap0347

bscap0358Back at the gym, Dal Po and Yoo Rae receive some information and rumors around the woman that passed away and they try to convince the workers over there to show them the CCTV footage. In Ha and Bum Jo arrive as well. While waiting for the elevator, In Ha had soot all over her face because she had visited the woman’s work, Bum Jo offers to clean her face and he’s got a chance to touch her face, sadly for him, the elevator opens up and he misses his chance! The man working there doesn’t intend to show them the CCTV footage and that’s when Yoo Rae’s puppy charming personality takes over! With her cute faces and lovey voice she tries to make him let them get access to the CCTV footage. Bum Jo tells In Ha to do the same, but it won’t work since she’ll start hiccuping. Yoo Rae wins and all together watch the CCTV footage! Lee Yoo Bi, that little cute devil!

bscap0372bscap0354bscap0355bscap0356bscap0357bscap0359bscap0360bscap0361bscap0362bscap0363 bscap0364bscap0365bscap0367bscap0368bscap0369bscap0370 bscap0371

bscap0374After watching the CCTV footage In Ha and Bum Jo are worried because having the footage in their possession would be perfect, but they don’t. Dal Po’s not that worried, he managed to record the footage in secrecy with his phone and Yoo Rae is more than happy! Her reactions are as if something terrific just happened!

bscap0373bscap0375 bscap0376bscap0377 bscap0378

bscap0382Back at the police station, Chan Soo hasn’t closed yet the container fire case with the murders. He’s been tracing the culprits phone in various crowded places in different parts of the country and he hasn’t used his credit cards yet, so apparently he has no money with him and if he does have, where did he find them? Jae Myung tries to make the overall situation more complex and he succeeds in that, the investigation doesn’t reach a conclusion.


bscap0386It’s about time they make their report! Bum Jo tries to complete the empty parts of the puzzle in order to help In Ha present the report, but since some of his words are speculations and they haven’t been confirmed yet, she can’t present the report without hiccuping. Some things don’t quite fit and after sharing her thoughts she decides that they should visit the morgue one more time to find anything they could have missed in the process. Dal Po’s thoughts in the background add their own food for thought throughout the scenes.

 bscap0387bscap0388 bscap0389bscap0390 bscap0391bscap0392  bscap0394bscap0393 bscap0395bscap0396 bscap0397

bscap0398Dal Po sends over the CCTV footage. Gyo Dong is more than happy and he lets Gong Joo know in advance that YGN already has exclusive news. Shortly after, Gong Joo receives a phone call and MSC has an exclusive as well! He changes his bet on the betting board!

 bscap0399bscap0400 bscap0401bscap0402 bscap0403bscap0404 bscap0406

The preview of the 7th episode just proves that things can only get more complicated than they already are. Episode 6 is only the beginning of our main figures’ struggle in their career and the way it affects their surrounding environment. In search for truth, people you love can get hurt. In search for proof, friends can become rivals. In search for justice, you can cross the line. In search for the past, you may be unable to stand at the present and purchase the future. Only a few days separate us from the next episodes and the wait will be rewarding! Will Pinocchio be able to keep its newly acquired first place in the Wednesday-Thursday drama zone? We’ll find out soon enough! OK, it’s officially winter now, the 1st of December. I wish you all the best, fellow readers!

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