Episode 2 Review: Mr. Back (2014)

Mr.-Back-Poster4OK, i thought my stomach would explode from laughter while watching the second episode of Mr. Back. I haven’t laughed that much since Fated To Love You. Almost every scene was triggering a chain reaction that could lead to only one result, an outburst of laughter. Ha Soo wakes up at the hospital and she’s wearing a neck collar, she still needs to deliver the gem to Dae Han so she’s heading towards the Gold House! While she’s on her way, at the same time Go Bong’s rejuvenation’s taking place in the bathtub of rebirth. As she’s waiting for Dae Han to appear she witnesses something bizarre happening in the room next door.

What she sees:


Her reaction:


Who she think he is:


Who he really is:


Go Bong’s reactions when he notices his reflection in the mirror are priceless. Director Lee Sang Yeob did an awesome work depicting with closeups Ha Kyun’s facial expressions one after the other, the angles hide pretty well the parts that should remain hidden from the camera and everything flows according to plan, as funny as it can get with the strokes of laughter hitting one after the other periodically.

What the…


Hell yeah!


After checking his body parts and since everything’s in shape and in its… place, he feels astonished! Who wouldn’t? How would you feel if you were 70 years old inside a bathtub and by the moment you got out you were half your age? Of course he has to hide from other people, who would believe him? On the next morning he manages to escape in the middle of a row of comical scenes!


The first half of the second episode is a humorous ode to Shin Ha Kyun. I don’t know from where to start and where to end. Talk about what? The hospital in which his zen doctor doesn’t believe him? Well, to be honest, even Go Bong doesn’t believe what’s already happening, why would the doctor believe him?!



About the town square where he thinks he’s got some kind of super powers and tries possible super moves?


About simply walking in the streets? About running in reverse the moving stairs upwards at the mall and jumping all over the place?


Or the scene at the toilets with his younger brother?

How can you satisfy women with that?
Gosh, people say that you’re the king of scandals.

Even when he saves Ha Soo from the reporters out of the hotel, his face feels like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator saying “come with me if you wanna live.”

12 13

14 15

16 17

After the emphasis on Go Bong’s change during the first half we get to notice how he interacts with people he knows. Of course things couldn’t be easy due to his younger self while his 70 years old one is missing and everyone’s searching for him, even the police due to the 5 billion won that were exploded along with his car after the accident. There are only three people from his close circle that really care about Choi Go Bong despite his extreme flaws. His son Dae Han, his chauffer/secretary Gyung Bae and Ji Yoon. Despite their bizarre relationship, father and son hold their very own love for each other as we get to see on the screen.

 25 2437

When Go Bong finally meets his son for the first time he doesn’t know how to react. Although, just like his older self, he gives him an indirect beating up, some things never change.


When Dae Han meets Ha Soo she still thinks of him as a pervert. I like Jang Na Ra’s character, Ha Soo. She’s got a strong character and she’s not afraid to talk back when she feels injustice is being inflicted upon her. No matter who’s standing in front of her, even the CEO, she’s sincere and represents her rights to the fullest.


The scenes between Go Bong and Gyung Bae are representative of the whole situation.

21 20

But Go Bong gives him facts only those two could know and impersonates specific scenes like the one with the walking stick and unearths dialogues like the one with Alain Delon.

22 23

After he convinces him some important things must be done. First of all he has to buy a cellphone in order to communicate anytime with Gyung Bae. From that moment and on he’ll be referring to himself as Choi Shin Hyung. He also has to find out how 5 billion won ended up on the back on his car and they’re heading towards the CCTV room to find out the truth. Yet, Dae Han appears and Go Bong has to leave the room, but his son smells something fishy about him and starts chasing Go Bong who’s hiding in a laundry box.


As Go Bong tries to escape he encounters Ha Soo and kidnaps her, under the laundry sheets! Father and son have definitely something going on when it comes to sheets, hiding and kidnapping. No wonder Dae Han is Go Bong’s son.

32 33

35 36

For one more time Ha Soo can’t comprehend what’s going on. It makes sense, in two episodes’ time she’s feeling lost in translation since crazy incidents happen in her life from the first moment she met Choi Go Bong! This is madness!

Someone should invent a program/machine for auto print-screen, please! I will be needing it. Mr. Back so far is utterly humorous and i’m really glad i started it in the first place. I’m highly looking forward to the following episodes and i don’t believe i will get disappointed, some promises have been given and the first two episodes supported them to the fullest. All i long for from Mr. Back are intensity, humor and emotion and scriptwriter Choi Yoon Jung seems to be injecting all these factors in the scenario in a pretty representative manner and the cast, main or supporting, shines through their roles. The first two factors are here, emotion hasn’t blossomed yet, but it’s not far from happening. The main core of the story is doing circles around Ha Kyun’s character and it makes sense. He’s Mr. Back! From the 3rd episode and on we’ll get to see more aspects of Ha Soo and Dae Han and i’m looking forward to it. A love triangle between Go Bong’s younger self, Dae Han and Ha Soo is present on the horizon!

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Kwon Sang Seung

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