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greatest marriage

-contains spoilers-

I was expecting episode 10 like crazy , since the 9th one left us on a turning point for the plot.So we cath up from Gi young giving birth to a healthy boy and Myung Yi’s miscarriage.The episode start with Eun Cha , being by Gi Young’s side when the reporters show up, he puts on a hypocritic performance as always , declaring he is gonna be the child’s father and protect him.Well predictable from Eun Cha who changes his mind , to whatever serves him the best.I’ve really enjoyed Baw Soo Bin’s performance till now , I mean if you think about Eun Chas , he hasn’t shown any good characteristics , everything he does is for his own good and he is really selfish.Despite that , due to Soo Bin’s performance you can’t come to hate this character.I wonder when , something is gonna develop between Gi Young and Eun Cha , if that ever happens.


Anyway moving on to the episode , Myung Yi wakes up in the hospital and acts like nothing has happened.Tae Yeon having seen the news , of Gi Young giving birth , once again he looses it and cries alone in the bathroom.Then him and Myung Yi  , they go for dinner.She pretends she is totally fine and asks him to go to a motel , of course he turns her down.Then Myung Yi , threatens she is gonna do it with the three ajjushies that are having dinner at the next table, Tae Yeon doesn’t care and leaves.That’s were we get the first  “what the …?”  scene of the episode.Myung Yi goes to the ajjushies table and they start touching her , she comes from a miscarriage so her mental health is not very , well so she acts a bit crazy and they start hitting her.I mean they actually hit her!!!
This was really shocking , those ajjhusies really were disgusting.The shop’s owner calls Tae Yeon , who goes back finds Myung Yi in a exhausted situation and piggyback her.

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Here I have to make my confession.My guilty pleasure are the sweet scenes between Tae Yeon and Myung Yi.I know Myung Yi is a very bad person at times and there are things , she does and says , that really disappoint me.But sometimes , I feel like I can’t totally blame her.She is alone ,
without a family , background or a career , she can only survive through Tae Yeon and although she says , that she just wants the money , I think she really loves him.That’s why sometimes , I find my self rooting for them.It;s not that I don’t like Gi Young and Tae Yeon together , but I like the chemistry he has with Myung yi.So I got my guilty pleasure at the piggybacking scene , were she expresses , her insecurity that now , that she is not pregnant with his baby Tae Yeon might leave her.But he says , he wants to continue with this wedding and protect her , from his parents.I mean this wedding pretty much serves him too , as soon as he doesn’t have to listen to his parents nagging anymore.

Gi Young , enjoys her first moments with her baby.I really admire her strength , how she is all alone , still she only focuses to her son and is strong for him.Then the first experience of social discrimination , comes when they put her baby apart from the other ones.She takes her baby home. Good for her , she shouldn’t be paying such a racist hospital.Nothing changes at home though , where she meets her mother.

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I can understand that her mother , is an old lady , grown up with strict morals but I really can’t tolerate her behavior.I mean does she care more about what people might say?Well maybe she doesn’t want her daughter , to get hurt in the future.But you can’t erase a baby , she had it , all a good mother can do is support her.

Talking about mother’s.Another “what the .. ?” scene of the episode is the one between Joon Young and Yeon Hee.Like the last episode seen , where Yeon Hee’s husband is with his mistress , in the same living room with her and Joo Young , as their child is sleeping in the next room , wasn’t creepy enough.This time Joo Young and Yeon Hee make out , while her daughter is sleeping at her back , Joo Young even touches by accident the little girl as he kisses her, what was that?


While we’re talking about secondary love lines , Sun Nyeo’s and Bae Deu Ro’s at this episode were cute as always but he has to leave for the army.I hope he keeps on appearing to the drama as Su Nyeo’s love interest , because they are really cute together.


Slowly coming to the end of the episode.Gi Young’s wakes up , finding her mother has kidnaped the baby.Yeah that happened.Fortunately she finds her , and takes her baby back.I mean she acted pretty cool about it , ok she is her mother but for God’s sake , she is crazy.Finally she tells her not to come to near her again.

After that scene we get the last “what the …?” scene of this episode.As Gi Young is heading back to her apartment , she meets Myung Yi and Tae Yeon at the elevator.Tae Yeon , doesn’t seem touched for seeing his baby , that was a realistic touch to the show.Until now they ‘ve shown that Tae Yeon is a pretty messed up character , which mainly is his family’s fault.He can only be real with Gi Young that’s why he only cares about her and not the baby or a marriage.So we experience
an awkward moment where he starts , talking about having the contract where she says she is his mistress , while his actual wife is present and his son also.Well Gi Young , has her own problems she can’t deal with Tae Yeon’s weirdness.

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Myung Yi and Tae Yeon go to a temple to pray for their lost child, it’s the first time we see Myung Yi break down to tears.Gi Young goes back to work, but seeing a single mother finally gets to her , when her baby is sick and for the first time she puts her emotions over work.

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The last scene is Tae Yeon hunting , he talks about his two kids at the ajjushi he hunts with , so sweet.We know something bad is gonna happen since , we saw that strange dream he had at the same place at the beginning of the episode.The bad thing happens and the episode leaves where Tae Yeon gets hit by the animal.

grm15 grm16

The preview of episode 11 , really bothers me.Obviously we get some years later.Probably they want to show , how the difficult is life gonna be for Gi Young and her son as he grows up.Eun Cha seems to be , by her side , well I’m predicting its for the obvious reasons.But what put me into thoughts is where we gonna find Tae Yeon years later.I hope he is not gonna disappear have some short or amnesia or something cause in the preview he was really weird.

Well we’ll have to wait, what are your thoughts of this episode ? : )

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