Episode 1 Review: Dear Sister (2014)

coverFuji TV strikes again with another drama that seems quite promising and it’s about the lives of two sisters that haven’t met for years now. The story begins when 27 years old Misaki Fukazawa (Satomi Ishihara) finds out she’s pregnant. In the meantime, 29 years old Hazuki Fukazawa (Nao Matsushita) works as a civil servant, so does her boyfriend, Tatsuya Yoshimura (Yuta Hiraoka). She’s leading some kind of careerist life since she was always good at studying, but she’s willing to throw it all away and become a good housewife after the she gets married to Tatsuya. While they’re eating together at one of their favorite restaurants she’s sending marriage signals, but Tatsuya doesn’t seem to be receiving them or he just 1adoesn’t want to. She’s trying to arrange something with him since it’s her birthday tomorrow, but he’s busy, so she’s planing to go out for drinks with her best friend, Kazuko Sato (Kanna Mori). At the same time, we witness Yohei Hagiwara’s (Hiroyuki Hirayama), who’s working there, interest towards Hazuki.

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5aWhen Hazuki returns back home she thinks she will find her mother that is willing to pass by and get some money so as to go on vacation. Instead, she finds her sister making out on her bed with someone she had met on the train. She throws both of them out of her house along with their belongings and she feels relieved. Good moments don’t last forever and Misaki’s back in the house which was already a mess due to her prior appearance. She had managed to get the key from the owner of the house who was renting it to her sister, making Hazuki seem so powerless in front of her little demon sister. Hazuki doesn’t seem to have changed a lot from the last tim4ae they saw each other since Misaki knows all the possible secret places Hazuki would hide anything, hell, she can even guess he mobile phone pass code and we’re pretty sure that she’s up to something already. On that specific task she’ll ask her skater friend, Eito Sakuraba (Takanori Iwata), to help her.

9aOn the next day, Hazuki and Kazuko go out as planned with the first one to find out that there was actually a secret birthday party arranged for her from Tatsuya, friends and colleagues. A marriage proposal from Tatsuya couldn’t be missing and finally Hazuki’s marriage daydreaming starts taking shape! Of course there’s another surprise waiting for her at home, when Hazuki and Tatsuya pass the door Misaki’s “happy birthday” comes with a champagne bottle cork which ends into a double head-shot for them. Soon the house becomes a kindergarten and the control of the situation is out of reach.

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Hazuki seems more than confident about her marriage and she signs her resignation letter that will let her work until the end of the year, afterwards she intends to become a proper housewife. She’s also having a bridal check up and intends to buy a wedding dress based on her own designs that would complete her dreams for a happy marriage. Her dress though is going to cost lots of money so the thoughts of renting one grow stronger. In the meantime Misaki’s applying for jobs, but s12he seems to be lacking previous job experience and generic computer skills, after all studying was never an achievement she could unlock. In the end of the day Hazuki finds Misaki having a luxurious bath with candles etc, but since Misaki was a few steps away from burning the house down a really funny verbal fighting scene begins:



-Know it all


-No boobs


13Misaki doesn’t seem to trust Tatsuya and he really seems too good to be true, so the investigation with Eito goes on. Finally, Hazuki catches Tatsuya and Misaki on her bed and she throws them out of the house recalling how her sister always messed her life when important events were coming up. Misaki not knowing were to go she moves to Eito’s house, we already know by now that she used to have a relationship with his brother, Soichiro Sakuraba (Seiichi Tanabe), but we also get vivid evidence that Eito himse14lf has been having a big crush on Misaki for a long time. Things get more and more complicated, something very promising for the future of Dear Sister in the forthcoming episodes that i’m really looking forward to what stories, emotions and interactions they’ll unfold; and why not, deep meanings as well, Fuji TV is doing a really good job when it comes to that.


15Nanae Fukazawa (Nagisa Katahira), the two sisters’ mother, finally shows up and she’s so nuts! No wonder she favors Misaki, after all it seems like Misaki took after her when it comes to matters like character. I’m glad Hazuki has such a precious friend as Kazuko, she’s always by her side, both of them find comfort in each other when needed, but that’s what friends are for, among other things. Hazuki seems to be having an inferiority16 complex when compared to Misaki, she feels disregarded by her mother even in terms of birth name (Misaki: beautiful blossom, Hazuki: the moon when the leaves fall) and she’s disappointed at how Misaki was always the favored one. I’d like to see in the future the thoughts of their mother on this matter.

17Misaki escapes from Eito’s trailer house when Soichiro arrives and apparently at this very moment there’s no place she could stay. Hazuki finally meets Tatsuya and she gets to realize how kind her sister was, she wanted to show her what kind of man he really is, filled with affairs with other women behind Hazuki’s back. It’s a really beautiful moment when Hazuki starts searching for Misaki while it’s pouring down with rain. She knew exactly where she could have had found shelter from the rain in times l22ike these. We finally get to see them having a real sisterly moment at the kindergarten, they both seem relaxed, pushing away their problems for a while and they recall childhood days as memories blossom all around since this park was important to them. Hazuki confesses that the bridal test had shown that it would be difficult for her to have children in the future due to low number of hormones. While they were playing on a swing they seemed so childlike, especially Hazuki felt so refreshed and we got to see another side of her that seemed non-existent. Hazuki sets her rules for staying together and they sail back home.


Misaki opens her wish diary and in the beginning there’s a writing: Angels fall on you from the sky, every day angels give you their blessing. Her first mission, breaking-up Hazuki from Tatsuya, was accomplished. Next mission, find Hazuki a new boyfriend. She takes the croissant from the fridge, sticks the “don’t eat” sticker on the fish ball and eats the croissant in utter excitement, typical Misaki! Hazuki, did you really think she would not do it?!


PS1. Τhursdays until a few weeks ago used to mean Hirugao, Thursdays now have a new meaning, i’m looking forward to the second episode of Dear Sister!

PS2. Satomi Ishihara is more than divine.

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